Bosch Focus vs Icon Wiper Blades

Both products are ranked as premium series wiper blades. They are composed of soft synthetic rubber with a coating of ClearMax 365 rubber material. Both are equally reliable and offer same warranty policies.

To make things easier, lets take a quick look at both wipers:

The Bosch Focus

  • is provided with a more innovative design but is compatible with only one vehicle model.
  • has a more vigorous composition due to its Power Protection Plus Technology.
  • clears off the windscreen within only three wipes, whereas its counterpart takes four.
  • Focus gives a comparatively clearer view during the night because of its NightFocus™ Technology.
  • Focus is slightly expensive.

While the Bosch Icon

  • gives better water repellency on the flat windshield (whereas its peer is better on curved ones).
  • is more convenient in extreme weather conditions.
  • and is comparatively quieter and smoother.

The Bosch Focus is specifically designed for smaller and slightly curved windshields.

Its patented aero design minimizes the noise and wind lift.

It offers an asymmetrical NightSpoiler and double tension steel spring with NightView Technology.

Its Power Protection Plus trait keeps the blades secure by preventing dust built-up and damage.

Moreover, it is equipped with the SafeCheck indicator which signals you to check your blades in harsh weather situations.

On the other hand, the Bosch Icon is designed to give excellent performance on larger flat windscreens.

It can efficiently cope with extreme climates and offers a patented aerodynamic beam design.

Its structure is V-shaped for efficient removal of water and debris from the windshield.

It has a simple asymmetrical spoiler and double tension spring. It is comparatively quieter but is less efficient in wiping performance. Moreover, it is available in more sizes and fits on majority of the vehicles.

Quick Contrasting Table

SpoilerAsymmetrical NightSpoilerAsymmetrical
Pressure DistributionDouble Tension SpringDouble Tension Spring
Safe Check IndicatorYesNo
Noise Level65 dB63.5 dB
Wiping Efficiency3 wipes clear the windshield4 wipes clear the windshield
Warranty1 year1 year

Compare Icon with others:

Design and Structure Comparison:

Bosch Focus has a patented aerodynamic design which aids in reducing the noise and windy effects.

Its unique blade design ensures that it grasps the windshield tightly while operating.

However, it is a big challenge to wipe curved windshields and most wipers leave stains and spots in doing so but the shape of this wiper blade is such that it efficiently clears off the windshield without leaving any streaks and spots.

It offers an asymmetrical NightSpoiler and double tension spring with NightView Technology.

Its design is further enhanced by the SafeCheck indicator which turns yellow when your blades are needed to be examined in extreme rain and sleet.

Bosch Icon captions a Bosch beam patented aerodynamic design which is more efficient on flat windscreens which are comparatively larger.

Its V-shaped design is excellent in wiping off water and debris from the windscreen as it offers better contact with the windscreen. Its bracketless design aids in reducing noise and windage.

Moreover, it offers a simple asymmetrical spoiler and double tension spring but unlike its peer, it fits on the majority of the vehicles which gives it an edge over its peer.

The design of Focus is comparatively more innovative with some superiorities over its counterpart but it is compatible with only some specific vehicle models.

Whereas, the design and structure of the Icon fits it on the majority of the vehicles.

What are these wipers composed of?

Bosch Focus is constructed of soft synthetic rubber material, mainly extracted from petroleum by-products which promotes its elasticity and durability.

This rubber is coated with ClearMax 365 rubber covering which includes a precision-cut polymer blade.

Its asymmetrical NightSpoiler is glossed with charcoal which absorbs reflection up to some extent and a hydrophobic polymer compound which efficiently repels the water.

Moreover, its Power Protection Plus Technology keeps the blades sharp by preventing dirt build-up and deterioration.

Bosch Icon is also composed of smooth synthetic rubber covered with ClearMax 365 coating which creates an optimal wipe gradient to reduce glare and minimize ozone attrition, extreme weather effects and road debris accumulation.

It features a soft rubber body covered with a tough polymer shell. Its frame is built with hard and long-lasting material that can bear harsh climates and the blade is composed of anti-freeze material that prevents ice and snow build-up.

However, both wiper blades are composed of the same rubber material but Focus due to some of its innovative technologies takes the lead.

Wiping Power Comparison:

Bosch Focus has a suitable wipe arch to minimize the glimmer and protects the wiping blade from ozone pollution, severe weather and debris build-up.

Its spoiler is coated with charcoal powder which helps to absorb reflection but it sometimes causes the wiper to get attached to the windscreen.

However, this wiper blade is more suitable for curved windscreens which are comparatively smaller in size.

Moreover, it is provided with wear indicator which turns yellow when your wiper blades are required to be checked in extreme frost and heavy rain.

After all, according to the surveys, this wiper blade clears off the windshield within only three wipes.

Bosch Icon is also provided with same covering but its simple asymmetrical spoiler is not as effective as that of its opponent.

This wiper blade is preferable for comparatively larger and flat windshields and offers better contact with them but it usually takes at least four wipers in cleaning the screen for a clear vision.

However, Focus is better on curved windscreens and its counterpart gives better performance on flat ones but the former, taking only three wipes in clearing the screen is more efficient.

How fast do they remove water?

Bosch Focus is provided with a highly productive water repellent structure and features an aerodynamic NightSpoiler having water repulsing polymer which keeps your windscreen transparent even in extreme rainy weather.

However, this wiper blade is more suitable on curved windshields so it is unable to beat its counterpart in repelling water from flat windshields.

Bosch Icon highlights a patented beam design and V-shaped structure which is highly effective in wiping away even the tiniest water droplet from the vehicle screen.

To cope with rainy seasons, its graphite-blended rubber promotes water repellency but its spoiler lacks hydrophobic polymer in its composition which places it second to its counterpart.

Focus gives better water-repelling performance over curved windshields due to its specialized structure and hydrophobic polymer.

Whereas, Icon is better at repelling water from flat windscreens as it offers a larger blade with graphite-coated rubber.

What has more operational noise?

One of the major causes of noise production by wiper blades is the dirt and debris accumulated on the windshield.

The wipers may also produce noise when the blades are needed to be washed or they have completed their life.

Moreover, if the wiper blades are frequently operated over dry windshields, they become noisier with time.

Except all these factors the friction between the windshield and the wiper rubber also produces noise.

However, an average noise level for both of the wiper blades has been measured and Icon came out to be quieter.

Under normal conditions, it produces an average noise of 63.4 dB whereas 65 dB of noise is produced by its counterpart.

Which gives you a better Night Visibility?

Focus is equipped with a NightView Technology which allows it to take the lead over its competitor.

It forms a single-core construction which delivers a wiping resilience along the whole length of the wiper blade to minimize blur.

Whereas, icon is not provided with any such night vision technology so it lags behind its rival in giving a clearer view during the night.