Rain X Arch vs Rain X Latitude

Both are designed by Rain X for fighting the never ending four seasons to provide us chatter free wipes on the wind shield. These beam blades both have coatings covering their rubber but Rain X latitude is a more advanced wiper blade which focuses on providing utmost visuality while Arch is a primary beam blade.

Lets take a quick look at both wipers:

Rain X Arch Wiper Blade

  • Has high water repellency.
  • Its less curved shape provides satisfactory wiping efficiency.
  •  It is less pricey than its challenger.

Rain X Latitude Wiper Blade

  • It takes the lead in all categories.
  • It is a little pricey.
  • It is more curved giving better wipes.

Rain-X Arch is a great switch up from traditional wiping blades providing improved wiping efficiency due to its upgraded pressure points.

Its graphite coated rubber acts as an armor against all impurities while also supplying grating free wipes on the wind shield.

Its coating reduces noise pollution allowing its optimal curvature and pressure distribution for more even wear and extended blade life. Thus, having somewhat a good durability.

On the flip side, the Rain-X Latitude is a premium beam blade which is sophisticated and modernized. It assures an effective range of vision in various weathers like drizzle and snowfall due to its effectual wiping.

Its built-in aerodynamic spoiler signifies sound reduction and wind lift. And its coating of graphite offers superior abrasion and adhesion resistance along with saving the wiper blades from erosion, oxidation and fatigue from prolonged use at elevated temperatures and caustic environments.

Quick Contrasting Table

MaterialGraphite coated RubberGraphite coated Rubber
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade MaterialSynthetic RubberNatural Rubber
Pressure PointsInfiniteInfinite

How much do they differ in their Design?

Rain-X Arch has an unbending design with not much curvature so it’s not suitable for a wide range of cars since modern cars now have a curved wind screen.

Its inelastic structure provides decent wiping.

Also, its natural rubber is enclosed by a graphite coating giving it strength and stability.

Rain-X Latitude takes the lead in this category due to its modern curved design which is joint less.

Since it is hinge free and bracket free, it has a less chance of being stuck since it has no moving parts which prevents ice buildup.

Its infinite pressure points provide a high and smooth performance while leaving the wind shield clear.

  Material and Design
ArchLow – Moderate

Rubber Composition

Rain-X Latitude designates a better rubber composition than its competitor.

The wiper is equipped with synthetic rubber. And this rubber has excellent abrasion resistance and ability to adhere to metals.

It also excels in extreme temperatures due to good heat resistance and heat aging qualities.

On the other hand, Rain-X Arch is compiled with natural rubber.

So at times this wiper is affected by weather quicker.

It may not mold or flex which may result in an uneven pressure from the blade providing satisfactory wiping performance.

 Rubber Composition

What Frame type do they have?

Both of them have the same frame type since both are beam blades.

Their bracket less framework which is light weighted gets into action right away.

These beam blades are designed to match the bent shape of modern day windshields, ultimately leading to a better coverage between the wiper blade.

Its countless pressure points make sure the whole blade stays in contact with the windscreen.

There is a single difference between them both, which is that Arch is less curved.

This gives the Rain-X Latitude upper hand in having a better shape since it provides better wiping accuracy.

 Frame Type and Shape

How fast do they remove water?

Both blades have the same level of water repellency since both are coated with graphite.

The graphite coating helps them provide with excellent sliding ability and durability.

It secures good eyesight as it is great at wiping and prevents tremor and noise, increasing visibility and soundless operations.

It has a huge hand in increasing their blade life and is anti-abrasion which does well in cold and hot weather making them both long lasting blades.

 Water Repellency

Which has more wiping efficiency?

The two of them are easy to install and uninstall but Latitude has a kick over its competitor due to its enhanced flexibility and grip. Its more curved shaped prevents strong winds from lifting the blade, increasing its grip.

Leveled pressure from it offers extra ordinary wiping and removes even the tiniest dewdrops.

Arch is on the less curved side and has less elasticity which makes it hard to adapt to curved windscreens resulting in less efficiency of wiping.

 Wiping Efficiency

How these wipers perform in extreme temperatures?

Since both are coated with graphite coating and are beam blades, both provide good performance in severe weathers. Their aerodynamic spoilers help decrease wind lift and their rubber squeegee withstands in such weather.

They also prevent buildup of ice and snow through abolishing alloy bits.

Furthermore, their rubber encased structure gives toughness and robustness to them, providing steadiness.

 Performance Severe Weather