Trico Force vs Rain X Latitude

These beam blades have one main purpose which is to ensure enhanced visibility and crystal clear windscreens. Their aim is to prevent streaks and allow soundless wipes. They provide high performances during intense environments.

Moreover, both have coatings covering their rubber, increasing their service life and making them durable. Trico Force focuses on providing utmost wiping efficiency while Rain X Latitude concentrates more on supplying better visuality.

Heres the deal with these wipers:

Trico’s Force Wiper Blade

  • Has better wiping efficiency.
  • Has better water repellency.
  • Is cheaper and wins in all categories.

Rain X’s Latitude Wiper Blade

  • Functions well overall.
  • Is somewhat expensive.
  • Has Good rubber compound.

Trico Force is engineered and built for today’s severe conditions since it consists of VorTec Aero foil which is a patented swing swept spoiler that converts wind force for maximum windshield contact for greater clarity on wind screens.

Its High Glide treated rubber element defends pollutants while also offering a smooth and quiet performance. It has a tough framework and a good curvature which results in good stability.

Furthermore, its dual point coupler reduces friction and makes adjustments easily making its installation system an uncomplicated one.

Rain X Latitude is a revolutionary blade which molds according to the shape of the wind screen to provide even wiping pressure along the whole blade length assuring superior wiping efficiency.

Its special blended graphite reduces sound pollution offering voiceless wipes while guarding the blade from harmful substances which can damage it.

Its long-term durability comes from it having enhanced grip and flexibility.

PS. Trico Force product video is cool.

Side By Side Comparison:

MaterialSpecially Blended Graphite coated RubberHigh Glide coated Rubber
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade MaterialSynthetic Rubber Rubber
Available Blade Sizes (inches)16 to 2814 to 32
Pressure PointsInfiniteInfinite

Design and Material

Both have a modern and curved aero design which controls airflow and transfers it into maximum wind screen contact for flawless wipes, providing excellent visuality in all driving situations.

Since they have no external frame work and are hinge less, they resist snow and ice clogging enhancing their functionality.

Rubber Mixture

Trico Force possesses a better rubber mixture than its challenger since its High Glide treated rubber element is super concentrated that provides a silky-smooth performance.

Its blend helps operate the equipment more efficiently and has properties like withstanding extreme temperature circumstances and being abrasion resistant. Thus, having a better rubber mixture.

Conversely, Latitude’s blend is made up of specially blended graphite which is resistant to heat exhaustion and its mechanical properties increase with temperature.

It is also malleable and easy to machine. Thus, having a good rubber composition since it also reduces wears.

 Rubber Mixture
ForceModerate – High

Shape and Framework

These blades have similar frameworks and are joint less since both are beam blades.

They occupy unlimited pressure points leading to constant and continuous surface contact with the wind shield.

Their arched shape isn’t engineered for all types of wind screens, these are only suitable for the modern curved wind screens.

Additionally, Force is more bent while Latitude is less bent causing Force to win this category due to a superior shape increasing its wiping efficiency and compatibility.

 Shape And Framework

Water Repellency of these wipers:

Force has a stronger level of water repellency since it is coated with High Glide that gives great sweeping ability and survives watery encounters with ease due to its water adhesive qualities.

This covering helps complete the absence of sound while wiping, supplying with quiet operations.

It plays a big part in increasing its blade life and performs well in intense environments without wearing.

Latitude’s graphite layer has some powerful qualities making it a good water repellent.

This hydrophobicity enhancing layer has high density of graphite that prevents wiper judder.

It is rain repellent and produces minimum friction which decreases the chances of wipes producing sounds.

 Water Aversion
LatitudeModerate – High

Wiping Efficiency

Forcehas better wiping effectiveness when compared to its competitor since it is made of synthetic rubber that provides better functionality, fights well to prevent wear and stops good amounts of streaks and smears.

Its swing swept spoiler resists wind lift when driving high speeds enhancing wiping efficiency.

Comparatively, Latitude presents decent wiping with minimum noise.

Its built in aerodynamic spoiler reduces air flow and prevents the blade from cutting contact with the wind screen to provide continuous wipes ensuring a good grip along with moderate wiping efficiency.

 Efficiency of Wiping
LatitudeModerate – High

Performance under Harsh Weather

Both of these equipments are designed to function magnificently during intense weathers to provide a clear wind screen.

Both have spoilers which prevent airflow to help keep the blade as close to the wind shield in harsh weathers.

Their one-piece wiper structure stops unnecessary ice and snow to build up which prevents their wiping actions to slow down, making them function faster with utmost force.

Their unique formation and structure give them steadiness. In conclusion, both provide with uttermost performance during such weathers.