Rain X Latitude vs Trico gold

When it comes to choosing the right windshield wiper blade, the debate between beam style and conventional style blades is never ending. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on personal preference and the driving conditions.

Trico Gold and Rain X latitude both are beam style wiper blades.

Lets see what these wipers have in common:

  • Both are beam style wiper blades
  • Both wipers have an aerodynamic spoilers.
  • Both are made of high quality rubbers.
  • Both fit to almost every vehicle.

Rain X Latitude:

  • It shows great water repellency by applying the water repellent on windscreen.
  • It is best for extreme weather conditions.
  • Its lifespan is 2x times longer than any other wiper in the category [tested by ASTM].

Trico Gold:

  • Sold in pack of two
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Tested to perform 1.5 million cycles.
  • Easy Connection Technology offers quick and easy Installation.


NameRain X Latitude 2-in-1Trico Gold
MaterialSynthetic rubberHigh strength polymer shell and spring steel beam
Blade Sizes in market (inches)16 to 2613 to 28
Blade typeBeamBeam
ApplicationVehicle Specific fit Vehicle Specific fit
AdapterJ-Hook adapter (9mm and 3/16″)
Multi-adapter (9mm and 1/4″)
Side lock adapter (22mm and 19mm)
Bayonet adapter (7mm)
Pinch tab adapter (5mm and 6mm)
Side Pin Adapter (4.8mm and 6.35mm)
Bayonet Adapter (7mm)
Hook Adapter (9×3 and 9×4)
Pinch Tab Adapter (4.8mm and 6.35mm)

Material & Design:

Rain X Latitude:

Rain X Latitude is a hybrid wiper blade, which is composed of synthetic rubber with water repellent coating, and is designed like a modern beam style wiper.

Its durable, synthetic rubber design provides improved wiping effectiveness by resisting wear and tear.
The blade’s curved, beam-style frame applies consistent pressure over its entire length for better contact with the windscreen.
A smoother and quieter wiping experience is the result of this design’s contribution to noise and streaks reduction.

Its blades are coated with water repellent material, which is transferred from squeegee to the windshield and that helps to maintain crystal clear windscreen by repelling rain, snow & sleet. It also provides non squeaky and streak free wipe.

It was tested for 168 hours by ASTM and no rubber cracking was observed. That’s why it is designed for extreme weather conditions and protected from various environmental hazards.

Trico Gold:

Trico Gold has memory curve steel beam in its design and has a Teflon surface protection coating.

Teflon surface protectors are made to help the wiper blades last longer by enhancing the smoothness and quietness of the wiping action.

This coating aids in water, snow, and ice resistance, which can increase visibility in bad weather.

It also helps in preventing the drying out and cracking of the rubber wiping element, which can happen over time as a result of exposure to the sun’s UV rays and other environmental variables.


Wiping Effectiveness:

Both the Rain-X Latitude 2-in-1 wiper blade and the Trico Gold beam blade are premium wipers that are made to offer efficient wiping performance in a range of weather conditions.

Both blades use modern rubber blends and aerodynamic shapes that combine to guarantee a streak-free, spotless wipe.

The blades of Trico Gold & Latitude 2-in-1 are in beam-style construction, which uniformly apply pressure across the entire blade, which can assist to reduce streaking and provide reliable wiping results. It is tested to last over 1.5 million cycles.

Both blades are highly regarded by customers, and choosing between them may come down to personal preference or particular demands.

Both wipers operate in the same way in this scenario.

Water Repellency:

The rubber wiping element of the Trico Gold beam blade has a Teflon surface protector coating that is intended to repel water, snow, and ice while also delivering a smoother, quieter wiping performance.

Whereas, Rain-X Latitude 2-in-1 wiper blade features a built-in water-repellent coating, is intended to aid snow build up and effective wiping in rain and sleet.
Its water-repellent coating is activated by the movement of the wiper blade and provides clear windscreen in rainy weather situations.

Both provide similar results in this case.

Performance in Extreme Weather:

Both the Trico Gold beam blade and the Rain-X Latitude 2-in-1 wiper blade are made to function effectively under a range of weather conditions, including extreme weather.

However, Rain-X Latitude blade is good at clearing snow and ice from the windscreen rapidly, and its blade helps to improve visibility in heavy rain.

A smooth and silent wiping performance is also made possible by the blade’s aerodynamic shape and graphite-coated rubber wiping element, even in extreme weather.

Trico Gold beam blade is also not too far off. The blade’s Teflon surface protector coating helps to repel water, snow, and ice.

But here, the victor is Rain X Latitude 2-in-1 because it is specifically designed for extreme weather conditions, and its rubber is tested by ASTM.

Warranty & Cost:

Both wipers offer 1 year warranty. Rain X Latitude 2-in-1 is expensive in comparison.


  • Both are equally efficient but Rain X latitude takes lead in extreme weather conditions.
  • Rain X Latitude is a bit pricey in comparison.