Trico Force vs Trico Neoform

Both these windshield wipers characterize beam profiles. Their aerodynamic spoilers manipulate air flow to increase the contact of blade and screen, minimizing the chances of streaks and left-over droplets.

Lets take a quick look at both wipers:

  • These wipers characterize flexible and curved beam design.
  • Both products come with pre-assembled arm connectors.

Trico Force:

  • Owns HighGlide treated polymer and is more water repellant in comparison.
  • Provides smooth gliding over windscreen so it is more resilient to chattering and streaks.
  • Has reduced wiping friction than the contestant.
  •  Offers fitment with comparatively more types of wiper arms.

Trico Neoform:

  • Characterizes natural rubber with Teflon coating.
  • Provides more durability in comparison.
  • Shows high resistance to extreme weather, ozone, UV rays, and temperature changes.

The Trico Force characterizes an upgraded Aerofoil spoiler to streamline the pressure distribution all along the beam blade. HighGlide treated rubber enables it to provide smoother wipes and enhanced water repellency.

Furthermore, easy installation mechanisms and compatibility with several types of wiper arms make it very user-friendly.

In contrast, the Trico Neoform blade specifies natural rubber with the addition of Teflon particles which increase its glass cleaning properties and makes the wipes streak-free, providing crystal clear vision.

Compared to Trico Neoform, Force contains more efficient rubber squeegee, offer superior water repellency, specifies tougher Aerofoil spoiler and provides enhanced wiping efficiency with minimized chattering and streaks but its climate endurance is comparatively minor.

Side By Side Comparison:

Blade sizes14’’- 29’’14’’- 29’’
Blade typeCurved Beam designCurved Beam design
Blade MaterialRubber covering on a steel barRubber covering on a steel bar
Warranty12 months12 months

How much do they differ in their Design?

Trico Force takes the edge over its competitor as its rubber compound is enhanced with HighGlide elements so it offers quieter, cleaner, and smoother performance.

Its spoiler uses Aerofoil Vortec Technology due to which this beam wiper deals more effectively with heavy winds.

Besides that, its swept-wing beam design provides consistent pressure distribution which further strengthens its position in the competition.

Trico Neoform owns a beam wiper whose frame is constructed aerodynamically to enhance its wiping ability but in the case of managing wind flow, it stands lower than its competitor.

Its blade specifies natural rubber with exclusive Teflon additives which present good but relatively less effective glass clearance ability.

CompositionRubber treated with HighGlide technology High strength Steel bar  Natural rubber with Teflon elements Memory curve steel bar  
FrameCurved Aerodynamic spoilerCurved Aerodynamic spoiler

Wipers Rubber composition:

Trico Force wins over its competitor as it has HighGlide treated polymer so its squeegee glides over the windshield smoothly and instantly removes all water droplets.

Moreover, owing to the benefit of lesser wiping friction, it produces less chattering and gives a quieter performance.

On the other side, Trico Neoform contains Teflon enhanced natural rubber squeegee.

Teflon is a fluoropolymer compound which reduces friction and also enhances the temperature endurance of the wiper.

Similarly, these additives also boost its durability.

Nevertheless, this rubber has lesser wiping ability than its competitor.

What Frame type do they have?

Trico Force owns a patented swept-wing design of spoiler which is constructed using Aerofoil Vortec technology. 

This aerodynamic frame gives an efficient performance at high speed and during heavy rain as it reduces wind lift by orienting wind across the blade.

Even it increases blade contact with the wind-screen as air pressure pushes the blade downward.

In comparison, Trico Neoform has an Aerodynamic spoiler with Memory Curve Steel so it also has the capability to endure air currents and provide good wiping.

Its beam curvature adjusts automatically with curved windshields and gives a cleaner performance as it leaves no water streaks on the windscreen, but its wind resistance and aerodynamic efficiency is comparatively less than its competitor.

Arm connector

Trico Neoform comes with a pre-installed arm connector and you can mount it over your car right away from the packaging.

Comparatively speaking, it is compatible with relatively fewer windshield wiper arms. Also, its adaptor cannot be replaced to fit more arm types.

These features reduce its ranking as compared to the contestant.

On the other side, Trico Force takes the lead due to its Swift Easy arm connector which also comes pre-assembled with the blade.

On one side, this connector provides easy installation with a single click mechanism for most arm hooks and tabs while on the other hand it can be mounted on more arm types than the competitor.

Additionally, another adaptor is also included in the package which further widens the arm compatibility range of this product.

Connector Pre-installedYesYes
Mounting typeLarge J-Hook, (9×4 mm) Small J-Hook, (9×3 mm) Side lock Push button (wide 22mm) Push button (narrow 19mm) Long side pin (22 mm) Short side pin (17 mm)Large J-Hook, (9×4 mm) Small J-Hook, (9×3 mm) Side lock Pinch tab Push button (wide 22mm) Long side pin (22 mm)  

Water repellency of these wipers:

Force blade has HighGlide treated rubber which makes its glass cleaning capacity higher than its competitor because such polymeric blade causes reduced friction with the windshield screen and proficiently removes all water smears.

So, its water repellency is better than its competitor.

The Trico Neoform blade has Teflon enhanced rubber squeegee which tend to improve its glass cleaning properties by increasing the adhesion of water droplets with the blade.

So it’s rubber wipes away water streaks quite well but as its adhesive capacity is lesser in comparison, its water-repelling ability also ranks lower than its competitor.

Which has more wiping efficiency?

The Aerofoil Vortec frame of Trico Trico Force makes it a more efficient wiper blade than its contestant.

Due to its robust frame, it can endure air pressure of 220 kph, which in turn provides a downward force on its blade, ultimately increasing its grip on the windshield and enhancing the wiping ability.

Its swept-wing beam provides homogeneous pressure along the length of the wiper blade increasing its wiping proficiency.

Moreover, its squeegee owns relatively improved polymer leading to increased glass cleaning efficiency.

In contrast, Trico Neoform gives optimum wiping performance because its beam utilizes Memory Curve Steel.

Its bent beam automatically adjusts the arc curve with the surface of the windshield, increasing pressure points along the wiper’s length.

Because of this element, it can easily wipe highly curved windscreens like those of most modern vehicles.

Furthermore, its Dual point coupler enhances the contact of the blade with the screen but its ability to manage pressure distribution is relatively less than its competitor.

Do these wipers work in extreme climate?

The Aerofoil frame of Trico Force makes it stable to dramatic conditions like storms and heavy snowfall.

As its rubber is made through HighGlide Technology so it can withstand ozone, UV rays, and temperature changes.

However, its overall ability to bear extreme climatic conditions is comparatively lower than its contestant.

On the other side, Neoform characterizes higher resistance to risky climate changes.

It also has an aerodynamically designed frame that aligns wind across the blade to reduce wind lift.

It also has protective skin on the spoiler to safeguard the frame from corrosion and rust.

Moreover, due to the addition of Teflon, its rubber gives a resilient performance in tough weather situations and can bear temperature fluctuations, ozone, and UV exposure without any damage.

Durability and Warranty

Both wiper blades are fairly durable as their aerodynamic frames safeguard against wind turbulence and rubber enhancements protect them from UV and temperature damages.

Due to these resistive features, these wipers are backed by manufacturer’s warranty spanning up to 12 months.

Nevertheless, we can say that Neoform will likely perform for a longer duration than the competitor owing to wear resilience properties of its Teflon elements.