Trico Maxx vs Bosch Icon

Both these windshield wipers characterize beam design, providing smoother wipes and higher resistance to lift offs than the traditional wipers. As a result, you get clear visibility and safer driving experience even when it is raining heavily. These products are easy to install and conveniently fit a wide range of arm types.

Heres the main thing about these wiper blades:

  • Both are beam wipers with pre-installed arm connectors.
  • Curvature adjustment mechanisms of both wipers are equally efficient.


  • Has a replacement warranty valid for a longer duration.
  • Its infused synthetic rubber offers better glass cleaning ability.
  • Aerofoil spoiler make its connection with windshield better than the competitor.


  • Is made from natural rubber polymer with graphite enhancements.
  • Specifies more secure and weather-shielded arm connection.

Trico Maxx comes with an aerodynamic flexible frame, Memory curve bar and synthetic rubber squeegee. Due to precise engineering, it offers high resistance to streaks and smears. Plus, you hear no irritating chatter as its wiping edge smoothly glides over the windshield glass.

Bosch Icon gives a tough competition to its contestant because it also has been constructed using various modern wiper blade technologies. Not only this wiper provides you a good visibility if you are travelling in rain or snowfall but also ensures the safety of your windshield as its connection is completely secure. Hence, there left no risk of lift off and breakage.

 As compared to Bosch Icon, Trico Maxx presents more efficient wipes and streak-chatter resistance as it has superior rubber polymer, shows better blade-to-screen contact, glides on glass more easily and lasts for a longer time.

Side By Side Comparison:

 Blade sizes14” – 29”Hook Arm types (13’’ – 28’’) OE Arm types (13’’ – 28’’)
Blade typeBeamBeam
Squeegee MaterialSynthetic rubber coated steelSynthetic rubber coated steel
Warranty90 days1 month

Lets talk about their Material:

Both wipers are designed using innovative mechanisms as on one side, Icon has a wiping edge molded from FX Dual rubber using QuietGlide and ClearMax 365” technologies.

These treatments result in its optimum glass cleaning properties. Plus, the beam construction with DynamicFit technique make this blade adjust to all types of windshields efficiently, no matter how curved their edges are.

On the other side, Trico Maxx characterizes an aerodynamically designed spoiler using Aerofoil Vortec technology. Its internal structure is made from Memory Curve blade of steel over which a thick coating of synthetic rubber is present smooth wiping action.

Moreover, its squeegee is  enhanced by Z7 particles which further reduces the wiping friction and increases endurance of the rubber to temperature fluctuations.

CompositionSynthetic rubber Memory curved steel  Robust steel alloy FX dual rubber (a natural rubber core with graphite coating)  
FrameAerofoil Vortec spoilerAsymmetric, aerodynamic frame
AdditivesZ7 infusionsGraphite coatings

Rubber composition

Trico Maxx specifies Z7 infused synthetic rubber which enhanced its glass cleaning ability leading to smear-free wipes. It also offers reduced wiping friction and thus, produces lesser chattering.

Moreover, it has high endurance for temperature and harmful rays which increases its durability by three times.

Thus, it stands higher than its competitor as it is more durable, give improved streak-free wipes, and quieter performance.

On the other hand, Bosch Icon owns fx Dual Rubber due to QuietGlide and ClearMax 365 rubber technology. Graphite powder is coated on the natural rubber to enhance its wiping ability and protect it from high temperature, ozone and UV rays.

These technologies also reduce wiping friction to give quieter performance and enhance durability but its wiping efficiency is lesser comparatively.

Frame type and shape

Trico Maxx characterizes an asymmetric, curved, and aerodynamic frame. Trico has utilized Vortec Aerofoil technique to construct its supportive frame and Memory Curve technology to make Steel beam of its wiping edge.

These techniques maximized the contact between wiper blade and the windscreen so, its beam can adjust itself with the curvature of windshield and remove water droplets efficiently.

It also has twin coupler which provides uniform pressure along the blade and further enhances its wiping ability making it better comparatively.

In contrast, Bosch Icon has aerodynamic, joint-less and asymmetric spoiler. Dynamic Fit technology utilizes air pressure to create uniform downward force on the wiping edge and maximize its contact with the windshield.

This technique also implies tension springs that provide customized precision fit and remove all water droplets effectively.

However, its wiping efficiency is lesser than its competitor.

Arm connector

Both wipers have pre-assembled connectors, so, you can easily install them on your car without going to service station. SWIFT Easy connecter of Trico blade and multi-clip connector of Bosch wiper both fit a variety of wiper arms.

However, Bosch Icon has a higher score because its adaptor secures the connection more firmly with a double locking mechanism.

Furthermore, its weather-shielded adaptor protects the connection from rust, dust and snow buildups as no metallic part of the arm connection is exposed.

Maxx arm connector is more prone to climate damage as it is not protected with an outer covering. Plus, its locking system is relatively less secure than the competitor.

Arm connectorPre-assembledPre-assembled
Weather protected adaptorNoYes
Mounting typeJ-Hooks (9×4, 9×3 millimeter) Side lock Pinch tab  Push buttons (22, 19 millimeter) Side pins (22, 17 millimeter)J-Hooks (9×4, 9×3 millimeter) Side Lock (22, 19 millimeter) Top Lock (19, 16 millimeter) Top Lock (BMW) Pinch Tab  

Water Repellency Feature:

Trico Maxx is more proficient in glass cleaning because Z7 infusion in its synthetic polymer enhances its water removing capacity.

Its Squeegee composition make the wiping edge glide smoothly over the windscreen by minimizing friction between the blade and the screen.

Thus, the water adhering capacity of its squeegee is maximized and rainwater drops are removed quickly and produces smear-free wipes.

Icon has graphite blended natural rubber to offer reliable glass cleaning by making the wiper glide over the windscreen smoothly.

Although these graphite molecules reduce the wiping friction leading to low chattering and enhanced water adhesive property but its water removing capacity is lesser than its contestant.

Wiping efficiency

Icon specifies natural polymer core which decreases its wiping efficiency comparatively. its fx dual composition contains graphite particles which improve its screen cleaning capacity to a fairly reliable extent.

Moreover, its spoiler utilizes DynamicFit technique and precision springs to maintains efficient contact between the blade and the windshield. Resultantly, it wipes away moisture without leaving streaks on the screen.

However, it ranks lower than its competitor for wiping efficiency.

In contrast, Trico Maxx squeegee shows better wiping ability because its polymer has micro-meter Z7 infusion which not only reduces chattering by minimizing friction but also enhance the moving ability of blade on the windscreen.

Through bent steel beam and twin coupler, it uses air pressure to hold the blade with the windscreen firmly while gliding. Thus, its wipes away water more efficiently and scores higher than its competitor.

Working in extreme climates

Trico Maxx takes the lead over its contestant due to infused synthetic composition of its squeegee.

The synthetic compound enhances its ability to work efficiently in harsh conditions like wet weather, and storm.

Moreover, its polymer has better ability to withstand high temperature, ozone and harmful rays.

In contrast, graphite coating of Icon’s polymer protects it from harsh weather conditions like sleet, rain, and storms. It also improves its working capacity during high temperature, UV rays, and ozone deterioration. In an experiment Bosch icon is exposed to ozone for 150 hours but it shows no cracks.

Plus, its arm connectors are weather-shielded which saves it from exposure to rainwater, and snow and reduces the damage of corrosion.

However, its ability to survive dramatic conditions for long time is lesser than its contestant due to its natural polymer.

Durability and Warranty

Icon possesses optimized glass cleaning ability as its squeegee has graphite coated polymer. This powder coated graphite improves its ability to bear extreme temperature and UV rays.

Plus, its covered arm connector safeguards it from rust.

But as its squeegee utilizes natural rubber and render it less durable comparatively, it comes with a warranty of 30 days.

In comparison, Trico Maxx blade is more durable than the competitor owing to its synthetic rubber composition. Its robust structure with Z7 infusion enhances its ability to work in tough conditions making it more reliable and durable.

Thus, Trico gives a relatively longer warranty of 9o days for damaged wiper blade.