Trico Flex vs Trico Neoform

Both these products have beam profiles with aerodynamic spoilers leading to enhanced wiping ability. In addition to that, these blades have pre-assembled adaptors, and anyone can install the wiper itself without taking any service.

Heres the thing about both of these wipers:

  • Both of these Trico blades are beam-profiled.
  • Both wipers come ready to install because arm connectors are already mounted on them.
  • Both have a robust aerodynamic spoiler protected by a complete skin coating.

Trico Flex

  • Is available in more blade sizes.
  • Its arm connector fits with more types of windshield arms.

Trico Neoform

  • is more durable than the contestant.
  • Has better wiping ability because of Teflon-improved composition.
  • its capability to endure drastic climate is more comparatively.
  • Shows quieter performance due to minimized wiping friction.

Neoform has enhanced rubber which increases its wiping proficiency. Its structure and squeegee are durable, offering good resistance to tough conditions.

In contrast, the Flex wiper blade shows an optimized wiping ability and good longevity. You can find a wiper of any length in its size range. Plus, you don’t have to worry about fitment as its Swift connector mounts on a wide range of arm types.

In comparison, Trico Neoform specifies improved polymer, has high water repelling capacity, shows improved performance in tough circumstances, and provides more durability, while Trico Flex arm connectors can be fitted with more arm types.

Side By Side Comparison:



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Available sizes13 to 32 inches14 to 29 inches
BladeBeam typeBeam type
Squeegee MaterialSteel bar with Rubber polymerSteel bar with Rubber polymer
Warranty time12 months12 months

Lets talk about their Material and Design:

Trico Neoform stands above its competitor as its rubber is treated with Teflon, leading to lesser chattering and smoother wipes.

Besides that, it owns an Aerodynamic frame with Memory Curve Steel Beam and a protective coating on its surface.

Its integrated dual point coupler ensures even pressure, and the pre-assembled connector makes installation easier. However, this wiper comes in lesser blade sizes as compared to its contestant.

Trico Flex also specifies an aerodynamic spoiler with an in-built dual point coupler for equal pressure distribution and maximized screen-blade contact. Its widely compatible Swift Easy connector makes it relatively easy to use.

In addition to that, the availability of more blade sizes gives it an edge over the competitor.

However, its wiping ability is comparatively reduced because of its natural polymer and lack of performance additives.

CompositionHigh tensile Steel bar Natural rubber  High tensile Steel bar Natural rubber with Teflon blending  
SpoilerAerodynamic frameAerodynamic frame

What is their rubber made of?

Trico Neoform stands above its competitor as it owns natural rubber with the addition of tetrafluoro particles of Teflon. Due to the improved rubber composition, its squeegee glides smoothly over the windscreen and wipes off water droplets more efficiently.

Because its wiping friction is minimized, it produces lesser chattering.

Likewise, Teflon additives make it more temperature resistant, which results in better performance in dramatic weather conditions and enhanced squeegee life.

Though Flex blade also specifies natural rubber but it does not contain any enhancement.

Resultantly, it provides streak-free wipes, but its wiping ability is lesser than its contestant and may reduce even more overtime.

Likewise, its chatter resistance is lower because it faces higher wiping friction, and its ability to bear tough conditions is also reduced, making it less durable.

Shape and Frame type

Both these wipers are produced by Trico and have the same spoiler structure. They characterize bracket less, asymmetric and aerodynamic spoilers.

These beam blades automatically bend with the curve windshield because they utilize Memory Curved Steel Technology.

Due to this feature, water streaks can be wiped off from most of the surface, even from the bent corners of the windshield.

Moreover, their frame is covered with a sheath protecting them from snowfall, sleet, corrosion, and dust particles which increases both their efficiency and durability at the same time.

They also possess Dual Point Coupler, which directs uniform air pressure along the whole blade leading to increased contact with the windscreen.

Differences in their Arm connectors:

Both of these blades come with pre-assembled arm connectors, but Flex takes the lead as its arm connector is compatible with more arm types than its competitor.

Plus, its installation is comparatively quicker and easier due to Swift Easy Connection.

On the other side, Trico Neoform installation is not as convenient as its contestant due to the lack of Swift Easy function, thus, its score is lesser in comparison.

Its arm connector can be used with relatively lesser arm types yet it allows the fitment with pinch tab arms which the competitor lacks.

Arm ConnectorPre-installedPre-installed
Mounting Arm typePush button (Large, small) J-Hook (large, small) Side lock Side pin (Large, small)  J-Hook (large, small) Push button (Large) Side lock Side pin (Large) Pinch tab

Water repellency

The enhanced polymer of Trico Neoform is more proficient in glass cleaning because Teflon particles improve the adhering capacity of latex.

It also lessens the friction and thus, enhances the gliding ability. Consequently, it eliminates smears and small water droplets more efficiently, leading to better visibility.

In contrast, the Flex blade characterizes natural rubber without performance enhancing additives. So, its adhesive ability is reduced and its squeegee wipes away the water less efficiently than its competitor. In turn, minor water repelling ability leads to less proficient glass cleaning.

Wiping efficiency

Both these wiping accessories have aerodynamic spoilers; thus, both specify an ability to wipe away moisture efficiently even from the bent corners of the windshield because the beam arc is adjusted automatically with the curvature of the screen due to the Memory Curved Steel bar.

Plus, their Dual point couple applies homogeneous pressure on the full blade to maximize the contact with the windscreen.

Nonetheless, Trico Neoform has a greater wiping ability than its competitor because its squeegee has Teflon enhanced rubber.

In comparison, Flex lags behind its competitor when it comes to wiping efficiency because of its polymer composition.

Working in the harsh climate

Trico Neoform has an aerodynamic frame and dual point coupler to manage pressure distribution along the wiper resulting in better endurance in harsh weather conditions like snowfall or storms.

Plus, its surface is protected with an additional covering to save it from dust particles and corrosion.

When it comes to wiping edge, it offers more resistance to high and low temperatures, UV rays, and ozone due to Teflon additives.

On the other side, Flex also owns an aerodynamically designed frame and dual point coupler to manage the wind pressure without lifting off. Its surface also has the protective skin to resist harsh climates like snowfall, smashing wind, and sleet.

However, as its squeegee composition is not enhanced its ability to work in extreme climates is lesser than its competitor.

Warranty and Durability

Robust frame structures make both these wipers reliable and durable. Aerodynamic design and protected covering also enhance their durability.

However, Trico Neoform stands above its competitor in case of durability as its rubber has Teflon additives which enhance the squeegee tensile strength and make it less prone to damage in harsh climate conditions.

For both wipers, Trico offers an extended replacement warranty of 12 months which is more than the warranty of many other wipers.