Rain X Silicone AdvantEdge VS Rain X Silicone Endura

Both the contenders are beam-type wiper blades made with a precision-engineered silicon rubber squeegee. They both have Advanced Spring Beam Technology offering uniform pressure along the length of the blade.

Climate Defense Technology in both the contenders provides protection against UV rays, ozone, wet weather, and extreme conditions.

Same things with both wipers:

Both of the contenders;

  • are beam-type wiper blades made of silicone rubber.
  • are coated with graphite.
  • have equivalent tested temperature range and tested wiping cycles.
  • can endure similar environmental behavior so they are equally durable

Here the Rain x Endura:

  • is more effective in wiping performance
  • has a pyramid-shaped spoiler for the 3D airflow system which makes it more resistive against wind lift.

and the Rain X AdvantEdge;

  • is easier to install
  • is a more economical choice.

Rain X AdvantEdge is built with the Installock Adapter system which allows it to provide secure and quick installation with an easier process.

It has an Aerodynamic asymmetrical spoiler that is designed to work more efficiently than its competitors in windy conditions at higher speeds. It has a temperature range of -20F to +194F with a wipe quality of 1.5 million cycles.

Rain X Endura is designed with a Uniclick Adapter system which offers increased application coverage and its Advanced Spring Beam Technology also helps to provide constant pressure along the length of the blade.

It has a symmetrically shaped spoiler specially designed for the 3D air control system and its blade contact makes sure that the wind lift is minimized.

Side By Side Comparison:

SpecificationsSilicone EnduraSilicone AdvantEdge
Blade TypeBeamBeam
Size Range (inch)16 – 22, 24,26 2814, 17– 22, 24, 26 and 28
Squeegee MaterialSilicon RubberSilicone Rubber
Adapter TypeUniclick Adapter SystemInstallock Adapter system
Tested Temperature range-20°F and +194°F-20°F and +194°F
Wipe Quality1.5 million cycles1.5 million cycles
Built-in SpoilerAerodynamic SpoilerPyramid Shaped Spoiler
ApplicationVehicle Specific FitVehicle Specific Fit

Differences in Design and Material

Both the contenders are beam-type wiper blades with precision-engineered silicon squeegees.

Meaning that they both consists of equally versatile materials which help to maintain their chemical stability against extreme temperatures.

They both also have advanced spring beam technology which provides close contact with the windshield and helps to produce a clean smooth wipe.

Both the contenders are built with Climate Defense technology which helps in protecting the blades from harsh weather conditions such as the damage caused by ozone, UV rays, and extreme temperatures.

They are built with one additional connector which is used to fit small and large pin-type arms.

Rain X Endura has a symmetrical pyramid-shaped spoiler which is mostly used for a 3D air control system while Rain X AdvantEdge has an aerodynamic asymmetrical spoiler that is designed to help clean and wipe through the wind at higher speeds.

Endura and AdvantEdge are equipped with the Uniclick Adapter and the Installock Adapter systems respectively.

Both the contenders have no metal frame which will protect them from corrosion but also a drawback of less protection from external elements.

There is not much difference between the compositions of the two competitors but as Endura is being installed with a superior spoiler so this makes its design superior to its competitors. 

Which wiper Performs better?

  • In terms of overall effectiveness:

The effectiveness of wiping can be judged by its squeegee and pressure points.

Both of the contenders have Advance Spring Beam Technology which provides uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade.

They both also have precision-engineered silicon rubber squeegee which helps to maintain stability during different weather conditions but Endura has a more reliable squeegee than its competitor as it can withstand longer exposure during driving.

Flexible Beam Blade Technology also makes Rain X Endura more effective in cleaning the windscreen than its competitor and it will be more easily molded into your windshield.

  • In terms of their performance in Extreme Weather:

When analyzing both the contenders in terms of weather conditions, their tested temperature ranges are of utmost importance.

In this case, both the contenders have exactly the same temperature range which makes their performance equally valued in extreme weather.

They both have the same upper and lower bound which means that their performance will be almost the same in cold and hot weather conditions.

  • In terms of durability:

The contender which will wipe a greater number of cycles will be considered more durable than its competitor.

Both the contenders in this category can wipe up to 1.5 million cycles.

As they both have the same wipe quality, they will be equally durable, so no contender will be better than the other in this category.

They both also have climate Defense technology which enhances their durability as it protects the wipers from extreme cold, hot and windy weather.

  • In terms of installation procedure:

Both the contenders can be connected to different types of arms ranging from small hooks to large pins.

The same arms can be connected to both the contenders so it becomes difficult to analyze from this aspect.

Although the installation of both the contenders is quite easy and can be done in a few minutes due to their reliable and advanced adapters.

But, if we are comparing the two, it can be said that Rain X AdvantEdge is easier to install as we only have to remove the adapter cover before connecting it.

So, we can say that AdvantEdge is easier to install with a reliable adapter system and a more efficient installing process.