Bosch Envision vs Focus

These are rubber wiping blades that offer ultra-premium cleaning of wind shields. They are designed specifically for functioning best at extreme weathers and for providing exceptional night vision by handling the harshest night time conditions along with providing secured driving.

To make things easier, lets take a quick look at both wipers:

  • Both have outstanding water wiping efficiency.
  • Both are beam designed wipers.
  • Both are easy and quick to install.
  • Both have the same frame and shape.
  • Both are made with the same advanced technologies.
  • Both have excellent water repellency.
  • Both have less flexibility along with less compatibility.

The Bosch Envision and Focus wiper blades specify in advanced beam style.

Both are equipped with an asymmetrical Night Spoiler. These spoilers employ a unique ultrasonic process that merges the blade to the base connector.

And this results in steady stability of wiping past the whole blade length.

The two of them are coated with 365 Clear Max that minimizes glares supplying exquisite visibility.

And they include the Safe Check indicator which becomes yellow when the wiper blades are needed to be checked during extreme weather to ensure secured driving.

Both of these wipers have almost identical features except for their prices.

Compare with others:

Quick Contrasting Table

MaterialSynthetic RubberSynthetic Rubber
Available blade sizes (inches)13 to 2813 to 28
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade MaterialE P D ME P D M

Talking about their Material and Design:

Their functionality is at peak due to their hinge less beam designed wiper blades which are quick and easy to install proving to be less time consuming.

Both offer advanced and up to date technologies such as Night View Technology which creates a single core construction that provides even wipes throughout the whole blade reducing blur to bring clarity at night while also during harsh weathers.

What are these wipers composed of?

Their blades carry synthetic rubber covering and show good performance in the same manner as silicone coated wiper blades due to both being hydrophobic enhancing water repellency.

They have synthetic coating which enhances the wiping efficiency and helps reduce friction and less noise is produced.

They are not much flexible but their radiation resistance is taken care by 365 Clear Max, causing better radiation resistance than most wiper blades.

Frame differences of both wipers:

These beam styled blades have well-established framework with their wind spoiler curved and having a synthetic coating, which protects the blades from tough weather while also lessening the noise operation.

The asymmetric Night Spoiler increases durability enhancing the performance.

Due to both having easy installation, they have customized fit which is to the arm (hook and OE).

Water Repellency:

Both of them are made of synthetic rubber which is an excellent substitute for silicon coatings and functions just as well.

It has water adhesive properties and is hydrophobic thus, wipes off a good amount of water from the wind shield enhancing water repellency and ensuring smearing prevention.

The Night Spoiler contains a polymer which fights off water and has a light absorbing charcoal powder that causes repulsion of water droplets and reduces glares increasing better visibility.

It also lessens ice buildup during extreme weathers.

Wiping Power Comparison:

Their well-built structure and double tension springs cause an even pressure distribution across the full length of the blade enhancing better performance and wiping efficiency plus streak free wiping action.

They have less flexibility which results in less compatibility.

Uneven pinches of water during rain can blur vision when light is scattered through the wind shield so to comeback this, these blades made of advanced technologies provide with fast wiping so clarity in night visions can be obtained.

Which wiper works better in extreme weather?

These blades work absolutely well in tough weather and are specifically made to withstand extreme weathers.

This is the reason behind why they have modern features, to enhance performance in such weather.

Both having 365 Clear Max, show good resistance against temperature and tear.

This technology also protects the wiping edge from ozone deterioration, UV rays and harsh weathers.

They have synthetic covering on their blades for protection and also have strong frames that combat climate reliably.