Rain X Weather Beater vs Expert Fit

These are traditional wiper blades which are conventional that consist of replaceable rubber that snap into several contact points on their metal frames. Every single contact point has a spring, which serves the purpose of applying pressure to the windshields which leaves it streak free.

Heres the thing about both of these wipers:

Rain X Weather Beater’s Wiper Blade

  • Performs well under various weathers.
  • Has a good figure and structure resulting in a good frame.
  • Has a good material composition.

Rain X Expert Fit’s Wiper Blade

  • Has better water repellency.
  • Has better rubber material.
  • Has a better frame type along with better material and design.

The Rain X Weather Beater is designed to provide clean and chatter free wipes and is equipped with implanted friction reducers and numerous pressure points. It is a high quality wiper blade which is uncomplicated to install due to its pre-installed J hook and multi adapters for side pins. Its purpose is to provide utmost visibility while also having strength and durability due to its galvanized steel frame. It contains natural rubber squeegee that is cracking and splitting resistant which enhances its blade life.

On the other side, the Rain X Expert Fit is a quality OEM designed blade which also has a galvanized steel frame to improve toughness of it. It’s all natural rubber squeegee is antibacterial, biodegradable and anti-dust mite which is used to remove and control the flow of liquid on the windscreen when the blade comes in contact with it, enhancing its performance.

Conversely, Rain X Weather Beater is consumer rated best in wet weather driving visibility which also has an outstanding performance and beats its competitor. Its many pressure points and force reducers helps it perform at its best. It has more helpful features than its competitor which results in it being an all-rounder.

Side By Side Comparison:

DetailsWeather BeaterExpert Fit
MaterialNatural RubberTec3 Rubber with a protective coating
Available blade sizes (inches)12 to 2615 to 26
Blade typeConventionalConventional
Blade MaterialNatural RubberTec3 Rubber

Design Comparison:

Both wiper blades are conventional and bracket-type with a robust structure.

These are upright and aligned without any irregularities which makes them unfit for the latest vehicles coming the market since they have curved windscreens. They provide with sufficient wiping overall.

 Material and Design
Weather BeaterModerate
Expert FitModerate

Rubber Composition

Rain X Expert Fit’srubber blend is superior than its challenger because it is composed of Tec3 rubber which is covered with a protective layer that helps prevent streaks and splits so that nothing comes in the way of affecting its functionality, enhancing its life span and as well as its performance.

Rain X Weather Beater is deprived of having a better blend due to its natural rubber composition which has less durability, if stretched to a greater extent, it suffers permanent deformation. It gets damaged under the action of strong acids, ozone and oils resulting in poor performance.

Though its all natural rubber squeegee improves its quality and works very well under harsh weathers by being slit and tear resistant.

 Rubber Material
Weather BeaterModerate
Expert FitModerate – High

Frame Type and Shape

These two wiper blades have superstructures and a complex framework.

The principle of these bone wipers is to press the wiper blade on the glass with the help of their heavy framework and through several support points on the frame so that the pressure of each support point on the wiper blade is equalized so that they can provide improved and soundless wipes.

Their galvanized steel frame is corrosion and rust resistant. Though they can most likely have uneven pressure distribution along with uneven wear and troublesome replacement.

 Frame Type and Shape
Weather BeaterModerate
Expert FitModerate

Water Repellency

Rain X Expert Fit takes an edge over its competitor in this section since it has a protective layer, enhancing and improving its water repellency ability.

This coating enables the wiper blades to move efficiently and reduces friction, lessening the chattering and running noise while also preventing water beading.

On the contrary, Rain X Weather Beater has no coating increasing the risk of producing noise and supplying bumpy wipes while wiping the wind screen.

Since it has no coating, its probability of getting damaged sooner increases. Thus, having a short service life with a somewhat satisfactory water repellency ability.

 Water Repellency
Weather BeaterLow
Expert FitModerate – High

Wiping Efficiency

Each wiper blades have the same structure and framework which also results in almost the same wiping capability. Both have moderate flexibility and grip.

Their spoilers reduce wind lifts that stops any part of the wiper blades from collapsing if strong winds come in contact with them.

Their less bent shape and less elasticity decreases their compatibility making them have difficulty in finding their match of ideal flat wind screens since almost all which are produced are in a curved form now.

 Wiping Efficiency
Weather BeaterLow – Moderate
Expert FitLow

Working in Extreme Climates

Both of these wiper blades offer amazing results in harsh weather and their robust framework gives them a great amount of steadiness but Rain X Expert Fit has an upper hand since its safety coating is flexible which prevents the wiper blade from freezing to the wind screen’s glass or even becoming damaged by chunks of ice or rocks.

It is adhesion and wear resistance and can tolerate high temperature environments. Hence, giving a better performance during severe weather.

Weather Beater doesn’t perform as well due to it lacking any coating which if ruined, it affects its functionality and its purpose as well.

But its all natural rubber squeegee resists cracking, splitting and tearing caused by heat, cold, salt and wind shield wiper fluid supplying with an optimized usability.

 Performance in Harsh Weather
Weather BeaterModerate
Expert FitModerate