Trico Neoform vs Bosch Icon

However, both of these wiper blades reflect different brands but are categorized as premium series wiper blades having a patented beam design. Both are provided with a handy adapter that fits most vehicle models and are available in a variety of sizes.

Heres the thing about both of these wipers:


  • Offers a comparatively durable composition.
  • Is excellent on curved windshields.
  • Is more efficient in wiping away water.
  • Is more compatible with harsh weather conditions.
  • Is less likely to scrap the windshield.
  • Is comparatively quieter.


  • Is compatible with more connector types.
  • Gives better performance on flat windshields.
  • Offers more sizes.
  • Is comparatively economical.

Trico NeoForm is provided with a Memory Curve Steel Beam for even pressure distribution and stunning performance for a neat and clear wipe significantly on curved windshields.

Its aerodynamic spoiler is sealed by a skin covering which protects it from elements and allows it to prevent the wind-lift even at higher speeds. Its exclusive dual-point coupler efficiently prevents smearing and streaking. For superior wiping efficiency, it is provided with a large number of pressure points.

Also, its one-piece wiper layout prevents snow and ice clogging and a Teflon surface protector enhances its durability.

On the flip side, the Bosch ICON wiper blade is provided with a patented beam design for excellent performance on flat windscreens. This blade features a unique bracketless design that helps to prevent streaking and smearing.

It is composed of a deluxe fx dual rubber compound which prevents heat and ozone attrition. Its aerodynamic wind spoilers keeps the blade firmly attached to the windscreen and dual precision-tension steel spring adds to its wiping efficiency.

Moreover, its weather-shielded connector ensures a secure installation and prevents frost and snow build-up.

As compared to its contestant, the NeoForm has a better structure, design, and composition. Moreover, it gives a much better wiping efficiency and extreme weather potency, which adds to its price.

Side By Side Comparison:

Specifications NeoFormICON
Key FeatureIs excellent on curved windshieldsIs excellent on flat windshields
Wiping EfficiencyUsually takes 2 wipes in clearing the screenUsually takes 4 wipes in cleaning the screen
Weather CompatibilityAll-weatherAll-weather
Warranty12 months12 months

Size and Weight Comparison

Trico NeoForm is comparatively shorter in length and is available in only ten sizes. Moreover, it is lighter in weight which makes it quite easy to be installed and removed.

Whereas, Bosch ICON is available in several sizes, so you are more likely to find a perfect fit for your vehicle. Moreover, it is comparatively longer which allows it to wipe a larger portion of the windscreen.

Sizes & WeightNeoFormICON
Available Sizes1057
Dimensions (L x W x H)26.5” x 2.5” x 1.4”28.7” x 2.6” x 1.1”
Weight (ounces)6.48.8

Design and Structure Comparison

Trico NeoForm is provided with a curved beam design with a frameless layout. It offers an infinite number of pressure points along its length.

Moreover, it is equipped with a sealed aerodynamic spoiler which not only promotes its durability but also enhances its outlook.

However, it offers  only J-Hook type connectors.

Bosch ICON offers a patented beam design with a bracketless layout. Like conventional wiper blades, it also feature 8 to 9 pressure points along its length.

It has a simple wind  spoiler but is compatible with 5 different connector types. Moreover, its greater length promotes its flexibility.

Design & StructureNeoFormICON
Beam DesignCurved BeamPatented Beam
Pressure PointsInfinite8 to 9
Connector TypeJ-HookHook, Top Lock, Side Lock, Pinch Tab, Valeo Top Lock 

Trico NeoForm has a curved beam design with a “skin coated” aerodynamic wind spoiler which bestows it with a more fascinating outlook but its frameless structure is comparatively less flexible. Moreover, it is workable with only a J-Hook type connector.

Composition Comparison

Trico NeoForm is made up of a natural rubber compound with an Advanced Nanotechnology rubber coating. Its offers a Memory Curved Steel Beam which ensures that you get a clear wipe.

It is provided with a steel frame material and for surface protection, it offers an exclusive Teflon surface protector.

Moreover, its aerodynamic wind spoiler is coated with animal skin which grants it ultimate protection from the elements.

On the other hand, Bosch ICON is made up of synthetic rubber which allows it to survive about 40% longer than many other wiper blades.

It is coated with ClearMax 365 which includes a dual synthetic rubber blend and a precisely cut polymer edge which strengthens its construction.

Moreover, it also offers a steel frame material and a weather-shielded connector to prevent ice and snow coagulation.

Rubber MaterialNatural Synthetic
Rubber CoveringNanotechnologyClearMax 365
Frame MaterialSteelSteel
BeamMemory Curved SteelSimple Patented

Both wiper blades are composed to endure harsh weather excellently but in comparison with its peer, NeoForm has some additional features which strengthen its composition and promote its longevity.

Moreover, its natural rubber composition is much sturdier compared to that of its rival.

Wiping Efficiency

NeoForm is significantly designed to correspond to today’s relatively curved windshields.

It usually takes 2 wipes in clearing the screen as it is provided with a Memory Curve Steel Beam which allows uniform pressure distribution along the full length of the blade.

Its Advanced Nanotechnology coating further puts into its wiping efficiency. Besides of its effectiveness on curved windshields it can also wipe flat ones but takes more wipes due to its lesser surface contact in this case.

ICON is not viable on curved windshields but it is comparatively greater in length and flexible which allows it to give stunning performance on flat screens.

Usually, it takes 4 wipes in tidying the windscreen but its patented beam design results in its strong grip on the screen which permits it to clear off even the tiniest water droplet.

Moreover, its ClearMax 365 coating creates a typical wipe angle which helps to minimize the glimmer.

Therefore, NeoForm is excellent on curved windshields and can satisfy its users on flat ones as well, whereas its counterpart’s performance is restricted to flat screens only.

So, collectively the former gives better wiping efficacy.

Water Repellency

NeoForm features a Memory Curved Beam design which allows it to hug the curved windshield tightly to remove even the smallest droplet of water from the screen surface.

It is provided with a surface protective Teflon coating which not only ensures a smooth wipe but also repels water and prevents freezing, ice accumulation and road grime buildup.

Highlighting a patented beam design, ICON is excellent in removing water from flat windscreens.

It makes strong contact with the windshield without damaging it and wipes the screen without leaving any smears and strains. However, it is unprofitable on curved screens.

NeoForm due to its Teflon coating is excellent on curved screens and can wipe flat screens as well.

So, it stands ahead of its counterpart in this aspect also.

Weather Compatibility

NeoForm is provided with a sealed aerodynamic wind spoiler which prevents the blade from lifting in extreme windy conditions.

It offers an unlimited number of pressure points along the entire length of the blade which promotes even pressure distribution across the entire windshield. Its dual-point coupler further ensures the uniformity of the pressure distribution.

Also, its one-piece wiper structure is efficient in impeding ice and snow accommodation.

ICON is also provided with an aerodynamic wind spoiler for the firm attachment of the blade with the screen.

It is provided with only 8 to 9 pressure points which are more likely to disturb the uniformity of the pressure along its length. However, it is designed to withstand heat and ozone attrition and remains elastic in all climates.

Moreover, its shielded connector prevents the arms connection from ice, snow and road grime buildup.

NeoForm remains vigorously attached to the windshield even during storms and at high speeds due to its more efficient pressure distribution. It better prevents ice and snow accumulation, so it is more weather compatible.

Windshield Protection

The aerodynamic spoiler of NeoForm is “skin coated” which allows it to make a smoother contact with the windshield. Moreover, its Teflon coating is surface protective which ensures the safety of your windshield against scratches.

ICON features an uncoated wind spoiler and does not have any protective layer, so it is more likely to scrap your screen.

Operational Noise

Neoform is significantly quieter than its competitor. This is because it has a two-hinge profile; out of which one damps reversal noise for a quieter ride.

At the same time, the Bosch Icon relies on a conventional design that can cause more turbulence and noise.