Valeo 900 Vs Bosch Icon

Both of these wind shield wipers deliver smooth functions and offer easy installation since both are beam wiper blades. They are equipped with the most recent wind shield wiping features to guarantee high performance in every season.

Lets check out the main differences between these wipers:

Valeo 900 wiper blade:

  • Has a flexible spoiler.
  • Has a lower price.
  • Has a strong shape and structure.

Bosch Icon wiper Blade:

  • Is more efficient in wiping.
  • Has more durability.
  • offers better water repellency.

Valeo 900 with its distinct 3D Pyramid spoiler design provides high functionality. It is a reliable device which employs a unique TEC3 rubber technology that offers durability.

Its protective coatings prevent it from being damaged while also providing chatter free wipes on the wind shield.

Both Synthetic rubber and natural rubber are used to enhance flexibility and longevity. Its all-metal structure increases its durability resulting in an exceptional performance overall.

Bosch Icon with its asymmetrical spoiler is designed to provide maximum coverage for the windshield and further deals with wind lifts resulting in an even pressure and soundless wipes.

It is easily compatible due to its Dynamic Fit Technology which is an exclusive tensioned spring arcing technology that helps it adjust according to the curve of the windshield.

It is additionally user friendly because of the Multi Clip which highlights an adaptable connector framework that simplifies the insertion process.

Side By Side Comparison:

Name Of the WipersIconValeo 900
Made fromdual rubber that features a rubber core which is soft and is protected by a silicone shell which is hardDual Rubber and Tec3 Rubber Technology
Blade Sizes in market (inches)OE type is (13 to 28) Hook type is (13 to 28)18 to 28
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade CompositionRubber EPDM Synthetic and Natural Rubber
Weather CompatibilityAll – SeasonAll – Season
SpoilerBuilt – InBuilt – In
InstallationMulti Clip InstallationPinch Tab

Style and Material

Both put up a great battle in this category since both are beam blades with modernized bended style and are also hinge less.

Since they are bracket free and joint less, they contain less chances of being stuck since they have no moving parts which avoids ice buildup.

These are built primarily for present day, bended windshield screens.

They are made in such a way so that they can wrap over the windshield well, to maximize pressure.

This results in stone clear, streak free and more secure wind shields.

Material and StyleValeo 900 Bosch Icon
LayoutFrameless StructureFrame Structure

Rubber Blend

Both have the same level of rubber composition to some extent since they both are prepared with natural rubber but they have one difference which is of their outer protective layers.

Both are made with natural rubber which operates better in colder environments due to enhanced flexibility but it is not a high-quality blend giving them a shorter service life.

But Valeo is made with Synthetic rubber as well and together glued, the natural rubber along with synthetic rubber offer noiseless performance. Its wiping edge is composed of natural rubber whilst its upper body is occupied by synthetic rubber.

Thus, giving Valeo 900 an upper hand in this section and owning phenomenal wiping since it has two rubber mediums joined together increasing its strength.

CompositionValeo 900Bosch Icon
Blade MaterialNatural Rubber + Synthetic RubberNatural Rubber
Frame MaterialSteelSteel

Frame Type and Shape

Both are frameless since they are beam blades.

They have a curved shape so that they are suitable to more vehicles since latest vehicles have bent windshield screens.

They also have advanced technologies so that they can adapt to a wide range of vehicles easily.

Valeo 900’s light structure results in fast actions and decreases the risk of any snow buildup but Icon has an edge over its competitor since it is more curved.

Thus, providing better wiping efficiency since it has a better shape.

 Frame Type and Shape
Valeo 900High – Moderate
Bosch IconHigh

Water Repellency

The Bosh Icon features a hard silicone coating which has strong water adhesive properties since it offers excellent execution while also providing great strength over a wide range of temperatures.

Despite the extreme weather, silicone provides a moisture less windshield since it has the ability to attract even the tiniest water vapors.

The silicone coating gives it excellent sliding ability and a longer blade life so it can perform well in harsh weather conditions.

The Valeo 900’s Tec3 Rubber Technology along with its protective coatings score less than its competitor and since its outer layers are not as powerful, it increases the risk of streaks and chatters.

Its resistance to abrasions isn’t that good resulting in poor visibility and short blade life.

It provides a reliable result in this category but is not as powerful as the challenger due to the lack of silicone coating.

 Water Repellency
Valeo 900Moderate
Bosch IconHigh

How efficient are they at wiping?

Icon displays amazing wiping execution during any climate conditions, least wiping vibrations and has the ability to perform well under sweltering heat.

Its bowed edge gives a good grip with the windshield screen and its asymmetrical spoiler which is streamlined sustains even pressure all through the wind shield that results in effective wiping.

Its advanced qualities expel streaks on the windshield and is known to have up to 40% longer life than premium blades.

Valeo 900 possesses patented 1,500 pressure points so it delivers an optimized wiping performance.

Its spoiler shell which is on top, decreases the negative effects produced by the wind so the chances of having wind lifts and noise operations are reduced. Due to its shortage of advanced features and less elasticity, it lacks in this category.

 Wiping Accuracy
Valeo 900Moderate
Bosch IconHigh

Performance under Harsh Weather

Since both are beam blades and have protective outer layers, both deliver great functionality in extreme climates.

Their aerodynamic spoilers offer great help to eliminate wind lifts and their rubber material increase their flexibility in winter season resulting in better performance.

They avoid buildup of ice and snow since they have no external framework. Furthermore, their patented beam design optimizes visibility even under harshest conditions.

 Performance in Harsh Weather
Valeo 900High
Bosch IconHigh