Bosch Aerotwin vs Aerotwin Plus

These Bosch wipers characterize special rubber polymer, which improves their wiping ability and results in better glass cleaning. They own aerodynamic frames offering smoother performance than other wiper blades.

Things to know about these wipers:

  • These wiping tools have dual polymer composition to offer enhanced glass cleaning ability.
  • Both own an aerodynamic spoiler with flat blade and steel springs to improve their wiping ability.
  • These are durable due to their patented synthetic polymer wiper blades.
  • Both wipers come with pre-installed adapters and provide safer connections because of the double locking mechanism.

Aerotwin Plus It comes with four other adapters, providing fitment with more arm types than its competitor.

Besides that, these wipers provide efficient performance even in tough conditions taking advantage of their synthetic composition. Also, these blades perform wiping action quietly as they minimize the wiping friction.  

Both these wipers can be quickly installed. However, Aerotwin Plus takes the lead over its competitor in the case of arm connectors. Its multi-adaptor system covers a wide range of arm types, allowing you to replace wipers on a variety of vehicles.

 As compared to Aerotwin, Bosch Aerotwin Plus comes with a multi-adapter system containing more adapters and fitting more arm types. However, both wipers match other specifications as both have Power Protection Plus rubber and Evodium steel beam.

Side By Side Comparison

 AerotwinAerotwin Plus
Blade typeBeam wiperBeam wiper
Squeegee MaterialSteel bar and spring system coated with synthetic rubberSteel bar and spring system coated with synthetic rubber
Warranty1 month1 month

Material and Design Comparison:

The Squeegee of both wipers specifies a polymer enveloped in a coating to form the dual rubber composition.

Owing to the benefit of PPP rubber technology, these tools give a smoother and quieter performance.

Plus, their synthetic latex makes them resistant to sunlight and other environmental factors due to the protective coating.

As a result, they provide good wiping service for a long time.

They have an aerodynamic spoiler along with flat blade and steel springs which maintain consistent pressure across the length of the wiper to avoid any wet area on the windscreen, improving the visibility in the rainy season.

 AerotwinAerotwin Plus
CompositionSynthetic rubberSynthetic rubber
FrameFlat, aerodynamic spoilerFlat, aerodynamic spoiler
AdditivesPPP additivesPPP additives

Rubber composition of both wipers:

Aerotwin utilizes Power Protection Plus (PPP) technology in which a soft rubber core is enclosed in a hard polymer shell. This patented covering minimizes the friction between the wiping edge and the windscreen.

So, the wiper produces lesser noise and gives a quieter performance.

Due to this feature, it also becomes resilient to extreme weather conditions, including storms and heavy rains and its temperature endurance ability is enhanced.

Aerotwin Plus has the same rubber composition as its competitor, and it also specifies dual rubber layering made through Power Protection Plus technology.

Because of this synthetic polymer, the wiper gives streak-free performance along with reduced chattering and improved durability.

Hence, both Bosch wipers provide good wiping ability while ranking at the same level.

Frame type and shape Differences:

Aerotwin owns an aerodynamic, bracket-less and asymmetric spoiler. It possesses a flat blade which quickly removes all water droplets providing smear-free wipes.

Plus, it has two parallel springs made of Evodium steel, which ensures uniform pressure along the length of the blade.

These precision tension springs custom contour the curvature of the blade and maximizes the contact between the wiper and the windscreen.

Aerotwin Plus characterizes a joint-less and asymmetric spoiler almost identical to the competitor’s frame. Plus, both of these have identical flat blades and dual Evodium springs. Hence, these wipers get the same score for shape and internal structure.

Arm connector differences:

Aerotwin comes with a pre-assembled multi clip adapter that enables it to fit various arm types.

Due to this feature, you can quickly install it within just 30 seconds.

It provides OE connections for a wide range of modern vehicles. This connector employs a double locking mechanism to make the connection safer.

Plus also has a pre-installed adapter that provides quick installation like the competitor.

However, it has the upper hand in the competition as four additional adapters also come with the package.

Resultantly, it offers connections with a comparatively larger number of arm types.

 AerotwinAerotwin Plus
Arm connectorsPre-assembledPre-assembled
separate adaptors are also provided
Weather protected connectorNoYes

Water repellency of both:

Bosch uses its patented PPP technique and dual rubber construction to improve the chemical composition of both Aerotwin and Aerotwin plus. Therefore, both these wipers come at par for glass cleaning ability.

This synthetic polymer minimizes wiping friction so that blade can glide smoothly over the windscreen and produce smear free wipes.

Plus, infused performance additives also reduce the chattering leading to quieter performance.

Owing to these features, the wiping edges of these wipers have high water removing capacity.

So, they can eliminate all rain droplets from the windshield without leaving any un-wiped sections. 

How efficient are they at wiping?

Due to similar material and design features, the wiping efficiency of these wiping tools is similar.

However, synthetic polymer makes its wiping ability better than many other tools on the market.

The reason is the enhanced glass cleaning properties of synthetic rubber.

On top of that, PPP performance additives make the gliding action even easier and also increase the water repellency of the wiper. They also characterize an aerodynamic spoiler as having a flat blade fitment.

So, they have the ability to remove moisture efficiently from the whole windscreen, including its bent ends.

Its asymmetric design uses wind force in its favor, creating downward pressure on the blade.

The internal structure of these beam-wipers also contains two precision tension springs which regulate the pressure along the length of the blade and maximize blade-to-screen contact.

These springs are made from Evodium alloy, whose flexibility and tensile strength further enhance water wiping ability from the curved screens.

That is why Aerotwin blades provide streak free performance even during high speed driving. During performance tests, they presented lift-off resistance up to 130km/hr.

Their working in extreme climates:

Both wipers can withstand tough climate conditions while providing efficient wiping performance.

Firstly, their wiping edges are made from synthetic rubber, which is specially formulated for wiping functions in harsh weather conditions.

Also, they contain special additives as their squeegee is prepared through Power Protection Plus technology.

Bosch patented dual rubber composition makes their squeegees sturdy and more resilient toward harsh conditions like heavy winds, snow and sleet. Therefore, these wipers can be efficiently used in all weather.

This patented polymer is less prone to damage due to dramatic conditions like UV rays, ozone, and extreme temperatures.

Moreover, these windshield accessories are equipped with Evodium steel springs, which help in minimizing the degradation of the wiping edge.

Durability and Warranty Differences:

Synthetic polymer composition makes the blade more robust and safeguards it from wear, providing a longer lifetime.

It also protects the wiping edge from contaminants like insects, dust or pollen, which can otherwise cause damage to the blade resulting in poor wiping performance.

Likewise, extreme heat and cold, UV rays and ozone have little effect on these wiping tools due to PPP performance additives.

As a result, they can give superior performance for several months.

Bosch gives a warranty of 1 month in case of damaged product.