Bosch Aerofit vs Clear Advantage

Aerofit is composed of natural rubber while Clear Advantage features steel composition. They are manufactured by the same company. Both have the latest design and graphite coating on them.

Lets take a quick look at both wipers:

  • Both wiper blades are manufactured by Bosch.
  • Aerofit has a natural rubber blade whereas Clear Advantage possesses high strength steel blade.
  • Both wiper blades are coated with graphite.
  • Clear Advantage has a patented beam design whereas its opponent lacks so.
  • Both have wind spoiler and precision-tension steel spring.
  • Both have the same dimensions and same weight.
  • Both have an equal warranty span.
  • Clear Advantage is higher priced.

The Bosch Aerofit is a bracketless sleek blade.

It lacks steel or plastic framework and its performance entirely depends upon its tough rubber composition.

Its sleek design reduces exposure of metal parts, preventing damage and corrosion.

Its wiping edge is feted with graphite for noise-free and smooth performance.

Bosch Clear Advantage undergoes a steel composition and apparent beam design for minimum metal exposure and efficient wiping of ice and snow.

This blade is also coated with graphite for a quiet, smooth and consistent wipe.

Just like its counterpart it also features an aerodynamic wind spoiler that promotes airflow and provides maximum grip at high speeds.

Side By Side Comparison

As compared to Aerofit, Clear Advantage comes out to be a better option as it is a high-strength steel wiper blade which has a better wiping capability as compared to the rubber blade.  Moreover, in addition to graphite coating, it has a beam design that prevents metal interaction with the screen and leads to its higher price.

SpecsBosch AerofitBosch Clear Advantage
Blade Material  Natural RubberHigh Strength Steel
Available Blade Sizes14” to 26”13” to 28”
Frame TypeHook-type armHook-type arm
Blade TypeLatestLatest

Composition Comparison of these wipers:

Aerofit is a natural rubber wiper blade that is further coated with graphite for a smooth and noise-free wipe.

Whereas, its counterpart is a high-strength steel wiper blade treated with graphite for reduced friction with the windshield.

Having the same manufacturer, both wiper blades possess an aerodynamic wind spoiler and precision-tension steel spring.

Clear advantage has undergone a better composition as compared to its counterpart.

The steel blade composition of the former gives better output as compared to the rubber texture.

Differences in their design:

Both wipers possess a hook-shaped design, giving rise to a curvature.

This curvature is specialized not only to wipe away water droplets but also flushes out ice and snow.

They have the same dimensions and weight, so, they are almost identical in their outlook.

However, some additional features of Clear Advantage like apparent beam design adds to its outlook, placing it ahead of its competitor.

Installation process of both:

These wiper blades are quite easy to install as they have a pre-assembled adapter with ‘The Click-On’ adapter system that attaches to hook arm, pin arm, side lock, top lock, BMW top lock and pinch tab wiper arms.

You have to go through the following steps to install your wiper blade.

  • Open the wiper blade’s latching catch.
  • Put in the wiper arm’s hook through the blade.
  • Attach the hook to the wiper blade.
  • Close the latching catch.

Which wiper blade performs better here?

Aerofit’s performance depends upon its hard rubber blade edge which efficiently removes even the smallest drop of water from the windscreen.

This wiper blade is coated with graphite to reduce noise, thus allowing a smooth wipe.

Its curved design washes out ice and snow.

Moreover, it is provided with an aerodynamic wind spoiler that allows air to pass smoothly and downforces the blade to maintain grip at high speeds.

The precision-tension steel spring is also introduced in it for uniform pressure distribution along the blade length. 

Clear Advantage, a high strength steel blade is excellent in wiping away the water, snow and ice even in harsh weather conditions. It also gives rise to a curvature that efficiently wipes ice, snow, and dirt.

It features a patented beam design which inhibits metal exposure for resistance-free performance.

It also includes an aerodynamic wind spoiler and precision-tension steel spring which are quite effective in their respective functions.

Moreover, a hydrophobic layer formation is an excellent feature of Bosch wipers that allows water drainage and causes it to slide off the screen.

Both products give excellent output but the steel blade composition and patented beam design of Clear Advantage gives it an edge over its counterpart in terms of performance.