Rain X Silicone AdvantEdge vs PIAA Super Silicon

Both the contenders are designed with silicone rubber squeegee but AdvantEdge is a beam-type while its competitor is a conventional wiper blade. Both the contenders are made from silicon rubber with AdvantEdge having graphite and its competitor having silicon coating.

Heres the main thing about these wiper blades:

Silicone AdvantEdge;

  • is a beam-type wiper blade with graphite coating.
  • is more effective in providing streak-free wiping.
  • is more durable.
  • is easier to install.
  • has a lower price.
  • better deals with windy weather.

Super Silicone;

  • is a conventional wiper blade with silicone coating.
  • offers a one-year warranty.
  • performs better in extreme weather conditions.
  • has a heavy-duty metal frame for protection in extreme weather conditions.

The PIAA Super is designed with Patented Silicon Technology which makes it more resistive against damage from UV rays and sunlight exposure. It is constructed with a heavy-duty metal frame with activated silicon coating which makes it superior to its competitor in dealing with extreme weather conditions. Super offers a wiping quality of 0.5 million cycles and also has an aerodynamic structure. It has a higher price but with a one-year warranty.

With Climate Defense Technology and a higher wiping quality, AdvantEdge will be considered more durable than its competitor. It also has an advanced aerodynamic design which makes it superior to its competitor when considering windy weather.

In comparison, AdvantEdge is more durable and easier to install than its competitor. It also deals better with heavy storms and offers a better wiping facility as compared to its competitor.

On the other side, PIAA Super is better in extreme weather conditions. It provides relatively better water repellency to windshields. It has a wiping quality of 0.5 million whereas AdvantEdge has a wiping quality of 1.5 million. When talking about warranties, PIAA has a one-year whereas its competitor has a 30-Day warranty.

Side By Side Comparison:

SpecificationsSilicone AdvantEdgeSuper Silicon
Blade TypeBeamBeam
Size Range (inch) 16– 22, 24, 26 and 2812 – 22, 24 and 26
MaterialSilicone RubberSilicon Rubber
Arm TypesJ-Hook(small and large), I and L (Pinch Tab and clone), Pin(small and large), P & H (Slide Pin), Narrow Pinch Tab Button  J-Hook(small and large)
Wipe Quality1.5 Million Cycles0.5 Million Cycles
SpoilerAerodynamic asymmetrical spoilerBuilt-in
Warranty30 DaysOne year

Lets talk about their structure:

Rain X AdvantEdge is designed with latest Spring beam technology that allows it to mold and fit to your windshield. It is built with a flexible Aerodynamic asymmetrical spoiler which helps to maintain optimum contact with the windshield.

It consists of an Installock Adapter system with one additional connector that helps to fit various sized pin-type arms.

The blade is specially coated with graphite to make it resistant to salt spray and road grime. It is constructed with a resilient silicone rubber squeegee that will not crack in extreme temperatures.

It also features a precision-engineered silicone rubber squeegee which makes it quite durable.

PIAA Super is a conventional-type wiper blade that is manufactured with a properly balanced design to provide equal pressure on the windshield for providing smooth and reliable wiping.

It is built with a metal frame and silicon rubber.

The super silicone coats the windshield with Water-Repellent Silicone and also has an aerodynamic frame with equal pressure points.

It is designed with Patented Silicone Technology which makes sure that water beads up and rolls away while you drive.

It is also designed with a windshield prep pack which washes and prepares the windscreen for the Silicone rubber blade.

From the design point of view, the winner is obviously the Rain X since it is a beam-type wiper blade while its competitor is a conventional-type wiper blade. But PIAA Super takes the lead from a material perspective since it is being silicone coated which is superior in terms of durability and water-repellency compared to its competitor, which is graphite coated.



Rain X AdvantEdge is more effective than its competitor in smoothly wiping and cleaning the windshield due to its beam structure. Also, it is designed with Advanced Spring Beam Technology which provides uniform pressure along the length of the blade. Although it is superior in providing streak-free wiping, its competitor would be superior in water resistance ability since it is made of Patented Silicone Technology.

Extreme Weather performance:

Both the contenders are built to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions. But when comparing the two, PIAA Super is better in extreme weather conditions than its competitor. This is due to its heavy-duty metal frame which is resistant to all weather conditions.

The PIAA Super blade has activated silicon coating which will make the windshield more water repellent than its competitor, so rainwater and snow easily get slipped off the windshield. On the other hand, Rain X AdvantEdge has a very reliable aerodynamic spoiler, which helps to cut through the wind at higher speeds making it superior to its competitor in windy conditions.

Durability of both wipers:

Both the contenders are quite durable as their squeegee can last 2x longer than other standard wipers. But when talking about durability wiping quality plays a crucial role in deciding which contender is more durable.

PIAA Super has a wiping quality of 0.5 million while AdvantEdge has a wiping quality of 1.5 million. A higher wiping quality of Rain X AdvantEdge makes it more durable than its competitor. And the reason behind its enhanced durability is its Climate Defense Technology.