Rain-X Latitude Vs Rain-X Silicone Endura

Latitude is designed to provide ultimate visibility in sleet, snow, and rain while Endura is manufactured to provide ultimate protection and durability in extreme weather conditions. Both of them can be used in almost all the latest vehicles and are equipped with pre-installed adapters.

Let’s take a quick look at book wipers to see whats going on with them:

  • Both of the competitors are beam-type wiper blades with a pre-installed adapter system in them.
  • They are compatible with almost every latest vehicle since they can be attached with all the famous arm types.
  • Both of them have one year of warranty.

The Rain X Endura:

  • has a design which is slightly better due to its 3D spoiler design.
  • has better performance in extreme weather conditions. (While for normal conditions, Rain X Latitude would be the best choice.)
  • is more durable and it is also easy to install.
  • is more costly than Latitude.

The Rain X Latitude is a beam-type wiper blade that provides uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade.

Its synthetic rubber, especially graphite coating, and rubber encased structure allow it to have more grip and flexibility over the windshield. Which results in providing a streak-free wiping experience.

Like its counterpart, Rain X Endura is also a beam-type wiper blade that ensures evenly distributed pressure over the length of the blade.

But its engineered silicone squeegee, designed through Climate Defense Technology, makes it more durable and resilient in extreme weather conditions.

Its 3D symmetrical spoiler allows it to perform wiping even in strong wind or high-speed driving conditions.

In contrast to its competitor, Endura performs better in extreme weather conditions, and its spoiler technology is much more advanced as well. On the other hand, the wiping performance of Latitude under normal conditions is phenomenal and superior to its opponent.

Comparing Both Wiper Blades:

SpecificationsRain-X LatitudeRain-X Silicone Endura
Blade TypeBeamBeam
Size Range (inch)16 – 24, 26 and 2816 – 24, 26 and 28
MaterialSynthetic Blend RubberSilicon Rubber
Adapter TypesSmall J-hook adapterJ-hook adapter
Contact pointsInfiniteInfinite

Differences in Design & Material

Both of the contenders are beam-type windshield wiper blades.

It means that they would provide evenly distributed pressure on the windshield for better wiping.

And they do that by contouring to the curvature of the windshield.

Both of them are equipped with aerodynamic spoilers to protect them against wind lift during high-speed driving.

But Endura’s spoiler is much more advanced than its competitor since it is designed as a 3D air control system.

Both of them come along with a pre-installed J-hook type adapter but Endura can be attached with other types with more ease than its competitor due to the easy switch-out option in it.

The Latitude’s squeegee is made up of synthetic rubber with a graphite coating on it.

While on the other hand, Endura is made up of silicone squeegee with precision engineering.

There are no exposed metals on both of the contenders which means there will be no snow or ice built up, and also no chance of getting corrosion.

But it also has a drawback as there is no metal shield to protect the squeegee.

Even though their design is the same in many aspects, Endura is slightly better due to having an advanced type of spoiler and also having more flexibility with multiple adapters.

Endura’s material is also superior to its competitor since it is structured with Climate Defense Technology.

Effectiveness of these wipers:

Even though both of them are beam-type windshield wiper blades that would provide uniform pressure along the length, Latitude is slightly better in effectively cleaning the windshield.

Because it was designed to provide streak-free clarity during rain, snow, and sleet.

Its synthetic rubber allows it to have more grip over the windshield and it is also more flexible than its competitor.

How they performed in Extreme Weather?

Latitude may have the upper hand in normal conditions when it comes to effective cleaning, but in extreme weather conditions, Endura is superior to it.

It is because it was manufactured using the Climate Defense Technology that ensures ultimate protection from extreme temperatures, wet weather, strong wind, UV rays and so.

Its silicon rubber makes sure that it does not crack in the hot summer and freezes in cold weather conditions.

Are they durable enough?

The major reason wiper blades get degraded and lose their wiping effectiveness is not being able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Many factors such as UV rays, strong wind, and extreme temperature could be the cause of the wiper blade’s deprivation.

Since Endura is resilient against harsh weather conditions so it is natural for it to be more durable than the normal wiper conditions.

It is considered to be two times more durable than normal wiper blades, according to third-party testing.

How are they installed?

Both of them are compatible with almost all the major arm types and that’s the reason they can be installed with practically every latest vehicle.

Both of them come along with a J-hook type adapter but can be fitted with other types of adapters as well.

But Endura is equipped with unclick adapter system which ensures its installing process is much quicker than its competitor.

Which one of them costs more?

Endura is more expensive than its opponent since its ultimate performance in extreme weather conditions is superior.

Furthermore, its spoiler design is also more advanced and it can be installed with much less effort than its opponent.

Considering all these superior features, its relatively high value can be justified.