Trico Onyx vs Bosch Icon

Both these contenders are engineered as high beam wiper blades with patented designs and uncomplicated installations that deliver maximum adaptability along with well-functioning capability during hazardous weathers.

Similarities and differences between these wipers:

Trico Onyx Wiper Blade

  • It has a high quality rubber composition.
  • It’s material and design is styled better.
  • It is cheaper.

Bosch Icon Wiper Blade

  • It has better wiping skills.
  • Its structure helps it perform well during harsh condition.
  • Has a better frame type and shape, making it more suitable to many variety of cars.

Trico Onyx is made of High Glide treated rubber element to ensure an unstained, silent operation. It is equipped with VorTec aero foil spoiler which transforms wind force for maximum surface area contact with the windshield providing a sleek look with a streak free wind shield.

Its tough structure increases the rate of its longevity and its unique SWIFT easy connection makes the installation process of this blade very quick and unchallenging. Moreover, its swept swing spoiler cuts through wind caused by crosswinds and general traffic turbulence as the speed reaches 135 mph.

Bosch Icon is designed to tackle any wind coming its way due to its asymmetrical spoiler that provides a uniform pressure on the wind shield and with its Dynamic Fit Technology which is an optimized beam bending technology, it can adapt to any windshield’s curve increasing its wiping performance.

Its Multi Clip ensures a secure and easy installation making it user friendly.

Side By Side Comparison:

Name Of the WipersIconOnyx
Made fromdual rubber (features a soft rubber core protected by a harder silicone shell)High strength polymer shell and spring steel
Blade Sizes in market (inches)OE type is (13 to 28) Hook type is (13 to 28)14 to 29
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade CompositionRubber (EPDM) Concealed Steel by rubber
InstallationMulti Clip InstallationSWIFT Connection

Lets talk about their structure:

Trico Onyx takes the lead in this category due to its more modern technologies like its 3DVorTecaero foil spoiler which protects it from strong winds, its robust structure and its High Glide rubber element ensuring durability, less wind lift and a wear resistant wiping blade.

Conversely, Bosch Icon puts up a good battle since it has similar technologies to its competitor but are less advanced.

It is joint less styled wiping blade with an asymmetric shaped figure along with a Dynamic Fit Technology for enhanced visibility.

Its frameless structure with a flexible curve is bound to provide a strong grip between the blade and wind shield.

What is their rubber made of?

Trico Onyx is compiled with a high polymer shell which is weather proofed, assures product consistency along with boasting a higher tensile strength. The polymer helps mold a comfortable fit for the windshield.

Thus, having a higher pliability. The spring steel used in this wiper blade has a unique ability to be formed, shaped and heated while also being corrosion resistant.

With all these distinctive features, it takes an edge over its competitor.

On the other hand, Bosch Icon features a dual rubber which is basically a harder shell that surrounds rubber core which is soft.

The harder shell is made up of silicone which is not bulky or heavy in any way so it doesn’t add up to the wiper blade’s weight making it light weighted.

Silicone coatings offer protection along with good absorption which makes is resistant to tearing and similar damages. It puts up a good competition.

Shape and Frame Type

The Trico Onyx is a frameless blade which is steeply curved which is not suitable for latest vehicles since it is not as curved and vehicles which are being bought into the market currently have curved wind shields.

Thus, has a risk of getting mismatched. If attached to a wind shield which is not suitable and doesn’t fit well, it will leave rattles and streaks on the wind shield and its wiping performance will decrease.

Due to its rubber formation and high polymer which surrounds a spring steel, it provides an acceptable elasticity.

On the flip side, the Bosch Icon is a wiper blade which is hinge less with 6-8 point pressures distributed evenly for a uniform pressure which increases the soundless performance of wiping the wind screen.

Since its framework has dual steel springs, the flexibility is double which increases its blade life since it is adaptable to almost any wind shield and with the Dynamic Fit Technology it is unstoppable.

Water Repellency Feature:

Both of these wiping blades have excellent water adhesive abilities that repel water and do well in rigour weathers.

The two of them are covered with coatings which have all characteristics that make them a strong water repellent.

Both of these have coatings that are flexible and abrasion resistant giving the blade a longer life.

Their tough but malleable coatings help dewdrops stick to them cleaning the wind screen and don’t let severe weathers affect this ability, enhancing water repellency.

Wiping Efficiency

Both perform admirably when their wiping is tested since both have a high ranking coating which acts as a guard but Bosch Icon has a better wiping efficiency due to its bent structure and its advanced Dynamic Fit Technology.

Its bent structure along with it being a beam blade has infinite pressure points which ensure that the entire length of the wiper blade will remain in contact with the windshield causing a greater wiping efficiency.

Onyx is also a beam blade but its linear structure and shape affects its wiping efficiency since it doesn’t provide much pressure, leaving the wind shield with spots and faults.

Performance in Extreme Climate

These wiper blades perform miraculously during bitter weathers and fight it till their fullest potential.

Nevertheless, Bosch Icon wiper fights such weather remarkably due to its unique spoiler which wipes the screen shield repeatedly and has constant contact with it which makes it perform well.

Its silicone coating is detrition resistance and has hydrophobic chemicals in it that prompt larger surface area for water droplets. It can also endure a wide temperature range increasing its livability.

The Trico Onyx’s VorTec aero foil spoiler prevents it from missing out parts of the windshield when wiping as it lifts heavy winds.

Its elevated sliding on the screen provides a moderate performance but its less curved structure causes it to leave skips and streaks.