Valeo Silencio vs Bosch Aerotwin

These patented beam designed wipers provide effective wiping on the wind shield from severe weathers like blizzards, gales and snow storms. Equipped with an OE Style adapter that provides OE fit and trouble free installation. Their asymmetric spoilers make them suitable for high-speed operations increasing durability and service life in all weather conditions without any accommodations while both nearly have the same price.

To put things simply:

Valeo Silencio:

  • Not as advanced.
  • Can be found cheaper than its competitor.
  • Overall provides with a good performance.

Bosch AeroTwin:

  • Takes the lead in wiping efficiency and water repellency.
  • Equipped with unique features.
  • Has a better framework.

The Valeo Silencio provides smooth and soundless wipes due to its high quality Rubber Visio.

Its leveled blade is equipped with dual compound rubber technology made of synthetic rubber to ensure tearing resistance and has natural rubber for better surface contact with the wind shield.

The Bosch Aerotwin offers silent, smear free wiping in all weather conditions as a result of its patented Power Protection Plus technology and graphite coating in its rubber composite.

Its tensioned strings modify the curve so that surface contact with the windscreen stays intact.

Spring strips which are customizable are featured in it which are made of high tech, Evodium steel to provide an even pressure across the entire length of the blade.

Equipped with an aerodynamic style, which lessens the wind age providing quiet operations.                                              

In comparison to Silencio, Aerotwin is equipped with higher chatter and owns smear resistance leading to a better wiping efficiency along with noiseless functionality and higher durability.

Side By Side Comparison:

MaterialDual Rubber Technology (Synthetic rubber & natural rubber)Dual Rubber Technology (Graphite coating with Evodium Steel)
Available blade sizes (inches)17-2718 – 31
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade MaterialSynthetic and Natural Rubber concealed SteelGraphite Coating with Evodium Steel

Talking about their Material and Design:

Both of these wipers are built according to their company’s beam design. Their bent design, wipes most part of the windshield resulting in better and clearer visibility due to a high consistent pressure. They are hinge-less and bracket less formed by Dual Rubber Technology.

What is their Rubber composed of?

Bosch AeroTwin possesses a superior composition due to its customized spring strips which are made of evodium steel along with a graphite coating that offers more flexibility, unsurpassed durability and excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. Less abrasion and wear takes place due to the blade’s unique rubber compound.

On the other hand, Valeo Silencio is also built with Dual Rubber technology but with Synthetic Rubber and Natural Rubber which doesn’t function as good but provides satisfactory performance

Rubber Composition

What Frame type do they have?

Both are beam styled having almost the same shape resulting in somewhat same functioning and provide a continuous steady pressure and larger coverage of the windshield.

Neither of them have pivots or movable parts resulting in soundless operations.

Bosch AeroTwin is equipped with an extra lip to keep the arm safer and to hold it in place making the framework stronger.

Valeo Silencio is remarkably quiet when the direction of the blades is changed.

Furthermore, it is built from adequate functioning material giving its competitor a win in this category.

Frame Type and Shape
SilencioModerate – High

Water removing capability:

AeroTwin shows a premier performance by removing the tiniest water droplets due to the graphite polymer that contains water adhesive properties and is designed to stop snow from building up on its frame for enhanced performance in winter conditions.

Contradictorily, Silencio doesn’t have much capability to shrug off moisture from the wind shield due to its poor non repelling synthetic and natural rubber materials resulting in the blades tending to leave minor smears.

Thus, resulting in a shorter service time.

Water Repellency
SilencioLow – Moderate

Which wiper is more efficient at wiping?

AeroTwin wiping blades show ultimate wiping performance due to its tensioned springs combined with the frame.

They have an upgraded and improved compound formula which provides resistance to environmental substrates and contaminations on the screen providing better wiping efficiency.

Its new wiper rubber lip displays less abrasion hence, less wear.

Silencio are equipped with 2 metal splines supporting its rubber material and carrying out efficient wiping by running through the ribs and contact points.

They come with a special fitting test to ensure a perfect fitting of the wipe so that the arm pressure is persistent along the whole blade length yet still proving an optimized wiping efficiency.

Wiping Efficiency
SilencioModerate – High

Their Performance in Extreme Climates:

Both perform well under harsh circumstances but AeroTwin is more superior due to its Power Plus Protection Technology that provides magnificent wiping under extreme environments.

It ensures flat and inaudible wipes as well as a longer lifetime.

Its graphite coated rubber acts as a protective layer which is also corrosion resistant making it last longer thus proving how it is in the lead once again.

Silencio puts up a good fight but due to the natural rubber, it is at risk of getting harmed in extreme weather conditions. Its outer covering is not as strong and can be damaged quicker resulting in a less service time.

Hence, leading to poor consequences.

Performance in Harsh Climates