Rain X Latitude vs Trico Ice:

Rain X Latitude 2-in-1 wiper blades combine the advantages of conventional wiper blades with the ease of a water-repellent coating to provide drivers with a two-in-one solution.

Trico Ice is a tough and resilient winter wiper blade created especially to withstand bad weather while still providing top performance.

Common features of both wipers:

  • Both are beam style wiper blades.
  • Both are made of rubber.
  • Both are suitable for almost every vehicle.
  • Both have 1 year warranty period.

Trico Ice:

  • It has wedge style spoiler.
  • Specifically made for extremely cold weather.

Rain X Latitude 2-in-1:

  • It has aerodynamic spoiler.
  • Best for extreme weather conditions.
  • It has water repellent coating.


NameRain X Latitude 2-in-1Trico Ice
MaterialSynthetic rubberSynthetic Rubber
Blade Sizes in market (inches)16 to 2613 to 28
Blade typeBeamBeam
ApplicationVehicle Specific fit Vehicle Specific fit
SpoilerAerodynamicWedge Shaped
AdapterJ-Hook adapter (9mm and 3/16″)
Multi-adapter (9mm and 1/4″)
Side lock adapter (22mm and 19mm)
Bayonet adapter (7mm)
Pinch tab adapter (5mm and 6mm)
Side Pin Adapter (4.8mm and 6.35mm)
Bayonet Adapter (7mm)
Hook Adapter (9×3 and 9×4)
Pinch Tab Adapter (4.8mm and 6.35mm)
CoatingGraphitenot specified

Rain X Latitude

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Design & Material:

Rain X Latitude:

Rain X Latitude is made of synthetic rubber with a water-repellent coating and is shaped like a contemporary beam style wiper.

By enduring wear and tear, its robust synthetic rubber construction improves wiping effectiveness.
For improved contact with the windscreen, the blade’s curved, beam-style frame exerts continuous pressure along its entire length.
As a result of this design’s contribution to noise and streak reduction, wiping is smoother and quieter.

By deflecting rain, snow, and sleet, the water-repellent substance on its blades which is transported from the squeegee to the windshield helps to preserve a crystal-clear windscreen. Also, it offers wipes that are not noisy or streaky.

Trico Ice:

Trico Ice is a long-lasting winter wiper blade that is jagged and functions admirably since it is a beam blade.

It has a flexible beam design and armour made of synthetic materials combined together, which allows for clear vision even in the most challenging driving circumstances.

Moreover, it provides protective casings to block snow and ice buildup, reducing damage and stiffness.

decreasing its potential for brittleness as a result. With a low profile and sleek design, its precision cut wiper element provides a squeak-free and smooth operation.


Water Repellancy:

Rain X Latitude is coated with water repellent, which when the wiper blades are in use, is transferred to the windscreen.

Its graphite covering gives a non-streaky wipe, repels water, and cleans the windscreen without making a bothersome squeaking sound.

The Trico Ice wiper blade is made of durable material and is intended for usage in harsh winter weather.
The synthetic-blend rubber wiping element is designed to keep its flexibility in cold weather, making it efficient in removing ice and snow off windscreens.

Both show great performance because both are beam style wipers which put equally distributed pressure on all points.

But Rain X Latitude takes lead here because its rubber is suitable for all kinds of weather.

Wiping effectiveness:

The amount of pressure a wiper blade puts on a car’s windscreen determines how effective it is. Wiper blades with a beam design exert pressure uniformly along their whole length.

Yet, depending on how they are made, different wiper blades can exert varying amounts of pressure.

The synthetic blend armor of Trico Ice eliminates the wind lift, and its integrated construction effectively blocks outside air.

It is certified to have a 98% coverage rate, improving wiping effectiveness. Vision through windshield is maximized by its low profile design.

Due to its curved shape, it is more flexible and has better grip, which aids in removing even the smallest water droplets.

Rain X Latitude thanks to its cutting-edge design elements, which include a distinctive synthetic rubber compound, exhibits remarkable performance.

Water droplets on the windscreen are successfully repelled by the rubber and removed from the glass surface.

In addition, Rain X Latitude wipers are graphite-coated, which enhances their water adhesion properties even more.
By reducing friction and preventing squeaking, this coating makes the wipe smoother and more efficient.

Performance in Extreme Weather:

Trico Ice is developed exclusively for cold weather and areas where the temperature is less than zero degrees.

It efficiently and effectively eliminates snow. Rubber is pliable and does not firm up in freezing climates.

This is because the wiper elements are strong and heavy-gauge. Trico Ice has a flexible beam blade design that allows the driver to see clearly even in the most adverse conditions.

However, the Rain-X Latitude blade quickly removes snow and ice from windscreens, and its blade helps to increase visibility.

The blade’s aerodynamic design and graphite-coated rubber wiping element enable a smooth and silent wiping performance even under harsh weather conditions.

And not too far away is the Trico Ice beam blade. Its surface protection coating on the blade aids in ice, snow, and water resistance.

Yet, generally, Rain X Latitude wins since Trico Ice is only effective in cold weather, whereas it is ideal for all types of extreme weather.

Cost & Warranty:

Rain X Latitude is slightly expensive in comparison.

Both wipers come with warranty period of 1 year.


Rain-X Latitude 2-in-1 wiper blades may be a better option for people who quite often drive in rainy weather, because of its water-repellent coating, which makes it easier to remove water, snow, and ice from the windscreen.

Trico Ice wiper blades are designed specifically they are a better option for people who live in places with heavy snowfall, because they are created expressly for tough winter conditions and their sturdy construction helps to prevent damage from ice and snow buildup.