Bosch Icon 22A vs 22B vs 22OE

These products are different models of the famous windshield wiper- Bosch Icon. With exclusively treated rubber and aerodynamic engineering, these tools offer an optimized wiping performance even in heavy rain or snowfall conditions. Plus, their multi-locking connection systems and corrosion protected surface make them last for a long time.

Lets summarize all wipers first:

  • All these Bosch models specify the same dual-layer rubber structure. Hence, their glass cleaning efficiency is identical.
  • All maintain a consistent wiper-screen connection due to the aerodynamic spoiler.
  • Warranty duration is the same for these accessories as well.

Icon 22A

  • Specifies a less curved shape than the B wipers.
  • It is best suited for the driver’s side position.

Icon 22B

  • Has a more curved shape and higher curvature flexibility.
  • Works better at the curved portions of the windshield.

Icon 22OE

  • Has the specifications of the 22-inch original wipers of vehicles.

A and B type wipers fit various vehicles and arm types as their multi-clip connectors fit different types of hooks and tabs.

As these wipers have different degrees of curvature, they work better at a specific position on the windshield. Hence, you get enhanced performance from them on one side while they perform relatively lesser on the other.

On the other hand, OE products cover the specific vehicle/s for which they have been constructed.

OE range also sometimes includes AOE and BOE wipers.

These wipers offer superior glass cleaning performance as they exactly match the specification of the original wiper of your vehicle’s screen.

 In comparison, Bosch Icon 22A is a 22-inch wiper blade specified for driver’s side fitment and is less curved than the other wiper, while 22B is more curved, suiting the passenger’s side. Icon 22OE is the wiper having the specifications of the original 22’’ wiper made for various vehicles.

Specification Table

 Bosch Icon
Blade typeBeam
Squeegee MaterialDual rubber (natural latex + graphite)
Warranty30 days

Model Comparison

Bosch 22A is a large size wiper blade that fits best at the driver’s side.

Its curvature is comparatively lesser than B wipers; hence, it aligns properly with the driver’s side of the windshield, which is relatively flatter than the passenger’s side.

22B is a 22-inch wiper blade specifying a comparatively bent design and higher flexibility.

As the passenger side of the windshield is curved to a greater degree in modern vehicles, B wipers perform better on this side than A wipers.

Icon OE refers to various wiper products of Bosch, each exclusively made for a specific vehicle. ‘OE’ means “Original Equipment,” so these wipers are identical to those wipers that come with your car when you first bought it.

Hence, OE wipers offer the best wiping performance when fitted over the right vehicle.

Bosch has issued a compatibility catalog that enlists all the vehicle models whose OE wiper is available in Icon’s range.

 Bosch Icon
CompositionSteel beam FX dual rubber (the soft core of natural rubber with blended graphite coating)  
FrameAsymmetrical, aerodynamic spoiler
AdditivesBlended graphite enhancements

Rubber composition

All these variants specify the same rubber composition consisting of a dual-layer structure.

Bosch uses its patented ClearMax 365’’ technology to construct the rubber squeegee of Icon wipers.

This FX dual construction includes an inner soft rubber lining over a steel beam, and the outer side is made from a hard protective shell.

This outer layer is made by infusing graphite additives in natural rubber that enhance both its durability and wiping efficiency.

Another benefit that these wipers have over other competitors is the design of the squeegee. Their wiping edge is engineered with QuietGlide technology.

As a result, the wiping friction is reduced, and the blade glides over the glass smoothly.

Due to efficient gliding, these wipers leave behind no moisture streaks, and their chattering sound is also effectively minimized.

Frame type and shape

Like rubber composition, the spoiler structure is also similar to these wipers. All have aerodynamic, asymmetric, and bracket-less frames, having the ability to streamline wind currents and resist wind lifts. Likewise, all these variants have curved beam shapes whose steel alloy specifies better flexibility and higher tensile strength than conventional steel bars.

Plus, these windshield accessories employ DynamicFit technology and have two precision tension springs that adjust the arc of the blade according to the curvature of the screen.

However, the Icon ‘B’ wiper is more flexible than the ‘A’ wiper.

Hence, its score for curvature adjustment is higher. Plus, these wipers have a fully coated frame and connector, which effectively lowers the chances of corrosion of its metallic components.

Arm connector

All Icon models come with a pre-assembled connector, providing easy installation over the wiper arm.

This process only includes two simple steps, and your wiper is secured in its place.

These adapters employ a double-locking system to ensure enhanced safety from breakage and loosening.

Plus, these are weather-shielded, having an outer cover over the connection. As a result, snow and debris cannot damage the connector.

However, these models, especially OE variants only for the arm types they are specialized for.

 Bosch Icon
Arm connectorPre-assembled multi-clip adaptor
Weather-shielded adaptorYes

Glass cleaning ability

As all these Bosch wipers have the same rubber composition, their wiping edges show the same glass cleaning abilities.

Graphite-enhanced rubber adheres to water and swipes it away from the screen.

Hence, their ClearMax 365” composition ensures that the squeegee removes all moisture smears from the screen.

How efficient are they at wiping?

The wiping abilities of these wipers match from many aspects as their material composition, and construction mechanism are the same.

Natural rubber blades offer reliable glass cleaning proficiency so that you get clear visibility from these wipers when driving in the rain.

Their aerodynamic spoilers ensure that blades do not lift off from the screen when hard winds are blowing or when you operate the wipers during heavy rain splashes.

Instead, the air moving across the spoiler exerts a downward pressure, making rubber-to-screen contact even more firm and consistent.

Likewise, each of these accessories has the ability to adapt the shape according to the windshield curvature owing to the Bosch DynamicFit beam structure.

However, this feature is exclusively enhanced in passenger side (B) wipers because the windshield is more curved on the passenger side, and the wiper needs to be bent at higher angles to ensure streak-free performance.

In contrast, A wiper is made for the driver’s side, which is usually flat. Nonetheless, you can use A wipers on both sides of the windshield screen of your vehicle is flat or only slightly curved.

Working in extreme climates

Your OE wipers will provide better damage resistance compared to other wipers as they provide more accurate fitments.

Consequently, when the connection is secured, and the blade exactly fits the windshield curve, your wiper is better protected from heavy winds and frictional damage.

However, when it comes to endurance against extreme temperatures, UV rays, and ozone exposure, these wipers rank at the same level.

Graphite blending makes these blades withstand heat and radiation effectively without compromising on the wiping performance.

Icon wipers are capable of bearing 150 hour constant ozone exposure without developing cracks in the squeegee.

Durability and Warranty

High radiation endurance (due to Graphite blending), reduced wiping friction (QuietGlide tech.), wind lift resistance (aerodynamic spoiler), corrosion prevention (coated frame and weather shielded connector), and breakage protection (double-locking mechanism) make Icon wipers rank among highly durable wipers.

That is why these wipers are known to last for even a year or more.

Bosch provides a replacement warranty for these products spanning up to 1 month from the date of purchase.