Trico Flex vs Goodyear Hybrid

These are natural rubber wiping blades that offer optimized cleaning of old-style flattened screens as well as modish curved windshields. Aerodynamic spoilers protect these wipers against wind lifts and increase the contact of the blade with the screen to ensure streak-free wiping.

Lets do a quick comparison between these wipers before moving on to details:

  • Goodyear wiper is hybrid-styled while the Flex specifies Memory Curve beam design.
  • SWIFT Easy Connection makes Flex easy to install in comparison.
  • Goodyear utilizes an improved rubber composition than its competitor.
  • Both tools have curved, aerodynamic wind spoilers to avoid wind lifts and increase downward pressure.
  • Dual Point Coupler and galvanized steel frame make Trico wiper more efficient over a curved glass of front screens.
  • Goodyear hybrid is more economical than its competitor due to its lesser price.

The hybrid design of Goodyear makes it more efficient than conventional wiping blades in the market. Its hinged and curved spoiler carries a steel blade concealed in a natural rubber strip.

This rubber polymer is coated with Moly-graphite and shows resistance against harsh temperatures, harmful UV rays, and sliding friction between glass and blade. Chatter is also reduced due to the graphite treatment of the blade.

Flex from Trico characterizes an advanced beam design and takes the lead over the competitor due to its improved structural elements. Memory Curve technology employed in constructing the frame uses galvanized steel to maximize flexibility and strength.

Its SWIFT Easy Connection allows quick installation and Dual Point Coupler distributes the pressure evenly along the whole blade to provide a consistent wipe. The aerodynamic beam profile allows better performance over the curved screens of modern vehicles.

In comparison with Goodyear Hybrid, Flex employs advanced technologies like Memory Curve beam, Dual Point Coupler, SWIFT connector, galvanized steel, and skin coating of aerodynamic spoiler. Thus, it has enhanced contact with the screen, better wiping efficiency, and improved durability but it also costs higher in comparison.

Comparing Both Wiper Blades:

DetailsGoodyear hybridTrico Flex
MaterialNatural Rubber coated with Moly-graphite Tensile steelGalvanized steel Natural Rubber  
Available blade sizes (inches)14 to 2812 to 32
Blade typeHybridBeam
Blade MaterialRubber concealed SteelSteel strip coated with rubber

What are these wipers made of?

Flex characterizes a superior design profile as it is an up-to-date, joint-less beam wiper.

Advanced technologies including SWIFT connector, Memory Curve beam, and Dual Point Coupler give it an edge over the competitor.

Conversely, Goodyear is a hybrid-style wiper having a tensile steel strip covered with rubber.

It has an improved rubber composition but scores lesser from a structural viewpoint.

What is their rubber composition?

Trico gets a relatively lower score for its rubber composition.

Its blade carries a covering of natural rubber, offering satisfactory performance.

However, it lacks graphite or synthetic coatings to enhance the wiping efficiency.

On the other hand, Goodyear is equipped with a natural rubber blade that is coated with Moly-graphite.

Graphite treatment reduces friction and noise, making the rubber more flexible, radiation-resistant, and water adhesive as well.

Frame type and shape:

Memory Curve beam of this Trico wiper integrates an established framework of galvanized steel, making it superior to the competitor.

Its wind spoiler is curved and aerodynamically efficient. Skin coating seals the spoiler and protects it from harsh weather.

It also has a Dual Point Coupler that creates a uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade.

Goodyear is also equipped with a steel frame concealed with rubber.

However, it has lesser tensile strength and allows comparatively lesser flexibility.

The wind spoiler is aero-dynamical but lacks a pressure coupler to regulate pressure distribution.

Arm connectors of both:

Both of these wipers offer easy installation and permit connection with various hooks, pins, locks, and tabs.

However, SWIFT Easy Connection technology makes the Flex arm connector relatively more convenient than the contestant.

Water repellency of both wipers:

Hybrid can wipe off the water more proficiently as its blade utilizes a Moly-graphite coating.

Its graphitized rubber has water adhesive properties, ensuring the removal of small water droplets from the screen and prevention from smearing.

Flex stands behind the competitor for its ability to scrub off moisture from the windshield as its natural rubber composition lacks graphite blending or coating.

Wiping efficiency:

Trico beam wiper is more effective than its competitor owing to the benefit from its well-built structure.

The Memory Curve Steel beam provides high flexibility to adjust according to the curvature of the screen, maintaining a uniform pressure as required for a streak-free wiping action.

Dual Point Coupler further improves the consistency of pressure along the entire blade.

The aerodynamic spoiler accounts for the streamlined wind flow across the upper side that not only increases blade-to-shield contact but also protects the steel springs from wind jerks and enhances durability.

On the other side, Goodyear is structurally less efficient than its competitor.

Its hybrid design allows lesser flexibility for adjustment over the curved screen.

When the blade does not have an affixed contact with the screen, it leaves streaks of water behind it.

Aerodynamic profiling of spoiler tends to improve blade-to-glass contact yet its overall performance ranks minor in comparison.

Their Performance in extreme climates:

Both of these tools show excellent resistance against wind lift as they specify aerodynamic wind spoilers that use the hard blowing wind for their advantage instead of breaking off due to its impact.

Goodyear employs Moly-graphite coated rubber thus, it shows good resistance against wear and tear due to extreme temperatures or UV radiations.

Its spoiler is not protected by any additional protective layer.

Conversely, Flex takes the lead for its efficient working in tough conditions.

It has a skin coating over the spoiler to safeguard it against harsh weather.

Moreover, galvanized steel alloy is used in its beam structure that stands robust against the buckling effect due to extreme temperatures.

It is reported to perform over 1.5 million wiping cycles without any smears, streaks, or chattering.

Which of them costs more?    

Goodyear hybrid is priced higher in comparison yet it offers a reliable wiping action with a graphitized rubber blade and resists chatter, lifts off, and ultraviolet waves.

On the other side, the Trico beam wiper comes for a higher price in comparison but provides optimized curvature adjustment and pressure distribution to ensure smooth wiping action without dabs and streaks of water or fog.