Bosch Aerofit vs Bosch Aerotwin

Bosch Aerofit is an advanced bracketless flat blade wiper used in a variety of vehicles meanwhile Bosch Aerotwin is a premium wiper with its flat blades possessing spring strips made up from high technology evodium steel. Both these wipers have a sleek design and can be installed pretty easily.

Lets take a quick look at both wipers:

  • These wipers are developed by the same company.
  • Both of them are available in a variety of sizes.
  • The design of these products is almost similar.
  • The ease of installation of Aerofit is more than its twin.
  • The overall commendable performance of Aerotwin makes it above its competitor in detaching the snow or any other contaminant from the screen.
  • The time duration of replacing the Aerotwin wiper is longer than its competitor.
  • Both these products come with an identical warranty.
  • The cost of Aerofit is cheaper making it more budget-friendly.

The Bosch Aerofit has a flat blade design in order to provide solid performances during harsh conditions. The edge of this blade is quite hard to ensure proper windshield wiping.

The wiper contains a sleek design with a minimum surface area thus producing low noise while operating. The aerodynamic spoiler is priorly integrated to ensure minimum drag.

Steel springs with dual precision are present to give constant pressure distribution across the whole screen.

The adapter is OE-equivalent for easy and simple installation of these wipers. It is equipped with a ‘Quick Clip’ connector system for quick installation.

Likewise, the Bosch Aerotwin also contains a flat blade design. Its premium design helps in giving commendable extreme conditions performances.

It contains an aerodynamic spoiler like its peer to minimize air resistance. The single design reduces flex, making perfect blade angle with the windshield thereby lowering the problem of wear.

The lower wearing of the wiper provides a longer lifespan. It has further two types: Retrofit and Aerotwin Plus.

Compared to Aerofit, Aerotwin provides a more prolonged wiper replacement interval and gives more superior performance. However, it is more costly, possesses a similar sleeky design as that of its peer, and provides an identical warranty at a much more expensive price.

Side By Side Comparison

SpecificationsBosch AerofitBosch Aerotwin
MaterialSynthetic rubber and high-strength Evodium steelNatural rubber and high-strength Evodium steel
Available blade sizes (inches)14 to 2622 to 28
Blade typeLatestLatest
Blade MaterialSteelSteel
Wiper Replacement Duration (months)126

What do their design tell us?

The design of both these wipers is quite similar. An aerodynamic spoiler is available on both of them to lower drag problems.

These products are formed from synthetic rubber and contain special evodium springs to maintain the required pressure on the screen.

They possess a dual point coupler to lower the issues of streaking.

The lower surface area also helps to lower the problem of noise. The absence of pivots, as well as moving parts, decreases the problem of wearing. The glossy appearance of these products is suitable for modern days up-to-date vehicles. A dual rubber compound ensures smoother and consistent wiping.

What are the Performance Differences in both Wipers?

The premium quality blade design gives Aerotwin a slight advantage over its counterpart. This wiper provides 150,000 cleaning cycles. The latest design further helps to provide dominant performances during extreme snowy and rainy conditions.

The fast-moving wind strikes the windshield and creates air resistance known as drag. The unique design, in turn, converts this high-speed wind into pressure to clean the screen more thoroughly. The higher curvature also aids in removing the snow and other debris due to its maximum contact.

The duration of changing the wipers is also longer than that of its peer. It is needed to be replaced after about 12 months.

In terms of noise generation, it is still ahead of its competitor due to lower sound during its operation.

On the contrary, the working of Aerofit is comparatively less effective in terms of overall performance.

The high-speed wind causes the lifting of these wipers making it difficult to see during driving. The wiper replacing interval is also lower than that of its rival. These wipers are recommended to be interchanged after every 6 months.

In comparison, the sound produced during the working of this wiper is more and is, therefore, less comfortable than its peer.

What Warranty do you get with them?

Both these products share a similar warranty.

The manufacturing company of both these wipers provides a warranty of one-year duration in case of any defect or issue in the product.