Rain X Expert Fit vs Latitude

These prime wiping blades that have their brand in common have one main objective which is to supply great wiping function all year round. These beam blades have no external framework and retain rigidity from spring steel integrated into rubber providing maximum pressure past the entire wiping blade. They offer voiceless operations by withholding and controlling the wind up lifts with their dense frameworks.

To put things simply:

Rain X Latitude

  • Performs amazing in all the categories.
  • It is lower priced making it affordable.
  • Is a premium beam wiping blade.

Rain X Expert Fit

  • Performs well in meteorological conditions.
  • Has a moderate wiping efficiency.
  • Made of rich quality materials.

The Rain-X Latitude leaves the wind shield spotless due to its virtual streak free visibility that guarantees leaving the screen polished even during snowfall, heavy rain and hail.

Its enhanced flexibility and grip from long lasting rubber encased substructure raises its functionality level. Acquired with a special blended graphite coated rubber blade that provides silent and levelled actions.

On the other side, the Rain-X Expert Fit is designed for an average performance that meets or surpasses the original equipment manufacturers’ standards.

It is a basic wiping blade with a little to no advanced technologies so it is not considered as an ultra-premium wiping blade. It functions great when compared to its value. It is OE approved and exhibits high level clarity along with a smooth performance.

Comparatively, Latitude has finer actions and is more advanced since it has qualities like assured clear visibility especially in extreme conditions, rigid structure made of high quality materials, superior resilience along with elasticity.

Side By Side Comparison:

LatitudeExpert Fit
MaterialGraphite coated RubberTec3 Rubber with a protective coating
Blade Size (inches)16 to 2815 to 26
MaterialSynthetic RubberTec3 Rubber
Mounting typeJ hookers (9×3 mm, 9×4 mm) Large Pin Arms (1/4) Pinch Tab Button Small Pin Arms (3/16) Bayonet Arms Pinch Tab (I & L) Slide Pin(P&H)      Button Pinch Tabs (Type I & L) J Hookers (9×3 mm, 9×4 mm) Slide Pins (P & H) Pinch Tab

Talking about their Material and Design:

Both are beam styled meaning none have any joints or brackets made of plastic or metal.

Their curved design gives of pressure and passes it to the blade equally, so that the wind shield is free of humidity.

They are equipped with tensile steel and are covered with rubber and at times with coating, to provide longevity and protection from harmful substrates.

What is their Rubber composed of?

Rain-X Latitude’s rubber composition beats its competitor since it has a coating of graphite which surrounds and covers its rubber blades.

Graphite is known to repel water and safeguard itself from reagents that might damage it, supplying with continuation of wiping action and acting as a shield.

Rain-X Expert Fit features a Tec3 rubber with a protective layer that provides primary function of the material.

Tec3 helps the wiping blade do well in its activity by producing no sounds and an even performance.

 Rubber Composition
Expert FitModerate – High

What Frame type do they have?

Rain-X Latitude when compared to its competitor, has a more curved and sturdy structure which contours the curve of the wind shield so that there is maximum surface contact leading to better wipes.

The top part of the blade has an aerodynamic spoiler which is a device whose intended style function is to spoil adverse air across the body of a vehicle in motion.

Rain-X Expert Fit has a slightly curved and thinner framework, it offers decreased aerodynamics and a spoiler which has a specific position where it is fitted resulting in less drag, making it function to a limited extent.

 Frame Type and Shape
Expert FitLow – Moderate

Wiping Efficiency of both wipers:

Rain-X Latitude has a supreme performance in repelling water due to its graphite coating which has the tendency of attracting and sticking water molecules to itself to remove precipitate.

This is how it keeps the screen clear and free of precipitate.

Rain-X Expert Fit was not far from being superior because its Tec3 Rubber and protective coating show considerable results and to some degree do a good job repelling water.

 Water Repellency
Expert FitHigh

Which wiper is more efficient at wiping?

Rain-X Latitude’s dense structure causes optimized flexibility and also has a bent structure which connects to the screen and fits perfectly so that when it wipes, it leaves the screen smudge free.

The aerodynamic spoiler does a good effort in keeping up downward pressure on the wiper blade that prevents splitting and skipping.

Since it has a strong structure, the chance of having bent frame decreases.

Rain-X Expert Fit’s sleek design provides decent wiping efficiency and helps the wiping blade run commonly.

Its aerodynamic spoiler reduces wind lift preventing the structural failure of any component due to strong winds but since it has a light framework, wind lifts are possible and so are smears.

 Wiping Efficiency
Expert FitModerate

Their Performance in Extreme Climates:

Each of these devices skillfully hold up against serious meteorological conditions.

Although Latitude does a superior job since its virtual visibility increases safety rate.

It has finer abrasion and adhesion resistance because of its graphite coating on its synthetic rubber.

Synthetic rubber is initially better than natural rubber since it has better resistance to aging and has suitability of being used in chemically exposed and high temperature environments.

Rain-X Expert Fit has no suitable technologies to enhance its performance in extreme situations but has a protective covering to last longer.

Wind lifts are controlled since it is included with an aerodynamic spoiler.

It doesn’t eliminate ice buildup quite well but works good for its price.

 Performance in Severe Weather
Expert FitModerate – High