Bosch Evolution Vs Bosch Micro Edge

These Bosch wiping blades provide uncomplicated installation system along with gentle performance during all seasons. Their target is to deliver effectual wiping with the help of tensioned springs that rearrange themselves to fit perfectly into the curve of the windshields so that accurate wiping takes place, leaving behind minimum water buildup.

To put things simply:

Bosch Evolution

  • Great water repellency and wiping efficiency.
  • Performs amazing during severe weathers.
  • Better rubber composition and frame type.

Bosch Micro Edge

  • Performs well in extreme conditions.
  • It costs cheaper.

Has great Wiping efficiency.

The Bosch Evolution is a patented bracket less blade amidst a complete amount of rubber blended to produce a clean and silent operation along with double locking connector that offers unchallenging installation and exceptional visibility.

During high speeds, it gives consistent functioning while having a smooth performance.

On the other hand, the Bosch Micro Edge is a wiping blade with a vigorous metal framework that supplies increased flexibility and durability due to the usage of synthetic rubber and zinc coated frame with double layers of powder coating.

Pre mounted adapter is situated in the wiper blades which is called a Quick Clip feature that can be used for painless and trouble-free installation.

In comparison to Micro Edge, Evolution takes the lead due to its unique features like patented beam technology, aerodynamic symmetrical spoiler along with good performance during high speed.

Quick Contrasting Table

DetailsEvolutionMicro Edge
MaterialFX dual rubber (exclusive graphite blended into natural rubber) Tensile steelNatural Rubber With graphite
Available blade sizes (inches)Hook type (13 to 28) OE type (17 to 28)10 to 28
Blade typeBeamConventional
Blade MaterialRubber concealed SteelRubber concealed Steel

Talking about their Material and Design:

Bosch Micro Edge is built as a conventional blade with no infinite numbers of pressure points, contradicting that the whole wiper blade will remain in contact with the windshield resulting in a delicate wiping efficiency.

Bosch Evolution being a beam styled blade contains no moving parts, is hinge less and joint less while not being as aerodynamic as hybrid designed blades.

It has a huge exposure to the screen allowing increased surface area resulting in an unclouded windshield and being superior than its competitor.

 Material and Design
Micro EdgeModerate

What is their Rubber composed of?

Bosch Evolution owns a better rubber composition due the insertion of graphite in gum elastic at the time of blending which creates FX Dual Rubber Technology.

The graphite coating is known to decrease grating making it last longer, preventing as many faults as possible.

Bosch Micro Edge has almost the same rubber composition.

The only exception it that the elastic gum and graphite aren’t blended, instead the elastic gum is coated with the graphite covering but it performs moderately well yet it still don’t manage to outdo their challenger.

 Rubber Composition
Micro EdgeModerate-High

What Frame type do they have?

Evolution has no metal bracket framework but shows a bent curve that holds out the spacious part on the windshield and the wiping blade forms an exact fit due to its high flexibility.

It features an aerodynamic symmetrical spoiler that works in a cycle of continuous wipes. Thus, taking the lead in this category.

Micro Edge performs somewhat satisfactory due to its fully enclosed tensioned springs.

The frame is made of steel with joints that ensure muted operations and also its rubber formation enables good durability and fine flexibility.

 Frame Type and Shape
Micro EdgeModerate

Wiping Efficiency of both wipers:

Bosch Evolution has more capability of wiping the windshield with almost no water build up due to its graphite and natural rubber mixture that repels water and is very effective.

Graphite in the mixture is hydrophobic meaning it is water resistant.

Hence, helping it with exceeding in this category.

Bosch Micro Edge’s ability to repel water is good enough but it is not as effective as its challenger.

It tends to leave smears and streaks all over the windshield at times, as its material is not a strong water repellent.

 Water Repellency
Micro EdgeModerate

Which wiper is more efficient at wiping?

Bosch Evolution having precision tensioned steel springs fused into its framework puts forth an even and subtle pressure all around the blade which then further improves the wiping efficiency of the blade.

The symmetrical aerodynamic spoiler helps the blade to keep as close to the wind shield in strong winds preventing wind uplifts causing better wiping efficiency.

Bosch Micro Edge having an enclosed metal tensioned spring makes the all season weather performance better. Unfortunately, due to its average materials it lacks an excellent wiping efficiency.

A somewhat calm operation with some smudges and streaks can be expected from this wiper blade. 

 Wiping Efficiency
Micro EdgeModerate – High

Their Performance in Extreme Climates:

Both of the wiper blades were designed to hold out against terrible weather but Evolution is designed without brackets and so because of this, the buildup of ice and snow is extremely low.

Thus, it has high tolerance of such weather conditions. It being beam styled saves it from tarnishing and being effected by other factors since no metal part is exposed, giving it a longer service life.

Conversely, Bosch Micro Edge having a strong framework prevents the wiping blades from breaking and it provides the wiper blade with huge support in heavy snow.

Triple corrosion protection which is zinc coated frame with two layers of powder coating prevents corrosion and helps it serve a longer life. Hence, being superior in this category.

 Working in Extreme Climates
Micro EdgeHigh