Trico Ice vs Chill

Both of these wiper blades are modelled specifically to battle against cold season and still offer optimal performance by providing utmost visibility and clear wind shields. Though both are engineered by the same brand, Ice is a premium beam blade while Chill is a standard wiper blade.

Heres the catch with these wiper blades:

Trico Ice

  • Is a beam blade.
  • Has better wiping efficiency.
  • Has a better rubber blend.
  • Is expensive.

Trico Chill

  • Performs well under intense weather.
  • Is low priced.
  • Supplies with satisfactory wipes.

Ice is a jagged and long-lasting winter wiper blade which performs very well since it is a beam blade.

It possesses a flexible beam design coupled with synthetic blended armor that supplies a clean vision even during the worst driving situations.

Moreover, it offers protective casings to block the clogging of ice and snow preventing it from damaging and stiffening.

Thus, lowering its chances of being brittle. Its precision cut wiper element offers a squeak free and smooth performance while maintaining a low profile sleek style.

Chill is a conventional wiper blade built to handle intense weather accumulation and also provides maximum wiper performance even in the harshest winter driving environments.

It is equipped with a precision cut wiping edge for a finer and clean windshield.

Its High Grade Steel adds to the strength and performance, enhancing its durability.

Furthermore, the pre attached adapters it owns, results in a quick and simple installation.

As compared to Trico Chill, Ice possesses a better formation, anatomy and has more advanced characteristics. Hence, supplying a better performance overall with its wiping efficiency game being the strongest.

Side By Side Comparison:

MaterialTeflon Coated Natural RubberHigh Grade Steel
Blade typeBeamConventional
Blade MaterialSynthetic RubberNatural Rubber
Weather CompatibilityWinter SeasonWinter Season
Available Blade Sizes (inches)13 to 2811 to 28
Fit TypeUniversal FitVehicle Specific Fit
Pressure PointsInfinite6 – 8 pressure points

Style and Material

Ice is a bent beam blade which is built mainly for modern, curved windshields.

It is made in a curved shape so that it can snugly conform windshields to maximize pressure across the whole wiper blade to enhance wiping functionality.

This results in a crystal clear, streak free and safer wind shield experience.

Since it has a rugged design with no hinges, it seals blade structure from elements during severe weather. Thus, taking the lead in this category.

While on the other hand, Chill is a traditional wiper blade which is linear and this makes it difficult for the wiper blades to make complete contact with the windscreen resulting in poor visibility and imperfect wipes.

Also its High Grade Steel helps provide toughness and steadiness. Thus, resulting in sufficient wiping.

Material and StyleIceChill
PerformanceHighLow Moderate
LayoutFrameless StructureFrame Structure

Rubber Mixture

Ice acquires a better rubber composition than its contestant since it has synthetic rubber involved in its blade material.

It is capable of attaching itself to metals easily and has great wearing resistance which makes it last longer.

It also exceeds expectations in extreme temperatures due to heat aging properties.

On the contrary, Chill is assembled with latex (natural rubber) which doesn’t perform well when exposed to chemicals.

Additionally, it is also affected by temperature and then further tends to mold and flex which eventually leads to poor wiping acts.

Blade MaterialSynthetic RubberNatural Rubber
Frame MaterialSteelSteel
PerformanceHighLow – Moderate

Frame Type and Form

Ice has an upper hand in this section since it is a beam styled blade and has a frameless layout. Its wedged shape spoiler has infinite pressure points that helps it move evenly and also makes sure that the wind screen is in contact with it.

It performs speedy actions due to its light weight since it is bracket free.

Its curvature increases its flexibility so that it can make adjustments effortlessly.

Once again, leaving its challenger behind.

Chill has a sturdy structure and framework which applies force onto the windscreen and helps provide satisfactory wiping.

Since it is not suitable for modern cars, this makes it more difficult for it to have a continuous surface contact with the windscreen.

This results in the wiper blades being lifted from the windshield by airflow. It also lacks in elasticity.

 Frame Type and Shape
ChillLow – Moderate

How good are they at wiping water away?

Ice is coated with a Teflon coating which is waterproof and nonreactive. It surrounds the natural rubber acting like a layer and gives it strength along with a longer service life.

It also acts as a barrier between the products and the external elements that can harm it. It doesn’t produce friction which decreases the chance of splitting and is also corrosion resistant.

Hence, having a superior water repellency than its competitor.

Chill has no coating which increases the chance of having a split and worn rubber along with having a higher rate of chatters and streaks. Thus, resulting in poor visibility and performance along with a shorter life span.

How efficient are they at wiping?

The synthetic blend armor of Ice virtually eliminates wind lift and its integrated structure seals out anything that comes its way.

It is guaranteed to provide a 98% coverage which results in an enhanced wiping efficiency. Its low profile design maximizes line of sight.

Its curved form increases flexibility and grip that helps remove even the smallest of water droplets.

Chill comes off as a less bent wiper blade which has less elasticity that makes it harder to transform and adjust according to curved wind screens that results in deficient wiping efficiency.

Performance under Harsh Weather

Both perform exceptionally well in harsh weathers since their aim is to do well in such weather. But Ice has a kick over its challenger since it owns a heavy gauge wiper element which resists tearing in subzero temperatures.

It has a ruggedly contrasted armor that shields blade structure from winter weather.

Its flexible construction has been modified to protect critical wiper components from ice and snow buildup.

Its sleek spoiler shovels away loose snow to provide uttermost visibility.

This wiper blade also uniformly distributes wiper pressure for even and consistent wipes. Hence, performing better in such weather since it is more advanced with amazing traits.

Chill features a protective rubber named as the rubber boot which prevents snow and ice from clogging the wiper blade.

Its precision cut wiping edge helps supply a clean windshield during extreme circumstances and prevents rips.

Its steel frame is built to effectively handle intense situations.

Hence, providing a good performance.