Trico Ice vs Bosch Icon

Trico and Bosch are beam-type wiper blades. These wiper blades provide excellent performance in extreme weather conditions due to their strong supporting features. Both the contenders provide convenient and secure installation due to their advanced adapters.

Similarities and differences between these wipers:

Trico Ice;

  • is more effective in wiping performance than its competitor.
  • is more efficient in extreme weather conditions.
  • Has a lower price.
  • has a wedge-shaped spoiler

Bosch Icon;

  • is more durable and easier to install than its competitor.
  • works more conveniently in windy conditions.
  • has a flexible asymmetrical spoiler.

Featured with Equipment-Quality Adapter, Bosch has a more quick and easy installing process. It has a patented beam design and a weather shield double connector lock which helps during installation.

It has better durability as its wiper blade is more resistant to cracks, ozone, and UV rays. It has a flexible asymmetrical spoiler which makes its resistivity high against wind lift during strong winds.

Due to its Robust, heavy-gauge wiper element which resists tearing quite well in sub-zero temperatures, Trico offers premium dealing with extreme weather conditions.

Due to its high-strength rubber squeegee, it is comparatively more effective in providing an efficient wiping facility. It has a wedge-shaped spoiler which helps to provide a more quiet and smooth performance. It has a One-click Adapter and, like its competitor, also gives a warranty of one year.

Compared to Trico, Bosch is more durable, easy to install, and provides better performance in windy weather. When talking about Trico, it provides effective cleaning and is better in extreme weather conditions. Bosch has an asymmetrical spoiler while Trico has a wedge-shaped spoiler. Trico has more flexibility with arms types but the installation process of Broch is relatively quicker than its competitor.

Side By Side Comparison:

SpecificationsTrico IceBosch Icon
Blade TypeBeamBeam
Size Range (inch)13 – 2813, 15– 22, 24, 26 and 28
Material RubberDual Fx Rubber
Arm TypesBayonet, Side Lock, Push Button Arm, Side pin, Hook Arm, Pinch Tab ArmHook Arm, Top Lock Narrow  
Adapter TypeOne-Click Adapter SystemEquipment-Quality Hook Adapter
SpoilerWedge Shaped SpoilerAsymmetrical spoiler
ApplicationVehicle Specific FitVehicle Specific Fit
WarrantyOne YearOne Year

What the bring in terms of their structure?

Trico and Bosch are beam-type blades offering maximum performance in extreme weather. Trico is designed with a One-Click Adapter which helps it in easy installation.

Trico is made with a wedge-shaped spoiler that allows it to clear snow and ice ensuring a more visible view for the driver. It is constructed with armor that protects and shields the wiper blade from ice and snow.

Trico is made in a sleek style which further enhances its winter performance. Its design also consists of a Robust, heavy-gauge wiper element that helps in resisting tearing.

It also has a more flexible beam blade design than its competitor.

Bosch Icon is designed with an equipment-quality Hook adapter that efficiently divides the arm pressure between two wiper blades.

It also consists of an asymmetrical spoiler which is more flexible than its competitor’s spoiler.

Its spoiler distributes uniform downward force along the blade to firmly clean the windshield at higher speeds.

It has a beam blade design that is patented and also a weather shield double-locking connector which makes the view more visible during extreme weather conditions.

Bosch has a Dual rubber material that helps in resisting heat and ozone deterioration. It is designed with tension spring arcing technology helping it to mold into the curvature of each side of the windshield.


  • Effectiveness

Both the contenders are made with a rubber squeegee. The high-strength rubber squeegee of Trico makes it more effective than its competitor.

When measuring their effectiveness in different temperatures, Trico will still be considered superior to its competitor as it better resists tearing due to its heavy-gauge wiper elements.

Trico is also protected by armor which enhances its effectiveness against its competitor.

Bosch is also quite effective in its operation as it offers numerous great features such as its patented beam design but that is not enough to win against its competitor.

  • Extreme Weather

The rugged design of Trico makes sure that it is protected in extremely severe weather. Trico provides optimal performance in sub-zero temperatures by resisting tearing.

This is due to robust, heavy-gauge wiper elements. Trico has a flexible beam blade design which helps the driver to see clearly in extreme worst conditions.

Bosch also provides excellent performance in extreme weather conditions due to its exclusive rubber technology but Trico due to more advanced features wins in this category. When considering strong wind, it can be said that Bosch will provide better performance due to its Flexible asymmetrical spoiler design.

  • Durability

The main reason for the replacement of wiper blades is the cracks on their rubber components which cause windshield wipers to wear at a faster rate.

When comparing the two contenders in terms of durability, it can be said that Bosch is more durable than its competitor.

This is because it has a wiper blade rubber that is more resistant to cracks, UV rays, and ozone as compared to Trico’s synthetic blended armor-covered wiper blade.

Bosch rubber also provides more protection from exposure to ozone than its competitor, making it more durable in the long run.