Bosch Evolution vs Bosch Clear Advantage

These Bosch wipers are efficient in wiping water, fog, snow, and debris from the windshield screen. Equipped with the latest aerodynamic and weather shield technology these wipers perform in all weather conditions without making a compromise. Patented beam structure with Precision-cut wiping edge and tensioned springs makes these tools suitable for windshield screens of any curvature.

Here’s the Catch:

  • Both of these wipers characterize the patented beam design of Bosch.
  • Arm connector of both tools is a weather shield adapter that connects with most hook and pin connectors through a single-step process.
  • Aerodynamic wind spoilers result in higher blade-to-screen contact and provide a uniform pressure all over the blades.
  • Evolution shows comparatively higher wiping efficiency due to two Precision- tension steel springs.
  • Exclusive graphite blended rubber makes Evolution clean better and lasts longer.
  • Both products have the same warranty period.
  • Clear Advantage is low priced compared to its competitor.

Clear Advantage provides a quiet, smooth performance as its flat blade is molded out from natural rubber and treated with graphite to ensure friction-less activity.

It provides financial convenience and stands user-friendly due to one-step Click-On installation.

This automotive equipment is entirely safe from corrosion as the whole metallic frame is concealed with rubber and the connector is protected by a weather shielded adapter.

On the other hand, the Bosch Evolution cleans off the screen without creating streaks, smears, or noise due to the blending of graphite in the rubber composite.

A symmetrical wind spoiler uses the wind pressure to ensure a consistent pressure along the whole blade and Precision- tensioned springs adjust the curvature to keep the blade in contact with the screen.

Durable material and efficient assemblage make it a long-lasting option.

In comparison to Clear Advantage, Evolution has enhanced rubber composition and gives better wiping efficiency, maximized coverage, higher chatter resistance, and greater durability but it costs a higher amount as well.

Bosch Clear Advantage

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Comparing Both Wiper Blades:

DetailsEvolutionClear advantage
Manufacturing CompanyBoschBosch
MaterialFX dual rubber (exclusive graphite blended into natural rubber) Tensile steelNatural Rubber Tensile steel
Available blade sizes (inches)Hook type (13 to 28) OE type (17 to 28)13 to 28
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade MaterialRubber concealed SteelRubber concealed Steel
Warranty30 days replacement30 days replacement

Material and design

Both of these are manufactured according to Bosch’s patented beam design.

These are bracketless wipers formed by a rubber covering over the tensile steel blade.

Their joint-less yet curved design covers the maximum portion over the windshield screen, keeping it free from droplets and debris.

Rubber composition

Although both wipers are molded from the same type of natural rubber yet Evolution possesses a superior composition.

It specifies FX dual rubber material that is formed by the exclusive addition of graphite in natural rubber at the time of blending.

Clear Advantage is also built from natural rubber but it lacks blended graphite, however, it is treated with graphite after the blending process.

Its performance lasts for a comparatively lesser duration as the additive treatment is limited to the top layer. 

Frame type and shape

These beam wiper products present a similar bent shape, offering a wide coverage over the screen.

The upper portion is modified into an aerodynamic, symmetrical wind spoiler directing the airflow in such a way that wind pressure increases the contact of the wiper with a screen instead of lifting it off.

Both have flat rubber strips mounted over bracket-less steel frames.

These frames are joint-less but have tensile flexibility so that the curvature automatically adjusts according to the screen.

Arm connector

Clear advantage offers quick installation as a Click-On weather adapter is pre-mounted over the blade.

It can be installed within a few seconds just by opening the cover of the connector and inserting the hook or pin connector inside.

It is a weather shielded connector with an outer covering to prevent the snow from clogging.

Evolution scores a higher rank for its well-built arm connector as it offers a better weather shield against dust and ice.

It also has a pre-mounted multi-adapter and uses a one-step installation mechanism.

Its double locking mechanism makes it more secure and firm, reducing the risk of detachment in rainstorms.

Water repellency

Evolution presents a supreme performance to remove moisture from the screen due to exclusive blended graphite polymer because graphite blended rubber has water adhesion capacity and removes even small droplets of water.

Hence, it keeps the screen chatter-free in rain and snowfall.

Conversely, Clear has a minor ability to rub off the water in comparison because the graphite-treated rubber is not as efficient as graphite-blended rubber and provides a quiet, consistent performance just for a shorter time.

When the outer layer is consumed, blade rubber loses the proficiency of water adhesion, leading to chatter.

Wiping efficiency

The efficiency of the wiper is better when it is completely connected with the windshield surface and the arm pressure along the entire length is consistent.

Bosch beam wipers employ flat blades with Precision-cut wiping edges to ensure uniform pressure along each part of the blade.

Evolution shows a relatively efficient wiping ability due to its dual precision-tensioned steel springs that are integrated into the internal metallic framework.

Its rubber strip is rubbed firmly over the windshield as the dual tensioned springs of steel adjust their position according to the curvature of the screen, sustaining a consistent pressure all along.

Advantage shows a lesser efficiency than its competitor because it contains mono steel spring and lacks blended graphite.

The aerodynamic design does a good job at maintaining downward pressure on the wiper blade but its Precision- tensioned mono steel spring has a comparatively minimized capacity to adjust according to the screen’s curvature that may cause streaks.

Working in extreme climates

Each of these products has a reliable ability to withstand climate extremes but Evolution seems to take the winning edge due to its improved weather shield connector and graphite blended rubber.

These are corrosion resistant as no metallic part of the wiper is exposed to the weather.

Symmetrical, wind spoilers are aerodynamically streamlined, hence, the heavy winds press the wipers with the screen instead of lifting or breaking them off from the connection.

Weather shielded arm connector has an outer covering to safeguard the connection against snow or dust built-up, Evolution provides better coverage in this respect.

Moreover, it has a double lock mechanism, making the connection secure from wind and splash-jerks.

Graphite blending of rubber improves its flexibility and tensile strength to cope with temperature extremes.

Durability and Warranty differences:

Due to high strength steel framework and standardized processing of rubber polymer, these wipers are ranked more durable than others. These products are reported to last for 12 months or so.

Evolution stays functional for a longer time as blended rubber faces lesser friction and wears down slowly in comparison.

However, the company gives the same limited warranty for these products, offering a replacement in case of workmanship faults only up to 30 days.

Inspection of damaged blades

  • Cleanse out the windshield with a screen cleaner or soap to remove debris or stain, so you could accurately analyze the performance of wiper blades.
  • Make sure that the wiper is securely connected, also check if the blade is properly fitted over the arm and is not detached at any point. The wiper should be firmly positioned over the connector, if it is free moving sideways, the connection may be loose.
  • Rinse the blade with a wet cloth to clean off the dust. Run your finger slowly across the length of the blade and notice if there are any chips or cracks. If the blade is ragged, cut, or irregularly textured, it is damaged and will not wipe off the water completely causing streaks and chattering.
  • Wipe check is the final step to find out if your blade is damaged and needs replacement. Spray water on the screen and operate the wipers. If you notice smears, streaks, or chatter, you should change your wipers to avoid visibility problems in the rainy season.