Trico Onyx vs Rain X Latitude

The major objective of these beam blade wipers is to guarantee improved clear windscreens. These wipers are distinguished from standard blades by beam blade technology, which successfully reduces streaks and splatters.
Also, because they are easy to install, clients don’t need to hunt for a service station to mount wipers on their vehicles.

Lets see what these wipers have in common:

  • Both are beam style wiper blades.
  • They have aerodynamic designs that reduces wind lift.
  • They are both available in a range of sizes to fit most vehicles.

Unique features of both wipers:

Rain X Latitude:

  • Rain-X Latitude wiper blades have a water-repellent coating that helps to improve visibility during rain and snow.
  • Rain-X Latitude wiper blades use a synthetic rubber squeegee for wiping.
  • Cheaper in comparison

Trico Onyx:

  • Trico Onyx wiper blades have a unique and distinctive style.
  • Trico Onyx wiper blades are designed with a memory curve steel beam that conforms to the shape of your windshield.
  • offers 1 year warranty


NameRain X Latitude 2-in-1 Trico Onyx
MaterialSynthetic rubberHigh strength polymer shell and spring steel beam
Blade Sizes in market (inches)16 to 2614 to 24
Blade typeBeamBeam
ApplicationVehicle Specific fit Vehicle Specific fit
AdapterJ-Hook adapter (9mm and 3/16″)
Multi-adapter (9mm and 1/4″)
Side lock adapter (22mm and 19mm)
Bayonet adapter (7mm)
Pinch tab adapter (5mm and 6mm)
Pin arm (4.8mm)
Pinch tab (5mm)
Pinch tab (7mm)
Bayonet (7mm)
Bayonet (9mm)
Hook (3/16″, 1/4″, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm)
Side lock (22mm)

Material & Design:

Rain X Latitude:

Latitude 2-in-1 is the combination of conventional and modern wipers. It has a beam style blade and is made of synthetic rubber. With an innovative beam blade, Rain X Latitude will apply consistent pressure over the whole length of the squeegee to conform to the shape of your windscreen.

A rubber blade with a graphite coating that is comprised of a unique blend of materials gives your windscreen the smoothest, cleanest, and quietest wipe possible.

Wind noise, lift, and drag are all drastically reduced by the integrated aerodynamic spoiler.

It has the best vision in sleet, rain, and snow since there are no exposed metal components, where ice and snow could form.

The wiper has increased flexibility and improves adherence to the windscreen in bad weather thanks to its durable rubber-encased substructure.

Trico Onyx:

The Trico Onyx also has beam blade design like Rain X Latitude, which evenly distributes pressure down the length of the blade to follow the curve of the windscreen for a quiet and squeaky wiping experience.

The Trico Onyx wiper blades have a sleek and aerodynamic shape that lessens wind noise and lift. They are also built of a sturdy rubber substance that is intended to give long-lasting performance.

The Trico Onyx wiper blades also contain a protective coating, that promotes durability over time by assisting in the resistance of corrosion. In addition, they have a low profile design with no visible metal parts, which can help in preventing snow and ice accumulation for improved visibility in winter weather.

Trico Onyx wiper blades are a reliable option for poor weather because they feature a flexible and strong substructure that aids in improving adhesion to the glass.


Water Repellancy:

The rubber used to create the Trico Onyx wiper blades is strong and flexible, allowing for long-lasting performance and a quiet, comfortable wiping experience.

A strong steel beam that has been treated with a unique polish to prevent corrosion and increase longevity supports the rubber part.

Also, the sleek and aerodynamic shape of the Trico Onyx wiper blades contributes to reduced wind noise and increased visibility in all weather conditions.

Water is effectively repelled by the polymerized rubber’s friction-reducing components, which also prevent streaks and improve sight.

In comparison to the Trico Onyx, the Rain X Latitude has an advantage because of its synthetic rubber polymer and additional enhancing particles.

This special rubber substance is designed to stick to water droplets and remove them from the windscreen surface efficiently, leaving a wipe that is clear and streak-free.

The Rain X Latitude’s rubber blade also has a graphite coating to improve its water adhesion capabilities. Because of this, wiping is quieter and smoother, and the wiper is more effective in all weather.

Overall, the Rain X Latitude’s specifically developed rubber compound and graphite coating offer it an edge in terms of outstanding wiping performance and water adhesion capabilities, making it a popular choice for drivers searching for clear visibility and a reliable wiper blade.

Wiping effectiveness:

Trico Onyx with its Aerofoil Vortec technology and improved beam blade design, is a more effective wiper than its rival.

It can endure wind pressure of up to 135 mph because of its sturdy structure, which causes a downward push on the blade for a firm and steady connection, resulting in better wipes.

For effective wiping performance, the swept-wing design ensures uniform pressure distribution over the full length of the blade.

The Onyx’s upgraded composition with HighGlide treated latex also offers greater water-repellent characteristics, making it more efficient at wiping moisture from the glass surface.

Rain X Latitude shows better wiping efficiency due to advanced design and composition. The aerodynamic spoiler keeps the blade in constant contact with the screen and puts the pressure uniformly along the length of the blade.

It allows the hitting wind to pass through easily and presses up against the screen rather than rising.

Modern cars with curved windscreens benefit most from the curved beam design because the wiper blade automatically changes its curvature to cover the entire surface.

Performance in Extreme Weather:

Both Rain X Latitude and Trico Onyx are made to function effectively in inclement weather like hail, sleet, and snow.

However, Rain X Latitude performs better in these circumstances due to its improved water repellency and consistent blade-to-screen contact.

On the other hand, Trico Onyx is a more durable solution in locations prone to high winds due to its sturdy frame and Vortec design, which enable it to endure significant wind pressure.

The superior performer will ultimately rely on the particular driving environment and weather conditions.

Warranty & Cost:

Rain X Latitude warranty period can change depending on the seller or store, but the company offers six months and a year.

The limited lifetime warranty that comes with Trico Onyx wipers covers any manufacturing and material flaws for the duration of the wiper blade. It offers 1 year warranty if the product is defected.

Rain X Latitude is cheaper in comparison.


Overall, Trico Onyx has a stronger frame for increased durability, but Rain X Latitude performs better in adverse weather situations and company claims that its lifespan is 2x times longer than any other wiper blade in the category.