Trico Flex vs Trico Exact fit

Trico Flex is equipped with the latest curved design beam blade meanwhile Exact fit possesses a conventional blade design that is much easy to install. Both the wipers are installed with pre-attached adaptors. And both can be replaced in a similar time period in case of any defect.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Trico Flex:

  • has the latest curve design meanwhile Exact fit has the traditional plain design.
  • is equipped with a beam blade on the other hand Exact fit has blade claws for support purposes.
  • provides more overall dominant performance in removing snow or wiping rain water than its counterpart.

Here, the Trico Exact Fit:

  • is available at a cheaper price.
  • is easier to be installed comparatively.

Let’s see them in detail.

The Trico Flex has the latest curved steel beam blade providing more commendable performances than that of conventional blades. The curved shape of the blades assists to give uniform pressure to ensure the proper wiping of the windshield. To lower the problem of streaks, Dual Point Coupler is present on this wiper.

SWIFT Easy Connectivity Technology provides an effortless and quick replacement of wiper. It is available in a various range of sizes. Its Aerodynamic Spoiler is sealed with a skin coating to shield it from different external elements. It can provide more than 1.5 million cycles of windshield cleaning.

Conversely, the Trico Exact fit possesses conventional blades that are much easier to install.

These blades contain a pre-attached adaptor for exact fitting to the vehicle. The durable steel frame ensures dependable build strength. These wipers are compatible with any kind of vehicle making them more versatile.

The steel frame provides just the exact amount of pressure to wash away any debris and to minimize the issue of streaking and chattering. Just like its peer, it is also available in different range of sizes.

In comparison to Exact fit, Flex possesses the latest blade design, gives superior overall windshield rinsing, and provides a longer duration of interchanging. But it is available at a much more expensive price, is slightly more difficult to install and provides identical warranty as that of its competitor at a similar price.

Comparing Both Wiper Blades:


Trico Exact Fit

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DetailsTrico FlexTrico Exact fit
Manufacturing CompanyTricoTrico
MaterialNatural rubber and high-strength steelNatural rubber and high-strength steel
Available blade sizes (inches)13 to 3210 to 28
Blade typeLatestConventional
Blade MaterialSteelSteel
Pressure point QuantityMore than 86 to 8
Wiper Replacement Duration (months)12 to 186
Warranty90 days replacement90 days replacement

Material & Design Differences:

Flex is manufactured from natural rubber as well as high-strength steel.

These manufacturing materials help it to endure the harshest weather conditions with more ease.

The shape of these wipers is more curved than that of the conventional wipers.

It contains Aerodynamic Spoiler coated with skin to save it from any external elements.

A dual point coupler ensures to protect the windshield from streaking and chattering.

The curved steel beam present on its base helps to support the wiper along with an end cap.

Likewise, the Exact fit is also developed using natural rubber and high-strength steel.

The design of these is much straighter compared to that of its counterpart. The overall design is also simple and plain.

It has a durable steel superstructure to ensure better quality.

Like conventional wipers, it contains blade claws along with the primary lever.

It has a jointless structure and comes in with a single pre-equipped adaptor.

Performance of both Wipers:

In terms of overall performance, Flex is more dominant.

The modern-day curve design provides it an extra advantage to wipe out the screen more thoroughly.

High-speed windy conditions produce more resistance generally termed as drag.

The premium blade of this wiper opposes this air resistance by converting it into pressure which in turn cleans the screen more effectively.

On top of that, the high curvature helps to wash the snow and rain more diligently. The wipers are required to be changed between 12 to 18 months.

The noise generation is also low making it superior with regard to general performance.

On the contrary, Exact Fit is behind its peer from the functioning viewpoint.

The conventional design of the blades is less effective to resist the drag and lift them away from the screen.

Its curvature is also lower and it makes contact only at six to eight points of the windshield. Fewer pressure points result in lower cleaning from these wipers.

These wipers are recommended to exchange after every six months.

During working, it produces more sound thereby is less comfortable than its competitor.

What Warranty do you get with them?

Similar warranties are being provided by the manufacturing company, Trico.

These Trico products can be replaced before 90 days in case of any defect or any other problem.

Which one is more Pricey?

The cost of Flex is greater when compared to its rival.

The high pricing is compensated by the overall dominant performance of the wiper.

On the other hand, Exact fit is marginally cheaper.

This lower price makes it slightly more affordable than that of its competitor.