Trico Flex vs Bosch Icon

These are beam-designed wiper accessories with bracket-less frames and curved squeegee blades.

These features help them provide clear and smear-free visibility during rainy weather, ensuring safer and fear-free driving.

Moreover, they are resistant to UV rays, extreme temperature fluctuations, and also to scrub damage because of their good rubber composition.

Hence, they have good records of durability and climatic endurance over a good time.

Heres the thing about both of these wipers:

  • Both specify jointless, asymmetric, and aerodynamic spoiler.


  • Comes with a longer replacement warranty.
  • Is available in more blade sizes.
  • Its connector is compatible with more types of windshield wiper arms.


  • has better wiping ability in comparison.
  • works better in extreme weather due to its rubber polymer and shielded arm connectors.
  • Is more durable due to its graphite coating.

Trico Flex is a beam supported by the aerodynamic, asymmetrical spoiler.

Thus, it is not lifted off from the windshield due to heavy winds, instead, it uses the wind pressure to maximize its performance.

Additionally, its frame includes a dual point coupler which ensures uniform distribution of pressure along the blade, resulting in smoother wipes with no streaks.

The Icon is the popular Bosch product specifying a modern design with an aerodynamic spoiler and enhanced rubber squeegee.

Its dual rubber profile helps it remove water from the windshield very effectively.

On top of that, it has a covered arm connector which protects it from damage and results in long-lasting performance.

In comparison, Bosch Icon has a relatively upgraded rubber composition, better pressure distribution mechanism, improved curvature adjustment ability, faces lesser wiping friction, and stands more durable while Trico Flex comes with a longer warranty and provides fitment with more arm types.

Side By Side Comparison:


Design Comparison:

Design-wise, Icon takes the lead over its competitor as its squeegee is molded from an enhanced rubber compound and beam design is made efficient using Bosch patented technologies.

Its wiping edge is engineered with ClearMax 365’’ and QuietGlide treatments while DynamicFit technology results in better curvature adjustment using dual precision springs.

Alongside that, it has an aerodynamic spoiler that uses the wind force to sustain a consistent blade-to-rubber contact.

Trico Flex also presents an efficient design, offering reliable performance.

It specifies natural rubber squeegee but this polymer is not treated to increase the whipping abilities.

Its spoiler is flexible and curved just like the competitor and the Dual Point Coupler regulates the pressure distribution along the whole of the blade.

But overall, its structure is not as efficient as the contestant.

CompositionHigh-strength steel Natural rubber  High-strength steel FX dual rubber (Graphite blended coatings on Natural Rubber)  
FrameAerodynamic spoilerAerodynamic frame
AdditivesNoneGraphite coatings

What is their rubber made of?

Bosch Icon takes the edge over its competitor because it utilizes ClearMax 365 Technology which provides the blade with a natural rubber core enclosed in a powder-coated shell.

This covering of graphite rubber enhances its wiping ability as it has the unique fx Dual Rubber composition.

Due to this feature, its wiping edge is protected from rain, snow, sleet, and ozone.

Furthermore, it provides streak-free visibility because of its enhanced resistance to various pollutants and gives a quieter performance as its wiping friction is also reduced.

In the case of rubber composition, Trico Flex stands lower than the contestant as its blade is composed of natural rubber.

Moreover, its rubber does not contain any additive or protective coating so it is more prone to damage and provides less durability.

Frame type and shape

Trico Flex also has an asymmetric, bracket-less, aerodynamic spoiler.

It characterizes the Memory Curve Steel beam which modifies its arc automatically with the curvature of the windscreen so it wipes off water droplets from most of the windshield surface.

Plus, it also has a Dual Point Coupler which provides constant pressure along the length of the beam to eliminate water streaks efficiently but its wiping ability is lesser as compared to its competitor.

Bosch Icon possesses an asymmetric, jointless spoiler that is aerodynamically curved. DynamicFit Technology provides constant downward force along the entire length of the blade and maximizes its contact with the windscreen.

This technology also employs Dual precision springs which custom contour the wiper along the curvature of the windscreen and wipe away water streaks more efficiently. Bosch wins over its competitor due to its improved wiping ability.

Arm connector

Pre-assembled connectors and easy installation processes make both these wiper blades user-friendly. You can conveniently install Trico Flex with its SWIFT Easy arm connector which fits more arm types than the competitor does.

However, it is relatively less durable as it lacks weather-resistive outer covering thus, become more vulnerable to climate-induced damage.

Bosch Icon’s multi-clip connector allows fitment with OE as well as hook arm types. But its compatibility range is smaller as compared to the other wiper blade.

Nonetheless, it provides a more secure connection due to the double locking mechanism.

Plus, it is a weather-shielded connector that prevents exposure of connection to air moisture, snow, and dust increasing the climate endurance of the product.

Pre-installed connectorYesYes
Mounting typeLarge Hook Small Hook Side lock  Wide Push button (22mm)  Narrow Push button (19mm) Side pin (Long 22 mm) Side pin (Short 17 mm)Large Side Lock (22 mm) Small Side Lock (19 mm) Narrow Top Lock (16mm) Large Top Lock (19mm) Top Lock (BMW) Pinch Tab  

Water repellency

The Bosch Icon does a better job at clearing windshield screen from moisture because graphite blending enhances the water-removing properties of its rubber squeegee.

These graphite particles improve gliding ability due to which whipping friction is reduced and the blade moves smoothly over the windshield.

Plus, it adds to the water adhering capacity of rubber which leads to efficient wipes.

Trico Flex presents a reliable glass cleaning ability through its natural rubber wiping edge.

However, its water-removing efficiency is minor when compared with the contestant because it does not contain any performance-enhancing additives.

Wiping efficiency

Bosch Icon performs better windshield cleaning as it owns an aerodynamic spoiler that uses air pressure to create a downward force on the blade and thus, increasing the contact of the wiping edge with the windscreen.

Its dual precision springs adjust the arc of the blade according to the windshield curvature.

Furthermore, its fx dual rubber having blended graphite has more ability to offer smoother wipes.

Trico Flex provides streak-free wipes as it also specifies an aerodynamic spoiler that prevents lift-offs and presses the blade to maximize its contact with the windscreen.

Plus, its dual point coupler distributes pressure evenly along the length of the blade.

However, its overall score for wiping ability is comparatively lesser.

Working in extreme climates

The Bosch Icon takes the lead over its competitor as its graphite blended polymer reduces damage from UV or ozone exposure.

These additives also increase its temperature endurance.

Plus, it has a weather-shielded adopter that covers the arm connector and saves it from exposure to rainwater or snow that may cause corrosion.

Trico Flex does not have damage resistive additives; its natural rubber makes it stand below its competitor. Moreover, its arm connector is exposed to rain and snow so it can be easily corroded.  

Durability and Warranty

Both wiper blades show optimized cleaning ability for a good duration but we can say that Icon is more durable in comparison owing to graphite coated squeegee and weather-shielded arm connector.

The powder-coated rubber enhanced with graphite particles enables it to withstand UV rays, ozone, and harsh temperatures while weather shielded cover protects the connection from corrosion and build-ups.

Resultantly, it is 40% more durable than other premium wipers.

However, Bosch gives a short warranty for its wiper products including Icon spanning only up to 1 month.

In contrast, Trico Flex presents a fairly durable performance, offering millions of wiping cycles from a single pair of blades.

But lack of friction reducing additives and weather shielding connector rank its position below the competitor.

However, Trico provides a long replacement warranty (1 year) for this wiper blade.