Trico Ice vs Gold

Trico Ice is a robust and durable wiper blade designed specifically to resist inclement weather while continuing to deliver outstanding performance.

Trico Gold wiper blades have an aerodynamic design that lessens wind lift and noise and are comprised of a specially designed rubber compound that is resistant to wear and tear.

Common features of both wipers:

  • The materials used to construct both blades are of the finest quality and are long-lasting. They are made to endure severe weather and are resistant to wear and tear.
  • Installation is simple.They attach quickly and easily to most types of wiper arms.
  • Both feature an aerodynamic design that reduces wind lift and noise. This helps to ensure a smoother, quieter wiping experience.
  • Both are tested to perform 1.5 million cycles.
  • Both offer 1 year warranty.
  • Both are beam style wiper blades.

Beam-style wiper blades are distinguished by their single-piece construction, which eliminates the traditional metal frame and produces a more streamlined, aerodynamic profile.

Trico Gold:

  • Trico Gold wiper blades are intended to perform well in a variety of weather conditions and are designed for all-season use.
  • Available in pack of two.
  • It is cheaper in comparison.

Trico Ice:

  • It has wedge style spoiler.
  • Specifically made for extremely cold weather.


NameTrico IceTrico Gold
MaterialSynthetic rubber and galvanized steel structureHigh strength polymer shell and spring steel beam
Blade Sizes in market (inches)13 to 2813 to 28
Blade typeBeamBeam
ApplicationVehicle Specific fit Vehicle Specific fit
SpoilerWedge style AerodynamicAerodynamic
AdapterSide Pin Adapter (4.8mm and 6.35mm)
Bayonet Adapter (7mm)
Hook Adapter (9×3 and 9×4)
Pinch Tab Adapter (4.8mm and 6.35mm)
Side Pin Adapter (4.8mm and 6.35mm)
Bayonet Adapter (7mm)
Hook Adapter (9×3 and 9×4)
Pinch Tab Adapter (4.8mm and 6.35mm)

Material and Design:

Trico Ice:

In order to work well in icy and snowy circumstances, Trico Ice wiper blades are manufactured from a range of materials.

Trico Ice wiper blades’ rubber component is constructed of a specially formulated synthetic material, that is intended to maintain its flexibility even at extremely low temperatures.

This makes it possible to wipe consistently and without streaks even during the worst winter weather.

Trico Ice wiper blades also have a tough, heavy-duty design that is made to resist the challenges of winter driving. Trico Ice wiper blade frames are constructed from corrosion- and rust-resistant galvanized steel.

Trico Gold:

Trico Gold has a Teflon surface protection coating and memory curve steel beams in its design.

Teflon surface protectors are designed to increase the smoothness and quietness of the wiping action, extending the lifespan of the wiper blades.

Its coating contributes to the object’s resistance to water, snow, and ice, which can improve visibility in adverse weather.

Also, it aids in preventing the rubber wiping part from drying out and cracking, which can occur over time as a result of exposure to the sun’s UV rays and other environmental factors.

Trico Ice wiper blades include an innovative surface protector that aids in resisting the accumulation of ice and snow, enhancing vision in severe situations.


Water Repellancy:

Trico Gold beam blades constructed from a rubber wiping component with a Teflon surface protective coating.

Due to its ability to repel water, snow, and ice, this coating may help to increase visibility in inclement weather.

By lessening friction between the blade and the windscreen, the Teflon surface protector also offers a smoother, noise-free wiping experience.

Trico Gold wiper blades are a wonderful alternative for drivers, who want maximum performance from their wiper blades because of the one-piece beam design and aerodynamic spoiler which helps to lower the wind lift and noise.

The Trico Ice wiper blade is designed to be used in severe winter weather and is composed of a sturdy material.
The synthetic-blend rubber wiping element is effective at cleaning ice and snow off windscreens since it is made to maintain its flexibility in cold conditions.

Overall, Trico Gold and Trico Ice wiper blades offer effective water repellency, while the Teflon surface protection on Trico Gold wiper blades may make them significantly more successful in repelling water.

The optimal choice for your particular needs, however, can depend on the local climate and driving conditions.

Wiping effectiveness:

The effectiveness of a wiper blade depends on how much pressure it applies to the windscreen of an automobile. Beam-shaped wiper blades apply pressure consistently along their whole length.

However different wiper blades can apply varying pressures, depending on how they are constructed.

Trico Ice’s synthetic blend armor prevents wind lift, and its integrated design successfully shuts out outside air.

Its 98% coverage percentage is confirmed, increasing the effectiveness of wiping. Its low profile design maximizes vision through the windscreen.

It is more flexible and has stronger grip because of its curved design, which helps in eliminating even the smallest water droplets.

But its rubber is way too soft for normal temperature ranges.

Trico Gold is also a beam-style constructed wiper, which evenly applies pressure throughout the entire blade, streaking can be lessened and dependable wiping results can be obtained. Almost 1.5 million rounds of testing have been conducted.

Its Teflon coating helps to wipe water away and provides a mesmerizing transparency to the windscreen. It also provide 1.5 million cycles wipe quality.

Both wipers work effectively because they are beam-style wipers, and have aerodynamic designs which deliver equal pressure to all areas.

But here we’ll slightly bend towards the Trico Gold, because it is effective at all kinds of weather conditions, because its rubber is made to serve in all temperature ranges.

Performance in Extreme weather:

Trico Ice was made solely for cold climates and places where the temperature is below zero.

It gets rid of snow quickly and effectively. Rubber is flexible and does not stiffen in cold weather.

This is due to the wiper components’ durability and high strength. Trico Ice’s flexible beam blade design gives the driver great vision even in the worst lighting situations.

Trico Gold, on the other hand, is made to function better in a variety of weather situations, innbnj 67cluding snow, sleet, and rain.

With its dual-shield technology, which deflects rain and other factors, you can see the road clearly and cleanly. Moreover, the blade has a sturdy steel frame for consistent performance in any weather.

Trico Ice is probably going to perform better than Trico Gold in severely cold and snowy situations in terms of performance in extreme weather conditions.

However if you deal with a variety of weather throughout the year, Trico Gold might be a better option since it is made to function effectively in a wider range of weather situations.


Wiper blades from Trico Ice and Trico Gold are made to be strong and long-lasting. Trico Ice, on the other hand, contains qualities that make it more durable in harsh winter weather because it was created particularly to endure it.

Trico Ice has a tough, synthetic-blend protection that withstands ripping and damage in below-freezing conditions.

It also includes a steel frame for added strength and endurance during the severe winter months. Trico Ice is more resilient than Trico Gold in extremely cold and snowy circumstances because to these properties.
Trico Gold, on the other hand, is made to function better in a variety of weather situations, including snow, sleet, and rain.

Moreover, it ffeatures a sturdy steel frame that delivers consistent performance in any weather. Trico Gold is a tough and dependable wiper blade that is made to last, even though it may not be as especially created for harsh winter weather as Trico Ice.

So, that totally depends on your requirement which one will be the best choice for you.

Cost & Warranty:

For both the Trico Ice and Trico Gold wiper blades, Trico provides a one-year limited guarantee that covers flaws in both the materials and the workmanship.

Depending on the merchant and the precise type of the wiper blade, the price of the blades may vary.

Yet, Trico Gold wiper blades often cost a little less than Trico Ice blades on average.


Trico Ice is a superior option for severe winter weather conditions like deep snow and ice because it is made to resist these circumstances.

In contrast, Trico Gold is a superior option for a wider range of weather situations, such as rain, sleet, and snow.