Bosch Micro Edge Vs Bosch Icon

Both these wind shield wipers provide smooth performance and effortless installation. They are supplied with the latest wind shield wiping technologies to ensure high performance in all seasons.

To make things easier, lets take a quick look at both wipers:

Bosch Micro Edge:

  • Has an easy installation system.
  • Its frame has resistance to corrosion.
  • It is lower priced.

Bosch Icon:

  • Has Silicon layering acting as a shell and makes its performance relatively enhanced.
  • Has finer water repellency than its competitor.
  • Has better wiping efficiency in snowy weather.

The Bosch Icon is a beam wiper shield designed without any hinges or joints. Its single beam design with tension bending memory process provides an overall better performance than conventional wiping blades.

Icon is equipped with the latest wiper technologies than Micro Edge which result in its enhanced performance. It features aerodynamic flexible spoiler providing maximum coverage for the wind shield. It is also user friendly due to the Multi-Clip which features a flexible connector system, simplifying the installation process for all types of vehicles.

While on the other hand, Bosch Micro Edge contains conventional blades which have a metal framework that clutches the rubber in place thus making the wiper blades stronger. It features a blend of natural and synthetic rubber formulation enhancing temperature performance and flexibility.

Moreover, exclusive metal springs are integrated that are specially tensioned for each blade causing consistent pressure tension.

In comparison with Micro Edge, Icon utilizes Bosch dual-rubber technology, results in a better moisture-removing performance, provides a better wiping efficiency in snowy weather, but costs higher.

Compare Icon with others:

Side By Side Comparison:


Bosch MicroEdge

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DetailsBosch IconBosch Micro Edge
Materialdual rubber (features a soft rubber core protected by a harder silicone shell)Natural Rubber With Graphite
Available blade sizes (inches)Hook type (13 to 28) OE type (13 to 28)10 to 28
Blade typeBeamConventional
Blade MaterialEPDM RubberRubber concealed Steel
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Design and Structure Comparison:

Bosch Icon has superiority in the design category as it is a joint-less beam wiper that is constructed using advanced technologies including DynamicFit Technology, ClearMax 365 Rubber Technology and Weather shield double locking connector which gives it an edge over its competitor.

Conversely, Bosch Micro Edge puts up a good fight but is not as good as its competitor.

Its micro-finish wiping edge with the Quiet-Glide function helps in cleanliness operation and in noise reduction.

It also has pre-mounted Quick Clip adapter that makes installation quicker and easier while also having a quiet operation.

What is their Rubber Composition?

Bosch Micro Edge gets a relatively lower score for its rubber composition. Its blades are made of natural rubber with a coating of graphite to enhance the wiping efficiency. However, it lacks any outer covering,

On the other hand, the blade component of the Bosch Icon’s wiper features a soft rubber core protected by a harder silicone shell, enhancing durability in the face of weather- and use-related deterioration.

Silicon coverings are known to resist swelling from reagents and act as a protective layer, preventing imperfections.

Thus, giving the wipers a longer lifetime.

Frame Type and Shape Comparison:

Micro Edge incorporates a fully-enclosed metal tension spring that not only account for an optimized wiping performance but also protect the wiper from corrosion.

Its blades are built with an aerodynamic, all-steel frame that feature clipped joints to reduce noise, plus an exclusive Zinc Dichromate primer for corrosion resistance.

Due to its manufactured rubber formation, it has quite satisfactory flexibility but lesser if compared to its contestant.

However, Icon provide a better wipe than generic wipers due to its beam design.

These wiper blades are better suited for modern vehicles due to their curved wind shields.

The beam-style wiper blade has a bracket less design that applies pressure on the wind shield more evenly resulting in less chatters and better function.

Its dual precision-tensioned steel springs enhances the blades flexibility while providing superior performance in all weather conditions.

Its asymmetrical spoiler design specifies flexibility so that the curvature automatically adjusts according to the screen making the wiping action effortless and quiet.

Differences in their Arm Connectors:

It has a pre-installed weather shield connector system which protects the arm connection from ice and snow build-up. ICON OE Multi-Clip connector is designed for convenience and style since it features a flexible connector system which provides a clean and attractive look.

Micro Edge employs a Quick clip adapter that fits a wide range of connections including hooks, pins, pin blades, Side-saddle and bayonet.

The adapter features exclusive direct connect one step installation and the wiper can be installed manually through a small procedure.

An audible “CLICK” should be heard when connecting the blade to the wiper arm to ensure a successful installation.

Which wiper is better water repellent?

Icon has better water repellency since it delivers excellent performance along with durability across a wide temperature range.

Silicone wiper shields are better than natural rubber since it removes moisture excellently from the screen as silicon has water adhesion capacity.

Thus, it keeps the screen moisture free, during rain and snowfall.

Micro Edge has lesser ability to rub off water than its competitor.

Its graphite treated rubber helps remove drops of moisture, keeping the view clear.

So, it does provide a good result in this category but is not as efficient as the silicone coating of the competitor.

Hence, its reduced proficiency in water adhesion leads to less efficient outcomes.

Wiping Efficiency Comparison:

Wiping Edge of Micro Edge is made of natural rubber wiping which provides optimized wiping performance, moderate wear resistance, and prevent streaking and smearing satisfactorily.

Its enclosed metal tension spring is used for improved all-season wiping performance.

The Graphite treated wiping edge reduces friction for a somewhat quiet and smooth wipe causing reliable wiping.

On the contrary, Icon’s wipers present phenomenal wiping performance under any weather conditions, with a minimum wiping noise.

Its bent blade provides a firm connection with the glass and its aerodynamic spoiler maintains increased uniform pressure throughout the wind shield, leaving no drop of water on the screen.

Its aerodynamic feature removes streaks and water dabs from the windshield, offering better visibility when you drive in rainy conditions. Hence, proving once again that it is in the lead.  

Which wiper works better in extreme weather?

Micro Edge has a robust all-steel frame for higher resistivity against extreme temperatures, UV radiations and the ozone layer.

Its blades offer premium wiping performance through many miles of inclement driving conditions and weather extremes. Including heat, cold, salt, ozone and UV rays.

Icon’s exclusive FX dual rubber resists heat and ozone deterioration.

It also has proven to last up to 40% longer than most premium wiper blades making it better than its competitor once again.

Its patented beam design with shielded connector optimizes visibility even under extreme weather conditions.