Valeo Hydroconnect Vs Silencio

These beam styled blades produce a proficient wiping action. Their design improves visibility in rainy conditions and let you drive safely. Their arched structure which is designed for latest vehicles, makes it possible for them to fulfil their purpose. These highly efficient flat wipers possess asymmetric spoilers that certifies excellent wiper pressure along with upgraded increased speed.

Lets take a quick look at both wipers:

Valeo’s Hydroconnect

  • Has better water repellency.
  • High performance in extreme conditions.
  • It costs cheaper.
  • Better material.

Valeo’s Silencio

  • Has better wiping efficiency.
  • Has better frame type and shape.
  • Has better design.

The Valeo Hydroconnect offers a new rear smart multi connection system which is sophisticated. Its plug and drive feature is improved and easy fitting that saves time.

It has OE long lasting rubber to deliver optimized flat blades. Despite having less numbers of adapters, it has matched to an extensive amount of windshields in Europe, giving it a higher compatibility rate.

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The Valeo Silencio, on the other hand, specifies in ensuring perfect wiping quality and rubbing skills with the help of Dual Rubber Technology. It uses simulated rubber and latex to improve its resistance to rust and fight tearing of the wiper blade.

Thus, producing muted and free of roughness wipes.

In comparison, Valeo Hydroconnect employs superior characteristics like Multi Connection System, a better rubber compound, uncomplicated installation, is more evolutive and technological. Thus, having enhanced functionality, wiping efficiency, longer lifespan and higher compatibility.

Quick Contrasting Table

MaterialDual Rubber Technology (Synthetic rubber & natural rubber)Synthetic Rubber
Available blade sizes (inches)17 – 2717- 25
Blade typeBeamBeam
Blade MaterialSynthetic and Natural Rubber concealed SteelSynthetic Rubber with a high quality coating

Talking about their Material and Design:

Valeo Silencio has double metal splines wrapped over the rubber which carry the blade keeping it steady and rigid to function better. Structure wise it was well built. Thus, having an upper hand over its challenger.

Comparatively, Valeo Hydro connect has an adaptable formation and is an ideal substitute to conventional wiper blades.

It has a basic design with no advanced features to make it stand out from other wiping blade so it lacks in this category.

 Material and Design

What is their Rubber composed of?

Valeo Silencio is inferior to its competitor in this section as it is composed of artificial rubber along with latex which makes the term Visio Rubber which was subjected to more than 100 rigorous tests so best performance could be provided.

It provides sufficient performance but doesn’t contribute much to making the wiping blade perform well.

Valeo Hydroconnect has its own formula of synthetic rubber and the highest quality of protective coating which has noise along with friction reducing benefits, it makes the rubber pliable, increases durability and protects the wiper blade from harmful emissions of monolayers.

 Rubber Composition

Differences in their Frame Type and Shape:

Valeo Hydroconnect’s design and the shape of its internal steel profile is universal.

It is equipped with replaceable adapters which can be matched on a vast majority of car models, increasing the compatibility.

Its frame is packed with care and is user friendly with pictures on the manual which proves it has easy installation.

Valeo Silencio relatively scores higher than its challenger due to its higher tensile strength and higher flexibility.

Its asymmetric spoiler ensures optimal wiper pressure causing more surface area with the screen shield to provide better wiping efficiency.

It is constructed from synthetic rubber along with two metal splines, making the wiper’s framework robust increasing its blade life.

 Frame Type and Shape

Wiping Efficiency of both wipers:

Valeo Hydroconnect can swab off clammier surfaces since it displays high resistance to mechanical wear, water fluids, road salt and UV radiation and also due to its high quality protective coating that prevents the blade from damaging.

Its false rubber has water adhesive properties that keep the windshield clean from dewdrops and smudges resulting in a crystal-clear wind shield.

Valeo Silencio comes close to winning in this section but due to its weak coating it cannot remove moisture properly as it lacks silicon or graphite coating which act as a protective shield from deteriorations and enhance water repellency.

 Water Repellency
SilencioModerate – High

Which wiper is more efficient at wiping?

Valeo Silencio’s multi-tasking double metal splines enhances its wiping due to its curve that puts the same amount of pressure altogether at different points of the wiper blade causing it to slide and wipe the windshield somewhat clearly, leaving some to no streaks and smears.

Its asymmetric spoiler keeps the blade as close to the wind shield in strong winds to assure safety.

Its high quality Visio Rubber helps the blades wipe soundlessly.   

Valeo Hydroconnect’s structure is less flexible which makes it not suitable for modern cars, it is a better fit for cars with flat wind shields.

The low elasticity makes it harder to adapt to the curve of the screen, leading to a low wiping performance with a possibility of it leaving streaks.

 Wiping Efficiency
SilencioLow – Moderate

How these wipers perform in extreme temperatures?

The two of them operate expertly in stormy weather and perform their actions flawlessly due to their well-built structures.

However, Valeo Hydroconnect has an edge over its competitor since it maintains its best performance in different temperatures due to its increased resistivity.

In unpredictable conditions, having silent and no disturbing sounds matter and that is what this blade provides.

Its specialized high quality coating acts as a shield giving it less chances of tears and wears hence giving it a longer lifespan.

Valeo Silencio has a rigid framework enhancing stability but lacks in a coating resulting in higher chances of being damaged in such situations and resulting in a shorter lifespan.

It does put up a good battle but the lack of major features result in it losing its battle.

 Performance in Extreme Climates
SilencioModerate – High