Trico Flex vs Force

These are premium beam wiping blades engineered by Trico that utilize the most advanced technology for perfect driving visibility in all weather conditions. Both have coatings around their natural rubber but Trico Force is a more improved wiping blade with advanced features that provides with excellent performance during harsh conditions while Flex is an ordinary beam blade that functions well.

Heres the thing about both of these wipers:

Trico Flex Wiper Blade

  • Has good water repellency ability.
  • Performs quite well during extreme weathers.
  • Is affordable.

Trico Force Wiper Blade

  • Takes the lead in almost every category.
  • Has a better structure.
  • Provides superior wiping efficiency.

Trico Flex is an upgrade from the basic and average conventional wiping blades since it is a complex beam blade with an affordable price. This wiper blade has been tested to perform over 1.5 million cycles to ensure great functionality.

Due to its countless pressure points, uniform pressure is given across the whole windshield resulting in the clearest views. Its galvanized steel protects the wiper blade from contamination along with supplying chatter free wipes.

Trico Force is robustly designed with a swing swept spoiler that slices through turbulence caused by strong winds, buffeting truck winds or general traffic disturbances resulting in unstoppable wipes.

Its High Glide treated rubber element saves it from abrasion and wears while also increasing its longevity. Its coating also supplies with quieter and cleaner wipes during rough situations.

Side By Side Comparison:

DetailsFlex Force
MaterialGalvanized steel Natural RubberHigh Glide coated Rubber
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade Material Steel strip coated with Rubber Rubber
Available Blade Sizes (inches)13 to 3214 to 32
Mounting typeUniversal FitSmall Hooker Large Hooker Narrow Push Button(19mm) Hook Arm
Pressure PointsInfiniteInfinite

Design Comparison:

Trico Flex is equipped with a less curved style making it unworthy for modern cars since they have more curved wind screens. Due to its less bent and ordinary structure, it has less flexibility which provides with satisfactory wipes.

It has a galvanized steel coating which gives it power and firmness.

Trico Force takes the upper hand in this section since it has a more bent structure with no external framework.

Its limitless pressure points provide with uttermost pressure and resultantly leaves the wind screen cleansed.

The faster the rate of speed, the better the performance is provided by its VorTec Aero Foil spoiler.

 Design and Matter
FlexLow – Moderate

Rubber Mixture

Both have somewhat the same level of rubber composition since they are equipped with natural rubber but the only difference is of their coatings.

Both are made of natural rubber which can easily be affected by the environment and its elasticity is low increasing its risk of being damaged easily resulting in optimized wiping performance.

 Rubber Blend
FlexLow – Moderate
ForceLow – Moderate

Framework and Shape

Both have the same outline since both are beam blades.

They are bracket less and hinge less which makes them light weighted and helps them get into function right away.

These are styled to coordinate the arched shape of present-day windshields, eventually leading to a better wiping performance along with an advanced structure.

Trico Force having countless pressure points has its own benefit since it makes sure that the full wiper blade remains in contact with the windscreen throughout the day despite the weather.

There’s a single distinction between them: The Trico Flex is less bended, giving Trico Force the upper hand in having a better form which offers better functionality.

 Shape and Framework
FlexLow – Moderate

Water Repellency

Trico Flex has better water repellency than its competitor since its wiper blades are covered with galvanized steel which provides more protection while also enhancing its coating adherence.

It supplies with a uniform structure and prevents corrosion along with rust when exposed to moisture.

It also plays a huge part in increasing the blade life.

Trico Force offers a somewhat good water repellency.

Its High Glide treated rubber element prevents sounds when in action while also removing a fair share of precipitate from the wind screen.

This coating causes the liquid to cling to the surface it rests on and removes the dewdrops properly.

 Water Repellency
FlexModerate – High

Wiping Efficiency

Trico Flex is equipped with a dual point coupler which delivers uniform pressure across the entire wind shield maximizing the contact patch to eliminate streaks and to supply enhanced wipes.

Its Memory Curve Steel provides with an optimal wiping performance while skin coating seals the aerodynamic spoiler, protecting and saving it from impure substrates but these are not so extraordinary features and aren’t enough for it to take the win of this category.

Trico Force features an asymmetric spoiler that converts wind to downward pressure, maximizing windshield contact resulting in outstanding performance.

It has a better grip due to its more curved form increasing its flexibility.

Even pressure helps remove even the smallest drops leaving the wind screen spotless. Thus, winning in this category.

 Wiping Efficiency

Performance in Extreme Weather

Since both have somewhat strong coatings and are beam blades, they bothdo an outstanding job during harsh weathers.

They are designed with no exposed parts to prevent snow and ice buildup for enhanced performance in such weathers.

The airflows are decreased and are dealt with the help of their spoilers. Their durability is on its peak but since Force has a more bent shape, it provides with better wipes in harsh weather.

 Performance in Severe Weather