Rain-X Latitude vs Bosch ICON

Rain-X Latitude blades are manufactured using synthetic rubber on the other hand Bosch ICON contains blades that are developed from Clear-Max 365. The main construction type of both these wipers is frameless and they are usable for all seasons.

Quick comparison to give you a rough idea of whats going on

The Rain X Latitude

  • is made from synthetic rubber.
  • require to be changed more often.

Bosch Icon on the other hand

  • is made up from clear max 365.
  • has more powerful design.
  • has bigger size.
  • has better overall performance.
  • but is more expensive.

Latitude is a 2 in 1 wiper blade that provides a well-ordered and chatter-free wiping of the windshield due to the blending of graphite material with the rubber that enhances its performance. The wiper also provides streak-free performances because of its water-repelling technology and even contact patch with the screen.

The design of these wipers is up-to-date which helps them to provide better gripping and flexibility to be used in a number of vehicles. Just like other premium beam blade wipers, these blades are also equipped with an asymmetrical aerodynamic spoiler to ensure proper airflow.

ICON is an ultra-premium wiper providing longer life than other premium blade wipers due to its specialized blade material. The patented beam design along with a protective connector enhances the view during the toughest of conditions.

The FX twofold rubber coating assists in resisting in reducing the damage from heat and ozone deuteriation. The prior installment of the weather shield connector system in this wiper assist in the quick insertion and removal of snow. The wiper’s beam blade is also resistant to corrosion problems.

In comparison to Latitude, ICON has an ultra-premium design, provides more dominant overall functioning, and requires to be changed after longer intervals. But the higher pricing, lower compatibility, and no certification make these wipers less economical.

Comparing Both Wiper Blades

FeaturesRain-X LatitudeBosch ICON
Blade MaterialRubberClear-Max 365
Available blade sizes (inches)14 to 2813 to 28
Blade typeLatestLatest
Wiper Length (inches)2426
Construction typeFramelessFrameless
Frame MaterialSteelSteel
Winter BladeYesYes
SeasonAll four seasonAll four season
Replacement Duration6 months8 to 10 months

Which Wiper has a better design?

The design of both these respective wipers is quite similar. Both of them possess beam blade technology.

The edges of the blades are made up of graphite to lower friction and provide enhanced chatter resistance.

The universal adapter is mounted on Latitude wipers for easy installation in almost every vehicle however its counterpart does not own this facility.

The presence of aerodynamic spoilers in both these wipers helps in converting the high-speed wind into pressure, which assists in proper windshield cleaning.

The basic construction type of these wipers is frameless, only a small section of these wipers contains a frame that is made up of steel.

J-type hooks are present on Latitude meanwhile simple hook is available on ICON.

Both these products share a similar weight but Latitude possesses a smaller size than that of its peer.

WipersRain-X LatitudeBosch ICON
Height (inches)1.11.2
Width (inches)2428.7
Depth (inches)2.42.6
Weight (lbs.)0.40.4

Performance of both wipers:

Rain X Latitude gives very good performance during rainy conditions providing a streak-free screen but due to lower curvature with the screen restricts them from effectively removing snow and ice.

The aerodynamic spoiler is also faintly behind in converting air resistance into pressure which causes a little problem while driving.

The blade is solely made from synthetic rubber which over time deteriorates due to continuous UV rays’ interactions.

This causes the interchanging of these blades after every 6 months.

In comparison to its counterpart, the generation of noise in these wipers during operation is a little more making it slightly more uncomfortable.

But these wipers are flexible and are compatible with almost all types of vehicles.

On the contrary, the performance of Bosch ICON is superior to its peer.

The sleeky and ultra-premium design provides superb performance during both rainy as well as snowy or icy conditions.

On top of that, an aerodynamic spoiler provides proper airflow and effectively converts fast-moving air into high pressure.

The blades treatment with special material Clear-Max 365 prolongs its life and therefore they are required to be replaced after longer durations.

They are recommended to be changed after 10 months more than that of its rival.

The chatter resistance of this wiper is greater than its competitor giving noise-free, smooth functioning.

However, they are less compatible than Latitude wipers restricting their usage in specified vehicles only.   

What Warranty do you get with them?

The warranty provided by the parent company of both these respective products is similar.

These wipers come in with a warranty of up to 12 months.

In terms of certifications, Latitude is EAC certified meanwhile ICON does not have any kind of certification yet.

Is Icon Expensive here?

Latitude is one of the cheapest wipers available in the market.

This lower price with noticeably good performance makes them more economical.

Meanwhile, the cost of ICON is greater than that of its peer.

This expensive price is however remunerated by the overall superb functioning.