Trico Onyx vs Trico Neoform

These Trico wipers are made from high-quality rubber polymers which provide enhanced wiping results during rainy weather. Beam blade technology distinguishes these wipers from conventional blades as it effectively reduces smears and streaks. Moreover, their convenient installation makes it user-friendly as customers can mount wipers on their own without looking for a service station.

Heres the thing about both of these wipers:

  • Both are beam-style wiper blades.
  • Arm connectors come pre-installed with both these products.

Trico Onyx

  • Specifies HighGlide treated rubber which provides higher water repellency.
  • Faces lesser wiping friction than the competitor.
  • Is more resistant to streak-formation and chattering due to smoother gliding action.
  • Its arm connector allows fitment with more arm types.

Trico Neoform

  • Has Teflon enhanced natural rubber squeegee.
  • presents higher endurance against wet weather, temperature changes, UV radiations, and ozone.
  • Is more durable than the competitor.

Trico Onyx beam-type windshield wiper is best suited for modern vehicles. Its spoiler and rubber squeegee are manufactured using exclusive technologies. Thus, it shows improved wiping efficiency, allowing clear visibility and a safer driving experience in rainy conditions. While Trico Neoform blended rubber not only enhances its wiping ability but also makes it durable and wear-resistant.

In comparison, Trico Onyx characterizes advanced rubber, shows higher water repellency, and provides smoother wipes due to a relatively efficient design while Trico Neoform shows better wear resistance.

Side By Side Comparison:

Lets talk about their Material and Design:

When we compare these car accessories for material and design Onyx scores higher. It is made of HighGlide treated rubber element, offering smoother and quieter wipes. Plus, the Aerofoil Vortec spoiler and swept-winged beam render its design functionally superior.

On the other side, Trico Neoform wiper also specifies a beam profile with an aerodynamic frame.

However, its spoiler scores lower in terms of efficiency and wind flow management. Its wiping edge is made of natural rubber having Teflon coatings, providing good but comparatively less efficient moisture clearance.

CompositionFlexible tensile Steel beam HighGlide treated rubber    Flexible tensile Steel beam Natural rubber Teflon elements  
SpoilerAerodynamic curved frameAerodynamic curved frame

Rubber composition

Onyx takes a lead over the competitor because it uses HighGlide treated rubber which enables the squeegee to glide smoothly on the windshield removing all droplets in no time.

This exclusively treated polymer makes a tough shell around the beam blade resulting in quick wiping action. Also, chattering is reduced due to minor wiping friction.

Thus, it stands relatively quieter as well.

Neoform has natural rubber composition with Teflon additives.

This blended chemical composition ensures streak-free wipes across the windshield because Teflon additives improve its wiping ability and enhance durability.

However, this blended polymer is less proficient as compared to the competitor’s latex formulation.

Shape and Frame type

Onyx spoiler is made from Trico patented Aerofoil Vortec technology characterizing a swept-wing blade.

An aerodynamic spoiler is beneficial for wiper blades as the frame of the wiper blade has to face heavy wind along with smashing rain. It manages air pressure effectively it aligns wind flow over the spoiler, reducing wind lifts.

Instead, air pressure gives the blade a downward push and results in good blade-to-screen contact.

 In contrast, if we talk about Trico Neoform’s frame structure, it specifies a Memory Curve steel beam fitted within an Aerodynamic spoiler. Its curved blade frame automatically adjusts its arc and wipes over most of the surface area of the screen, leaving no droplets over the screen.

Though, it shows good air pressure endurance and marked wiping properties but is relatively less efficient.

Arm connector

Trico Onyx has a pre-assembled arm connector that allows fitment with a wide range of arm types.

It is designed according to the Swift Easy Connection mechanism; thus, you can easily install this wiper on your car without an expert’s help.

Easy operation, robust material, and compatibility with more types of wiper arms make it win the game against the competitor.

In contrast, Trico Neoform also carries a pre-installed connector, offering easy replacement of wiper blades. However, this arm connector can be fitted with relatively fewer types of wiper blade arms.

Also, you cannot change the adapter of this blade. This feature reduces its score for arm connector efficiency.

Pre-installed ConnectorYesYes
Mounting Arm typeJ-Hook (Large, 9×4 mm) J-Hook (Small, 9×3 mm) Pinch tab Side lock Large side pin (22 mm) Large Push button (22mm) Small Push button (19mm) Small side pin (17 mm)J-Hook (Large, 9×4 mm) J-Hook (Small, 9×3 mm) Push button (wide 22mm) Long side pin (22 mm) Side lock Pinch tab    

Water repellency

HighGlide treated latex gives onyx the property to adhere to water droplets more efficiently than its contestant.

Its polymerized rubber with friction reducing elements efficiently repels water from the screen and throws it off the windshield.

Hence, it shows higher water repellency and chatter resistance than the competitor.

On the other hand, Trico Neoform’s rubber blade contains Teflon additives which enhance the water adhesive ability of the latex.

Resultantly, it wipes off the water quite efficiently but its moisture adhering and repelling ability is relatively less than the competitor.

Efficient water removal and wiping ability are directly related to the water adhesive ability of the blade’s wiping edge so, Trico Neoform scores less in this regard.

Wiping efficiency

Due to its unique Aerofoil Vortec design, Onyx proves to be a more proficient beam wiper than the competitor.

It can withstand wind pressure of about 135mph due to this robust frame.

This pressure is used to create a downward push on the blade, resulting in a firm connection which ultimately leads to better wipes.  Swept wing design also leads to the homogenous distribution of pressure along the whole.

Its wiping efficiency is further enhanced by its improved composition as its squeegee characterizes relatively enhanced polymer, it removes moisture from the glass more effectively. 

On the other hand, Trico Neoform shows optimized wiping performance due to the Memory Curve beam.

This technology makes it adjustable according to the curvature of the windscreen allowing it to maximize pressure points over the whole length of the wiper blade. Due to this feature, curved windshield areas are also wiped easily.

This beam blade is specifically designed for highly curved windshields as modern-day vehicles do have.

The Dual point coupler helps in maintaining good screen-to-blade contact but its competence in pressure management is less compared to the swept-wing design of the contestant.

Working in tough conditions

Onyx Aerofoil frame is the reason for its stability during extreme weather like smashing wind and snowfall. Its HighGlide rubber material can bear exposure to the UV rays, temperature changes, and ozone.

However, its damage resistance is comparatively less effective.

Trico Neoform shows higher damage resistance from climatic changes as it is also aerodynamically designed and can withstand heavy winds without lifting off.

Plus, the Teflon compound in its rubber composition allows it to be more resistant to extreme weather, especially temperature changes.

These enhancements also improve its ability to withstand UV and ozone exposure.

Warranty and Durability

Flexible beam structures and exclusively treated rubber compounds make both Trico wipers sturdy and wear resistive. That is why both provide good wipes over several hundred wiping cycles.

Resultantly, both wiper blades come with a long replacement warranty than most other products on the market. Trico guarantees the performance of these wipers for up to one year.

Comparatively speaking, Trico Neoform rubber is more durable as Teflon enhanced rubber shows better climate endurance than the contestant.