Trico Flex Vs Rain X WeatherBeater

These wiper blades have the motive of providing improved driving visibility and safety by leaving the wind shield clean and streak free. Both are equipped with galvanized steel for enhanced durability with fast installation methods to save time but Flex is a beam blade which is more advanced and Weather Beater is a conventional blade that is a basic wiper blade.

Heres the catch:

Trico Flex

  • Is a beam blade with a great frame work.
  • Performs brilliantly during intense weather.
  • Has better wiping efficiency

Rain X Weather Beater

  • Is a conventional blade with a complicated frame work.
  • Has a somewhat okay water repellency.
  • Provides with a reliable rubber blend.

The Trico Flex is a frameless wiper blade which is a great substitute for the traditional blades.

Its Memory Curve Steel beam helps provide clean wipes by offering steady pressure during all kinds of weathers.

It has high flexibility since it can perform 1.5 million cycles without lacking in its performance and can function with ease.

Trico Weather Beater is a high-quality standard wiping blade that has good resilience and construction so that it can provide improved functionality.

Its metallic and sturdy formation along with galvanized steel helps it secure better durability than various other blades which are traditional.

Side By Side Comparison:

Brand NameTricoRain X
MaterialGalvanized Steel Natural Rubber Natural Rubber
Blade typeBeamConventional
Blade MaterialSteel Strip Coated with Rubber Natural Rubber Squeegee
Weather CompatibilityAll Weather TypeAll Weather Type
Available Blade Sizes (inches)13 to 3210 to 28
Pressure PointsInfinite6 – 8 pressure points

Material and Style

Trico Flex takes the lead in this category as it is arched shape. Its curved style increases its compatibility since modern cars in the market now have bent wind shields.

Its endless pressure points help achieve excellent wiping performance.

Nevertheless, its aerodynamic design eliminates clogging and optimum visibility.

The Trico Weather Beater is a bracket type blade with a sturdy structure that exceeds the expectation of a standard wiper blade.

Due to its less curvature, it is worthy of vehicles with less bent wind screens but such vehicles are rarely found in the market making it less compatible.

Its inflexible form offers reasonable wiping.

Material and StyleFlex Weather Beater
PerformanceHighLow – Moderate
LayoutFrameless StructureFrame Structure

Rubber Blend

Both of them have the same rubber composition which is natural rubber.

Both are complied with natural rubber which is influenced by climate faster and it may not mold or flex easily which may result in an uneven weight from the wiper blade’s edge giving an adequate wiping function.

Form and Frame Type

Trico Flex scores more in this category since it is bracket less and joint less.

Its bent form helps it alter in any way increasing its elasticity.

Its frameless structure prevents unnecessary ice and snow build up along with it having less chances of being brittle.

It’s simple and uncomplicated frame work gives it a modern and futuristic look.

Trico Weather Beater has a strong and galvanized steel frame which increases reliability and acts as a tough layer.

Its heavy structure applies a lot of force on the windscreen to prevent wind lifts and provide with proficient wiping. Its demounting and replacement methods are very useful.

But it lacks in pliability making it score less than its contestant.

Water Repellency

The two of them have the same water repellency level since the wiper blades are secured with galvanized steel which gives more reassurance and also upgrades their coating adherence.

They both supply with uniform structure and anticipate erosion beside rust when uncovered around damp areas or similar environments.

How efficient are they at wiping?

Trico Flex has a finer wiping technique since its aerodynamic spoiler is sealed by the skin coating which assists in protecting it from dangerous elements and also supplies chatter free operations.

To eliminate streaks, Flex possesses a dual point coupler which delivers even pressure across the entire wind screen.

Its precision wiping edge increases its functionality and enhances the wiping efficiency.

Trico Weather Beater owns embedded friction reducers and multiple pressure points to provide satisfactory and smooth wiping. Its long lasting durability is defined by a galvanized steel frame that prevents rust and corrosion.

But since it is less bent and has less elasticity, it only provides a normal wiping efficiency.

Performance under Harsh Weather

Flex functions better than its competitor under extreme weather since they are beam blades that have no uncovered or complicated parts which further prevents it from being stuck and performs constantly with effortlessness.

Airflows are kept under control with the help of the aerodynamic spoiler. Moreover, its galvanized steel provides stability and sustainability. Its flexible formation helps the wiper blades function better in worse conditions.

Hence, performing exceptionally in such weather.

While on the other hand, Weather Beater performs reliably in wintry or extreme conditions.

Its all-natural squeegee rubber helps resist cracking, splitting and tearing caused by heat and cold making it last longer.

If a jerk is caused, its straight rubber wiper blade can easily fall off.

With time, ice and snow can stick to its frame work which reduces its wiping efficiency. Thus, performing poorly in harsh situations.