Bosch Envision VS Icon

Manufactured by Bosch, both wiper blades are highly efficient in their performance. They are designed to cope with extreme weather conditions without any effect on their durability. Both are composed of synthetic rubber with ClearMax 365 rubber coating.

To make things easier, lets take a quick look at both wipers:


  • has a stronger composition due to its NightBlack spoiler.
  • has a better design and structure as it offers NightFocus Technology and Safe Check Indicator.
  • Consists NightBlack™ spoiler, NightFocus™ Technology and Safe Check Indicator which provide better performance.
  • Is a bit expensive.

Both wiper blades are Boosinstalled identically in a same way.

Both are equally durable and offers a same warranty span.

The Bosch Icon is positioned as a Premium windshield wiper blade which provides up to 40% longer existence in comparison with other premium wiper blades.

On the other hand, the Bosch Envision is an Ultra-Premium windshield wiper with extreme weather safety and clear night visibility.

As compared to Icon, Envision has a better structure, design, and composition due to its NightBlack spoiler, NightFocus Technology and Safe Check Indicator. Moreover, it gives a much better wiping efficiency, water repellency and extreme weather efficacy which leads to its higher price.

Quick Contrasting Table

SpecificationsBosch IconBosch Envision
Rubber TypeSyntheticSynthetic
Rubber CoatingClearMax 365ClearMax 365
SpoilerAsymmetricalAsymmetrical with NightBlack Technology  
Pressure DistributionDouble Tension SpringsDouble Tension Springs with NightFocus Technology 
Safe Check IndicatorNoYes
Customized FitCustomized to Arm (Hook and OE) Customized to Glass (A and B)Customized to Arm (Hook and OE)
ConnectionU-Hook, Top Lock, Pinch Tab, Side Lock,U-Hook, Top Lock, Pinch Tab, Side Lock, Denso Top Lock
Warranty1 year1 year

Compare Icon with others:

Design and Structure Comparison:

Bosch Icon features Bosch’s patented beam blade design which is not impacted by ice or snow accumulation. Its bracketless structure and dual tension springs keep the blade flexible and award highly efficient wiping action.

Moreover, its asymmetrical aerodynamic wind spoiler design allows firm attachment of the blade to the windshield.

Bosch Envision is also equipped with Bosch’s beam blade design with an asymmetrical NightBlack spoiler for clear visibility at night. Its bracketless layout offers dual tension springs with NightFocus Technology which allows uniform stability along the entire blade length.

Moreover, it is equipped with a Safe Check Indicator which turns yellow when the blades are needed to be checked.

Envision’s NightBlack™ spoiler and NightFocus™ Technology give it a better design and structure. Moreover, its design is further innovated by the Safe Check Indicator which is absent in its peer.

What are these wipers composed of?

Bosch Icon is composed of synthetic rubber with ClearMax 365 coating, which includes an elastic dual synthetic rubber combination with a distinct polymer edge.

This coating creates an optimal wipe arch which minimizes scowl for a safe journey and secures the wiping edge from ozone erosion, harsh weather, and road debris. Its blade features a delicate rubber core secured by a hard silicone shell.

Bosch Envision also offers a synthetic rubber composition with ClearMax 365 flexible rubber coating which involves an unusual dual rubber compound and a specific polymer edge.

Its NightBlack spoiler is provided with a light depleting charcoal powder and hydrophobic polymer compound.

Moreover, it combines the base connector and the blade, awarding it with a single core composition. Its blade material is also a smooth rubber core coated by a hard silicone shell.

However, both wipers offer a similar composition but Envision with some innovations like NightBlack spoiler and NightFocus Technology takes the lead.

Wiping Power Comparison:

Icon is equipped with ClearMax 365 rubber coating which makes an outstanding wipe angle to minimize glare.  Featuring Bosch’s beam blades, Icon is provided with precision-cut technology which maintains pressure along the length of the whole blade.

Its bracket and hinge free design with dual precision-tensioned steel spring keep the blade flexible and provide excellent wiping performance in all weather conditions.

Moreover, its aerodynamic wind spoiler increases the down-force to hold the blade firmly with the windscreen thus promoting its wiping efficiency.

Envision is also provided with ClearMax 365 which minimizes the glare to allow clear vision.

It also features Bosch’s beam blades with precision-cut technology and offers a bracketless design with dual precision-tensioned steel spring which promotes its wiping ability.

It has some superiorities over its counterpart in its performance as it offers a NightFocus Technology which provides a uniform wipe along the entire blade length and removes the blurs for clear night vision.

It also has a Safe Check Indicator which turns yellow, indicating that you need to check your blades in extreme climates for safer driving.

Water Repellency comparison:

Icon’s patented beam blade design with precision cut technology allows uniform wipe which removes even the smallest water droplet from the windshield for optimum visibility.

Its graphite-blended rubber gives a clean and quiet wipe, which minimizes the glare and blur for a safe journey.

However, Envision also features patented beam blades with precision cut technology for excellent water repellency but its NightBlack spoiler combines with a hydrophobic polymer compound to give comparatively better performance.

It repels water droplets and prevents ice and snow build-up quite efficiently, to give a clear vision even at night.

Which wiper works better in extreme weather?

Icon’s patented beam design with ClearMax 365 rubber coating aids in protecting the wiping edge from ozone pollution, road debris, and extreme weather.

Its FX dual rubber compound grants it a 40% longer life as compared to other premium blades and resists heat and ozone pollution in all climates. Its unique weather shielded connector secures the arm connection from ice and snow build-up. However, it is efficient in giving a clear vision at night but can’t beat its counterpart in doing so.

Envision is also given a patented beam design which allows it to cope with extreme weather conditions. It secures its performance even in harshest climates. Its performance in extreme weather situations is further promoted by the Safe Check Indicator which turns yellow when your blades are needed to be checked in extreme snow, sleet and rain for safer driving.

Moreover, its spoilers with comprehending charcoal powder and hydrophobic polymer prevent ice build-up for a comparatively better all-weather wiping ability.

Installation of these wipers:

Both wiper blades are installed in the same way by a few simple steps:

  1. Remove the old wiper blades by pinching the double latching connecter and slightly pushing the blade downwards.
  2. Make sure that which wiper blade belongs to correct position, either A or B.
  3. Finally, to install the new wiper blades open its connector over the hook. Align the adapter and push the wiper blade upwards until an audible click is heard.

Durability and Warranty

Both windshield wipers are equally durable and offer the same warranty policy.

They are more durable than other wiper blades due to their highly vigorous steel framework and rubber polymer.

Envision due to its NightBlack spoiler with powder charcoal and hydrophobic polymer feature comparatively more vigorous and long-lasting composition but both offer a limited warranty span of 1 year or 12,000 miles.

Which wiper weighs more on your wallet?

There is not a noticeable difference in the price of both wiper blades but Icon is comparatively cheaper and lacks some features which are provided in its counterpart.

Envision is comparatively expensive as it is better than its peer in all the above-mentioned fields.

Moreover, it is equipped with some additional innovations over its rival like NightBlack Spoiler, NightFocus Technology and Safe Check Indicator, which leads to its higher price.