Rain X Latitude Vs Quantum

These wiping blades propose optimum performance during all-weathers. Leaving the wind shield glare- free and streak free is their purpose. They are specifically altered to provide high wiping efficiency and repellency.

To make things easier, lets take a quick look at both wipers:

Rain X Latitude:

  • Has better rubber composition.
  • Performs great in extreme weathers.
  • Costs cheaper.

Rain X Quantum:

  • Has better wiping efficiency.
  • Has a finer water repellency ability.
  • Has a superior design, frame type and shape.

The Rain X Latitude wiping blade is a conventional wiper made of graphite coated rubber joints. They provide maximum pressure across the blade leaving the windshield streak-free and crystal clear.

In rain, sleet and snow streak-free visibility is guaranteed. Its built-in aerodynamic spoiler results in noise reduction and wind-lift increasing its performance.

On the flip side, the Rain X Quantum is a premium wiping blade made of natural rubber built for modern, curved windshields and is an OEM approved beam blade.

It has greater amount of features compared to its competitor like Blade change indicator which turns yellow when the blade needs to be changed. It has an advanced rubber technology which improves durability along with ensuring a smooth operation.

Moreover, it comes with preinstalled adapters that handle most vehicles (87%) without having to change the adapters.

As compared with Latitude, the Rain X Quantum is a premium wiper blade which has more modern features like advanced rubber technology, blade change indicator and a water repelling coat resulting in better wiping efficiency and an enhanced wet weather visibility.

Compare Other Rain X Wipers:

Side By Side Comparison:

MaterialGraphite coated RubberNatural Rubber
Available blade sizes (inches)16 to 2816 to 28
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade MaterialSynthetic RubberNatural Rubber

Talking about their Material and Design:

Rain X Quantum has an edge over its challenger since it is a beam styled wiper which has better functionality.

The curved wiping blade has the ability to clean modern vehicles which have curved screens.

Rain X Latitude is a conventional wiping blade with somewhat a linear design arranged on top of a metallic frame. Its stiff and less curved structure forms a less proficient wiping blade.

What is their Rubber composed of?

Rain X Latitude specifies an advanced rubber composition than its competitor.

It is made up of Synthetic Rubber which offers better performance than standard rubber and ensures a longer lifetime.

It is protected from harsh climates due to its synthetic coating.

Rain X Quantum ismade of Natural Rubber which is not ideal and is low profiled thus having a shorter life span than its competitor and also lacks any graphite or silicon coatings.

What Frame type do they have?

Rain X Latitude has a vaguely curved framework which is stiff causing less functionality.

The blade cannot be descended or replaced easily thus making it hard to use and work with but it has easy and quick installation.

Rain X Quantum has a more curved framework which is stronger enhancing the ability of applying pressure to the windshield more evenly, causing a clearer line of sight.

Its sleek form enables finest wind shield contact with a faster speed action.

And its preinstalled adapters make it easier and faster to use.

How fast do they remove water?

Quantum’s breakthrough feature has a huge capability of a high-water repellency.

It has a water repelling coat which lasts for months when used, making all the water droplets go away effortlessly for a long time.

Hence, the visibility is not affected and the windshield is streak free.

Latitude has a synthetic coating over its blades that is not as effective resulting in reduced capacity of water adhesion.

Wiping Power Comparison:

Quantum’s beam wiper is more helpful than its challenger due to its well-structured form.

These are made with a memory curve steel beam that meets the curve of your windshield enhancing smooth operations and safer windshield wiping experience.

Conversely, Latitude isn’t much of a help since it is a conventional beam with rigid built structure causing less flexibility that can leave streaks and due to this, it cannot be used on modern cars making it less compatible.

Their Performance in Extreme Climates:

Both of these wiping blades perform extremely well in extreme climates and show outstanding resistance against wind lift since both of them have aerodynamic spoilers and use heavy winds to their own benefit.

Latitude has a graphite coating over itself which exhibits optimized resistance against warmth due to its graphite coating.

Wind lifts are avoided thanks to its aerodynamic spoiler.

It prevents snow build up through the elimination of exposed metal components.

Its streak free visibility is a huge benefit and its synthetic rubber withstands extreme weathers.

Rubber encased structure gives it an enhanced grip.

Quantum’s rubber material is sensitive to extreme weathers and can get harmed easily since it lacks coating.

Though its advanced features may come handy and it has a stronger frame, damaged blades can result in unsatisfactory outcomes.