Bosch Clear Advantage vs Bosch ICON

Bosch Clear Advantage blades are made up of synthetic rubber, on the other hand, Bosch ICON blades are developed using Clear-Max 365. The frame material of both these wipers is steel and they are usable in all seasons.

The presence of a precision tensioned mono-steel spring in Clear Advantage disperses constant pressure along the whole length of the blade to ensure thorough cleaning.

The edge of the wiper is made of graphite to guarantee reduced friction as well as a low noise level.

Multi-adapter is connected priorly to make its installation quick and with much ease.

The symmetrical aerodynamic spoiler is present to lower the dragging by converting the high-speed wind into pressure for enhanced windshield rinsing.

The winter blade situated on this product gives compatible performances during snowy situations.

On the other hand the Bosch Icon is an ultra-premium wiper used to give commendable functioning during the harshest of weather conditions.

It has a bracketless design and possesses an asymmetric aerodynamic spoiler in order to provide constant pressure throughout the blade length.

The blades of this wiper are treated with Clear-Max 365 which enhances this wiper life more than other premium beam blades.

Weather shield connector system is installed to provide shielding against snow and ice build-ups and also allows easy installation.

The FX rubber flex element is mixed to ward off heat and UV rays’ deterioration and provides flexibility to tackle other difficult situations.

The beam blade of this wiper is also corrosion-resistant.

In contrast to Clear Advantage, ICON provides tremendous overall performance and has a prolonged duration of replacement. However, it is available at a much more expensive price, is not yet certified, and gives a similar warranty as that of its rival.

Comparing Both Wiper Blades

Bosch Clear Advantage
Bosch Clear Advantage
Bosch Icon
DetailsBosch Clear AdvantageBosch ICON
Manufacturing CompanyBoschBosch
Blade MaterialRubberClear-Max 365
Available blade sizes (inches)14 to 2813 to 28
Blade typeLatestLatest
Wiper Length (inches)1826
Frame MaterialSteelSteel
Winter BladeYesYes

Let’s compare the design of both:

The overall look and design of both these wipers is quite similar. The bracketless design and precision tensioned spring allows them to provide commendable performances irrespective of any season.

The edges of these blades are treated with graphite for the purpose of minimizing friction and sound generation.

A pre-mounted adapter is present in Clear Advantage meanwhile weather shield connector system is available in ICON for rapid installation.

ICON features an asymmetric aerodynamic spoiler in order to improve airflow by converting it into high pressure for cleaning the screen meanwhile Clear Advantage has a symmetrical aerodynamic spoiler.

Both of them have a frameless construction type. Only a very small portion of these wipers contains a frame made up of steel.

The overall dimension of the Clear advantage is smaller than that of its rival.

However, the weight of both these wipers is equal.

WipersBosch Clear AdvantageBosch ICON
Height (inches)0.71.2
Width (inches)21.228.7
Depth (inches)32.6
Weight (lbs.)0.40.4

Which wiper blade has a better performance?

Both of them provide very commendable performances during extreme conditions.

However, Clear Advantage is slightly behind its peer. These wipers are comparatively less effective in lowering drag and the high-speed wind cause lifting of this wiper making it difficult to see during driving in rain.

Its curvature is also low in comparison to its counterpart making it faintly less viable to remove snow and rainwater. Rubber is used as its blade material which will deteriorate over continuous interaction of sunrays. For this reason, it is normally recommended to interchange these wipers after every 6 months.

The production of sound during its working is marginally higher and is, therefore, makes it less comfortable.

The ultra-premium quality blades of ICON clearly give it more advantage in extreme weather situations.

The blades are treated with Clear-Max 365 instead of natural rubber which prolongs its life and also provides in removing snow and other contaminants more thoroughly.

The higher curvature of the wiper allows better connection with the windshield and the aerodynamic spoiler further supplies uniform pressure along the length of blades.

The high-quality design also helps to lower air resistance. The recommended interval of replacing these wipers is between 8 to 10 months generally. These wipers are considered comfier and cozier as they generate lower noise while operating.

What Warranty do you get with them?

The warranty provided by the parent company of both these products is similar. The company gives a duration of one year as a warranty in case of any defect in these respective products. Clear Advantage has an EAC certification, however, ICON is not yet certified.

Quick Summary

  • Clear Advantage blade is made up of synthetic rubber on the other hand ICON blades are manufactured from Clear-Max 365.
  • The overall design of these wipers is almost identical.
  • The dimensions of Clear Advantage are lower than its counterpart.
  • The performance of ICON is relatively better due to its ultra-premium blade design.
  • The replacement time duration of ICON is greater than that of its peer.
  • These products possess similar warranties.
  • Advantage price is less compared to other wiper making it more economical.